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W7 Afterglow highlighter review

You don’t have to rely solely on skincare products to get a lit-from-within glow. For an instant radiance boost, reach for a highlighter like the trending W7 Afterglow.

Face highlighters have become a mainstay of makeup kits, offering a range of benefits beyond just a pretty shimmer. In fact, the world of light reflection now means anyone can elevate an entire look with very little effort.

W7 Afterglow blush and highlight palette with makeup brushes on a pink background

Review of W7 Afterglow blush and highlighter

While W7 is a budget brand based in the UK, the price of its Afterglow blush and highlighter varies wildly from platform to platform. For example, if you buy direct you can expect to pay a whopping £25 while, on the same W7 website, you can get the product in a gift set for under £13. Weird.

Switch over to Amazon and you will find it for under a fiver!

I purchased the highlighter on the high street in a kit for just £6. It came with a lip pencil and lipstick, too. Total bargain.

What I love about this illuminating make-up is its packaging and ease of use. Literally, a few dabs or swipes and you are done!

Presented in luxurious pink pearlescent and gold packaging, the compact includes a mirror and multiple shades of shimmer.

From white to bronze to pink, you get no less than four highlighters in one product. They can be used together for a multi-shade shimmer or singularly. I prefer the latter for a precise result.

I would not buy this product if you are simply looking for a blush. It’s highlighters all the way in this compact, but they are beyond pretty. Perfect for creating a luminous, glowy look, I would describe the shimmers as being of medium intensity. So, if you want to achieve something between subtle and illuminating, Afterglow is a perfect choice. 

W7 Afterglow compact on a pink background

Achieving a lit-from-within look with W7 Afterglow

All highlighters are essentially light-reflecting particles suspended in either a creamy, liquid or powder base. When applied strategically to specific areas of the face, these particles catch the light, creating a natural, dewy effect. This effectively mimics the way light naturally hits your face, bringing out your best features and creating a youthful, radiant appearance.

While liquids have risen in popularity, multi-shade powder highlighters, like W7 Afterglow, have really come into their own over the past year.

Part of the attraction is that highlighting isn't just about achieving a general glow. By applying it to specific areas, like the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and brow bone, you can create a subtle sculpting effect. The light draws attention to these areas, making them appear more prominent and adding definition to your facial structure. This can be particularly beneficial for those with round faces who want to add a touch of dimension.

My go-to areas are the tip and bridge of my nose and my cheeks. Occasionally, I will use a highlighter to emphasise the cupid’s bow above my lips.

Another big benefit of using a highlighter is that it can diminish dullness and fatigue. Let's face it, life can sometimes leave us looking a bit dull - and highlighter comes to the rescue! The strategic application of a light-catching product can instantly brighten your complexion, minimising the appearance of fatigue and making you look more awake and refreshed. It's like a built-in pick-me-up for your face.

The beauty of highlighters lies in their versatility and Afterglow is no exception. Depending on the shade and finish you choose, you can achieve different effects. Pearlescent or frosted highlighters offer a more dramatic, strobing effect, while champagne or golden shades create a more natural, dewy glow.

Highlighter isn't meant to replace blush, but rather complements it. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks for a flush of colour, then follow it with a touch of highlighter on the cheekbones to enhance the dimension and create a multi-dimensional, healthy-looking flush. Don’t rely on the blush in this compact - it is more of a highlighter than traditional rouge. 

Close-up of W7 Afterglow highlighter compact with brushes on a pink background

A true confidence booster

Let's not underestimate the psychological impact of perfecting the lit-from-within look. Putting on makeup is often a form of self-expression, and achieving a look you love can boost your confidence. A radiant, well-highlighted face can make you feel more put-together and ready to take on the day.

A word of caution… While highlighters are magical, a little goes a long way. Applying too much can make you look oily or even disco-ball-esque. Remember, the goal is a subtle enhancement, not a spotlight effect.

With a little practice and the right application techniques, you can unlock a world of radiance, definition and a confidence boost that shines from within (and maybe even a little from your cheekbones too).

Final notes

I’m impressed with W7 Afterglow because it looks expensive, delivers the desired result and, depending on where you buy it, is very affordable. It replicates the look of top-brand highlighters with minimal effort and low investment.

If you try it, let me know your thoughts.

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