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PLouise mystery box brought me to tears

Updated: May 25

It’s been one of those weeks. The weather couldn’t decide what to do, work was tough and then… I got home yesterday, after a long week, to a phone call from the hospital to say something was spotted on my recent MRI scan. Possibly the worst end to a week EVER. At the back of my mind, I was thinking at least I’ve got a PLouise mystery box on its way; something to take the edge off my nerves and prevent my mind from literally exploding. Something nice to look forward to, before the battery of tests start.

Well, it’s what any makeup addict would think. Right? You’ve got to search for the positives when in the grip of almost perpetual fear. It’s all you can do. 

You may recall, I purchased my first mystery box from PLouise a few months ago. While it definitely delivered on value, I was a bit disappointed with the yellow Butterflies eyeshadow palette. It wasn’t for me, but I accept you always take a chance with any mystery purchase.

PLouise mystery box contents

PLouise mystery box delivered in three days

I was nudged into ordering a second mystery box on Wednesday, when I spotted PLouise was giving away a free lip conditioner (one of those on a keyring) with every purchase during May. I placed the order and put it out of my thoughts, assuming it would take a while to get to me.

Well, it came this morning (Saturday). That's super-quick for PLouise - just three days. As soon as the postman handed it to me, I got excited. The box was smaller than the last one, but heavy. I knew within seconds that I was in for a real surprise.

After, honestly, zero sleep last night, I perked right up. And then, when I opened the box, I burst into tears. There it was - my heart’s desire. The World Full of Wonder palette. I’m an eyeshadow collector and this palette has been at the very top of my wish list since the year dot. Right at that moment, before I could open the palette, there was a knock at the door…

It was my sister, carrying a huge tray of sandwiches. She guessed (quite rightly) that I probably wasn’t up to making myself anything to eat. I, obviously, showed her my amazing PLouise haul and, as I picked the palette up, the lights in the lid came on. We were all thrilled. I don’t know what I touched to make them come on, but they went off a while later of their own accord. I can’t wait for it to happen again!

Also in my PLouise mystery box was a Cheek Of It blush in So Sweetheart, a brilliant Smoochie lip pencil in a nude shade called Boundless and, of course, the free lip conditioner in Blue Raspberry. All for £30!

Cheek and lip products in a Plouise mystery box

A world full of purple

Purple is one of my favourite eyeshadow colours and this double-decker palette has every shade, for every occasion. It’s my perfect shadow collection. What I especially appreciate in PLouise eyeshadow is its blendability. I also adore the shimmers. They are unreal.

Someone was looking down on me when my mystery box was put together. It has made a really horrible time just that bit better.

In case you don’t know, I am a survivor (so far) of stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer which was diagnosed in 2020. Since I finished treatment, I’ve been having an annual MRI plus a mammogram on the ‘remainer’. The issue this time is in my other breast. There are three potential outcomes - it’s nothing (MRI’s can pick up all sorts), it’s a new primary breast cancer or, worst case scenario, it’s my previous cancer but in a different location. 

The first two possibilities don’t bother me. It’s the third - if it’s that then I will have progressed to stage 4. I will be in the realms of chemo till I die. Not a nice thought. What makes it worse is that the person who called with the news wasn’t a hospital secretary or one of the breast nurses; it was an actual breast surgeon. Yeah, a breast SURGEON. I truly wasn’t expecting that.

Anyway, back to PLouise… A couple of observations. First up, the delivery times are improving. And, I mean, BY A LOT. This is a massive credit to Paige and the team, who have worked hard to overcome delivery issues that blighted last year’s Black Friday sale. With unique, high-quality products, it is vital to have the kind of delivery time I’ve just experienced to continue growing the brand.

Secondly, the free gift is a great touch. Especially when that gift is a best-selling product. Anyone on the fence about the Protect Your Pout lip conditioner will definitely be impressed. It doesn’t just look great, it feels amazing on the lips. It tastes fab too!

Thirdly, my PLouise mystery box experiences demonstrate just how random they are. You really can get just about anything - including things you really, really want. I never thought in a million years that I would be lucky enough to get the World Full of Wonder palette, but I did. So, you see, it’s worth a second punt if you didn’t get quite what you hoped for the first time around. I will definitely be buying a third.

Some of the eyeshadows in the PLouise World Full of Wonder palette

So, I’m off to experiment with all my fabulous new eyeshadow shades. I can’t think of a better way to keep myself occupied. I will, no doubt, spend a little more time with the palette when I’ve finished - trying to work out what I did to make the lights in the lid come on.

Thank you, PLouise. You’ve made my day!

UPDATE: I attended the radiology department of my local hospital on Wednesday for an ultrasound and core biopsy. Only... No biopsy was performed as nothing was found. Because breast unit staff are like a dog with a bone when it comes to people with a history of cancer, that may not be the end of my ordeal. I was told further tests may be required 'just to be 100%'. One possibility is a marathon trip to West London for an MRI guided biopsy, the other is a bit closer to home but no less scary.

The day after my 'nothing found' ultrasound, I received a letter from the hospital saying my recent MRI found nothing of concern - clearly a mistake as something WAS found, hence the need for a follow up ultrasound scan.

Now my mind keeps wandering to the prospect of an MRI guided biopsy. I don't fancy a robot being trusted to perform a biopsy, especially in such close proximity to my heart. Would you? What if it malfunctioned?

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit calmer. And... I've got something great to look forward to - yet another PLouise mystery box. I can't wait!


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