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PLouise makeup review - unique products, unique experience

PLouise packaging

OMG! I honestly don’t know where to start with my review of PLouise makeup.

To say that I’ve been blown away by the products I ordered is an understatement. I’m literally in love! Gobsmacked.

This brand has been on my radar for around 18 months and the only reason I didn’t order previously was because of negative reviews concerning delivery times. They aren’t a new thing, by the way.

I fall into the category of a makeup mad middle-aged woman who wants everything yesterday. There are a lot of women like me. We are ageless, always follow trends and, often, have the means to indulge ourselves in everything ‘beauty’.

For my sins, I am also a collector of eyeshadow palettes. Don’t ask…

Right, so I finally succumbed to PLouise’s marketing and placed an order during the Black Friday sale. In spite of very negative commentary on social media about delivery times and an admitted delay by the brand’s owner, my order arrived in exactly one week. Everything I ordered was in the box. Not bad for the busiest time of the year.

The packaging

You can’t mention PLouise makeup without raving about the packaging.

One of the things that sets this cosmetics brand apart is its stand-out delivery boxes. They are insane.

Part of the whole PLouise experience, they're simply stunning. Pink with intricate gold detailing, they go beyond what any other UK brand is currently offering. The boxes are an integral part of the business concept and just one strand of the overall uniqueness that it brings to the market.

Mine was delivered by our appreciated lady Evri driver, who has diligently served Lyme Regis and the surrounding area for many years. Unlike some areas of the country, Evri has an excellent reputation here. We have a delivery driver we all know and trust, and I can’t think of a better person to handle the final stage of my very regular beauty deliveries. So, my order from Paige Louise’s company was in safe hands.

These boxes have rip seals - another great touch.

The PLouise makeup I ordered

PLouise makeup products reviewed by Regime Skin Care

It goes without saying that top of my shopping list was a PLouise eyeshadow palette. As a collector, this is a must-have brand. That is due to the products’ overall uniqueness - especially the design and detailing. I ordered If The Crown Fits.

Blusher is an absolute essential for current makeup looks, so I also ordered a Glow With The Flow blush palette in Spring Fling.

A lip oil completed my first purchase. The total cost of my order in the sale was around £40 and I made a saving of more than £30. Fab!

I ordered on the brand’s website. For first purchases with any company, I always use either Klarna or a credit card - just to give myself a bit of extra back-up, should anything go wrong. Nothing went wrong with this order.

If The Crown Fits eyeshadow palette

This is a 42-shade neutral palette laid out on two levels, the second being a pull-out from a hidden drawer. It comes all the way out, so every shade is accessible.

A very substantial palette, it is absolutely stunning. In fact, beyond stunning.

From a 3D see-through window on the lid with highly original detailing to a satin pull for the hidden section, it screams ‘unique’.

The eyeshadows, as you would expect from a brand aligned with a makeup academy, are very pigmented and creamy. Effortless to blend, they are perfect for graduated, elegant looks as well as creative or every-day styles.

The shimmers are simply beautiful. I have tried counting the number of shimmers to mattes and just can't decide, but there is a good mix of both.

This palette has a colour story that goes beyond neutral. There is a hint of romanticism, especially in the lower section. The shades go all the way from creams and browns to orange/pinks. Of course, you will also find regal golds and yellows. Dazzling.

Each pigment has been given a name befitting the palette’s theme. Think of Aristocracy, Baroness and Hereditary. But, in the mix, you will also find a nod to fairytales - Poison Apple, Magic Mirror and Glass Slipper, among others.

If The Crown Fits eyeshadow palette

This palette includes a large mirror, exquisitely bordered in gold and embossed with the wording: “See yourself as the Queen you are.” Oh, I liked that.

The lid has a beautiful heart-shaped magnetic clasp.

I give If The Crown Fits a rare 5 stars out of 5. For context, that’s 0.1 of a star HIGHER than the rating I recently gave to a Jeffree Star trunk palette.

If you are a collector, this palette should be top of your ‘to buy’ list. Don't forget to keep the packaging, if you buy. If you are simply a makeup lover, it still has to be on your ‘to buy’ list. It is functional beauty with built-in prettiness.

The retail price of the palette is currently £47. For its size, design and makeup quality, it is worth every penny.

If you want an idea of how large it is, think of a long-length jewellery box. Yes, it is that substantial.

I love this palette and I will treasure it. It’s gone on display right next to Gothic Beach - highlighting the diversity of my collection. It is one that I will take with me the next time I am asked to give a talk about collecting eyeshadow palettes.

For good PR, if they haven’t already, PLouise should consider sending If The Crown Fits to YouTuber Rich Lux. Afterall, Rich sits on a throne and wears a crown (that definitely fits) when feeding an engaged audience all the latest online beauty gossip. And, Rich wears makeup while doing it. Just a thought.

Glow With The Flow blusher palette in Spring Fling

Glow with the Flow blush palette

With blushers still trending on steroids, this five-shade balm palette is a great alternative to liquid blush.

It’s creamy, easy to apply and blend, and, of course, comes in gorgeous packaging.

What I’m looking for in a blusher is how it performs on the skin. I don’t want to look like Aunt Sally, so something that blends to a perfect finish is important. This product delivers when it comes to offering a natural flush.

When I first came across this slim palette with heart-shaped pans, I was concerned the creams would be wax-like with little pigment and a pain to apply. Think of kids’ makeup. I needn’t have worried. They are manufactured to deliver professional results.

I’m currently wearing blush every day. I apply it reasonably high on the cheeks with liquid bronzer below. I use highlighters very sparingly and, sometimes, not at all. I rely on my extensive skincare routine to give my skin a natural glow - even with makeup on top!

Glow with the Flow blush palette in Spring Fling

Spring Fling offers light to medium blush shades with a subtle glow, ranging from the very pale Moving Forward to deep Shining Moment. I chose this colour story because it is natural looking and (dare I say) a product I will probably also use on my lips. In fact, I’m wearing it on my lips right now - so there’s no ‘probably’ about it.

There are three colour stories to choose from in the Glow With The Flow range. Each palette retails at £17, which represents excellent value for five blushes.

Stay Shining Crown Lip Oil

Stay Shininh Crown Lip Oil

If you are looking for a lip gloss with hydrating properties, this could be it.

Available in a huge range of lightly scented tints, this is another PLouise product that comes in unique packaging.

I bought Hello Jello, which is clear with a hint of pink, and found myself applying it multiple times a day. I’ve only had it a day and it’s been in and out of my handbag non-stop!

What I like about it is the feel on my skin and how it smoothes the surface of the lips while delivering a lovely shine.

Lip gloss is bang on trend right now, so an absolute essential in any makeup kit.

You will see from my image how the packaging neatly fits the ‘Crown’ theme.

This lip oil retails at £13.

PLouise lip oil

PLouise makeup - in summary

For a young brand with a growing following, PLouise makeup offers high quality and originality.

It delivers a complete experience that starts from the moment your package arrives.

The brand is conscious of the need to speed up delivery times and I hope this is something that is realised early in 2024.

Was I happy with my purchases? Yes. Will I buy PLouise makeup again? Hell, yes!

If you haven’t tried this brand before and are looking for professional quality cosmetic products that are just that little bit extra special, don’t wait around. You won’t know what you’ve been missing until you get your hands on your first PLouise box.

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  • I have no connection to PLouise Cosmetics and all the items reviewed above were purchased by me.

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