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Beauty Bay duo chrome Metamorphic palette review

Metamorphic eyeshadow palette by Beauty Bay

I'm new to Beauty Bay, having been led there by a burning desire to buy Jeffree Star's new Gothic Beach trunk palette. Being an eyeshadow addict takes me all over the web and, frankly, I'm amazed I didn't end up on the platform sooner.

As well as having what I was looking for, Beauty Bay tempted me with one of its own offerings - the shiny, new duo chrome Metamorphic palette.

For anyone who has never tried a vegan Beauty Bay eyeshadow palette, you are missing out. The cruelty-free formulas are of outstanding quality. Nothing like what I've been purchasing from other budget UK brands. They are deeply pigmented, easy to apply and effortless to blend. If you are after professional quality make-up, this is a brand that delivers.

There is something cosmically futuristic about the Metamorphic palette - and that is not by coincidence. The16-shade offering has been designed to harness the 'cyber age'. It includes shade shifters - a massive 'thing' in the US - as well as shimmers and mattes. If you are yet to try a duo chrome, this palette is the perfect introduction.

Metamorphic packaging

Unique design of the Metamorphic duo chrome eyeshadow palette

Beauty Bay has pulled out all the stops to ensure this shade collection really hits the mark on every level when it comes to bringing something alternative to the cosmetics market. It has deviated from its usual, bog standard square palette design to produce something totally new and unique. You will appreciate that difference from the moment you get your hands on it.

My palette arrived in branded packaging with raised white sparkle lettering. The background is totally cyber, resembling how you would imagine the Cloud to look or, perhaps, a screen saver. Inside the box, the palette was wrapped in bubble plastic to ensure it reached me in perfect condition.

As for the palette... Well, it's substantial and stunning. In addition to also featuring raised lettering, it opens horizontally across the middle and folds out. The shadows are in the centre and there are slim mirrors above and below. This is exactly the type of palette I collect. The shades are unique and the packaging is unique. The metallic surround is beautiful. What more can I say?

Oh, perhaps, that a full list of ingredients used is printed on the back of the packaging.

Beauty Bay duo chrome eyeshadows

shade shifting duo chrome eyeshadows by Beauty Bay

Before purchasing this palette, I watched every single reveal and tutorial featuring it on YouTube. I wish I hadn't. Most of the looks were heavy and bold, which made me dither a bit before purchasing. At 57, I like graduated looks with a natural-looking cut crease and a tiny bit of sparkle in the centre of the lid. And, guess what? This palette is perfect for ‘subtle’ too. I am so pleased I purchased it.

As well as including three state-altering duo chromes, Metamorphic boasts five shimmers, three metallics and five mattes. What's not to love?

When it comes to the colour story, think of teal and purples with silver, gold and grey.

My favourite shades are Future, a snowy white shimmer, Phygital, an icy duo chrome with gold and blue shifts, Reality, a truly brilliant cool lilac, and Prism, an icy duo chrome with blue and purple shifts. I also like System, a muted grey matte - perfect for the smokey eye look that is going to trend into next year.

What I really like about Metamorphic is its versatility. The shades can be used with pigments from other palettes. The colour story is pretty more than bold. There is nothing else like it on the market. Definitely not at this price point - £18.

A lot of thought has gone into the shade names. For example, Algorithm, Avatar, Oil and Morph.

Morph is especially apt when you consider how the duo chromes shift between shades. 'Morph your look' is a slogan that springs to my mind.

Well, I've been 'morphing' mine! The looks I've been creating with this palette always include a light nude inner corner, followed by a very subtle lilac transition shade, a grey or dark purple slightly blown out at the outer corners and either Future or one of the duo chromes in the very centre of the eyelid. I cut the crease with the darkest shade used and take the lilac along the lower lashline. I do not blend the transition shade too close to the inner corner of the eye, purely because I think that type of look doesn't become my age. I also keep the transition shade to just slightly above the crease - no further. I don't want to look like a pantomime dame. Subtle but pretty is how I like my eyeshadow

Beauty Bay

Something else I like about Beauty Bay is its very fast delivery. Next day comes free 'as standard' with orders over a certain amount. Even non next day orders are quick. I waited just two days for this palette to arrive. Fabulous!

Metamorphic is only available from Beauty Bay. For product information, click here.


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