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Skincare was a by-word for 'too much effort' until I hit my 30s. That is when a single product - a humble fruit acid peel - changed my perception of what a good skincare regimen can do for not just your looks but self-esteem too. By my mid-40s, I was an avid skincare devotee - never, ever forgetting to cleanse, tone and moisturise at the end of the day. Since then, I have added a serum or three and perfected both my night and day routines.


On this site, you will find articles on Skincare and Makeup as well as a ton of gift ideas. You will also discover REGIME, our free beauty magazine.

Like a burst of colour? Me too! I'm a makeup fanatic with a particular craving for all things eyeshadow. In fact, I collect palettes. I've got so many that I have been moved to buy vegetable racks, of all things, to store them on. 

I started sharing personal beauty experiences while undergoing treatment for Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Thankfully, my face was the one part of my body not too badly impacted by chemotherapy.  

Well, I'm still here and still sharing. 

I'm a post-menopausal extrovert with a passion for coffee, gory true crime documentaries and a never-ending urge to look 20 years younger. A savvy shopper, I'm always on the look out for a great bargain - and products that live up to their marketing promises.


I have two, thankfully, grown-up children and a beautiful granddaughter. 

Join me on a journey that, I promise, will be full of colour and possibilities.

Belinda Bennett

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