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Jeffree Star Gothic Beach palette review

Gothic Beach palette by Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star went into creative overload when he produced his Gothic Beach collection. Launched before Halloween, it deviates from a pure goth/horror colour story to include a touch of summer. The eyeshadow palette is a fusion of darkness and light; vivid vacation warmth versus the icy chill of gloomy autumn/winter.

I bought the palette the day it was launched, having been mesmerised by Jeffree’s gothic mermaid launch video. Jeffree knows how to grab my attention and hold it.

This palette is £54 and available direct from Jeffree Star Cosmetics in California or Beauty Bay in the UK.

If you are thinking it’s on the pricey side, trust me, there is a reason. This is no ordinary palette and, as an eyeshadow collector, one I had to have.

Gothic Beach palette packaging

Outer packaging for the Gothic Beach palette by Jeffree Star

The 18 pan palette is sold in a sand textured box that replicates the pink and black design of the product. It opens like a gift box and, if you are a fellow collector, it should be retained. I’ve got mine displayed next to the palette on top of my (rather large) eyeshadow storage racks.

The palette is another trunk design, something that sets Jeffree’s eye makeup apart. It is substantial and nicely weighted, thanks to a high-quality mirror inside the lid. The glossed outer casing features a ‘worn wood’ pattern with studs. To me, it’s got all the vibes of a gothic treasure box with a hint of ‘pretty’. Think of buried treasure, but forget pirates.

It is striking and, of course, absolutely unique.

The palette can be pulled open with a piercing ring clasp. Another original touch.

A full list of ingredients is published on the back of the packaging.

The eyeshadows

Shades in the Gothic Beach palette by Jeffree Star

One of Jeffree’s main selling points for the Gothic Beach palette was that it comprises ‘wearable’ shades. Yes, a lot of them are dark and bold but perfect for Halloween or creative looks. The palette boasts 12 mattes, four shimmers and two metallic glitters.

Amid all the dark drama, there’s the prettiest lilac called Oh, Buoy and some darned fantastic transition shades, like Don’t Be A Beach and Anti-Sun Burn. Oh, Buoy is one of my go-to pigments for an every-day look.

I'm sure, one of the glitters reminds me of Jeffree’s Cremated palette.

Beach Ball-Breaker, a vibrant green, paired with a wonderful purple, Vixen Vibration, as so fabulously demonstrated by Eugenia Cooney, was just my perfect Halloween look. (I was a ‘pretty’ witch this year!). Vixen Vibration is beyond beautiful. It is magical.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is known for its highly pigmented formulas and the shadows in this collection are no exception. YouTuber Rich Lux saying ‘Oh, I barely touched it and look!’ springs to mind.

Swatches from the Gothic Beach palette by Jeffree Star

Close up of pigments in the Gothic Beach palette by Jeffree Star

Gothic Beach palette overall

I rate Gothic Beach 4.9 out of 5 stars. It delivers the individuality I expect from the brand, along with great quality. The only reason I’ve knocked 0.1 star off is because, with the exception of two or three shades, this colour story is going to be mostly ‘occasional use’ for me.

If you are a collector, it is a must-have. This palette is very giftable, especially if there is a goth or creative makeup fan in your family or friend circle.

It delivers value for money through its stand-out formulas and brilliant presentation.

I will always be a Jeffree Star fan. Beyond the fabulous makeup, there is a just as fabulous creator. Jeffree is a one-off and I appreciate him for that.


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