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The Beauty Crop Stargazing palette review

Stargazing palette by The Beauty Crop

I came across The Beauty Crop by chance while shopping Jeffree Star’s Gothic Beach collection. There must be some irony in that.

It was pure fate. I was at the checkout in Jeffree’s online shop when I got cold feet. The taxes and shipping fees seemed pretty high, so I hopped over to Jeffree’s official online UK stockist. That’s Beauty Bay, by the way. I figured, with the money I was saving, I could treat myself to one or two little extras. Nothing expensive, you understand.

As an eyeshadow addict, I was bound to jump straight to the palettes. In all honesty, I was expecting to snap up a couple of Beauty Bay’s own brand collections. I’ve already got the Midnight and Metamorphic palettes and can honestly say the formulas and pigmentation are fantastic.

But, no. It was something else that caught my eye. Way down on the page, I spotted some sale items. This was a few weeks before Black Friday, so they immediately grabbed my attention. One in particular. Stargazing by The Beauty Crop.

Apparently inspired by the Milky Way and galaxies, this 12-pan celestial offering literally screams shimmer and glitter. It also boasts some deep and bold shades that I rather fancied having a play with. I didn’t have to think twice when I read what the brand stands for.

‘Free from’ makeup

I am a cancer survivor (so far) and, to be truthful, I do sometimes concern myself with what’s in the beauty products I use. I’ve had extensive chemotherapy and targeted cancer drugs, not to mention radiotherapy. While fully recovered, I do not want to tempt fate.

The Beauty Crop, which is based in London, was established in 2015 and is on a mission to deliver skincare and makeup products that support healthy lifestyles.

Its products are not just free from parabens and minerals but more than 1,000 other toxins too. Wow! That just really got me thinking. Maybe, this is the brand I should be using.

The Stargazing palette was in my cart pronto and in my hands, I think, the very next day. You’ve got to love Beauty Bay’s amazing delivery times. Suffice to say, it didn’t disappoint.

Glitter eyeshadow in Stargazing

Pigmentation of The Beauty Crop Stargazing palette

The Beauty Crop Stargazing palette review

This palette arrived in a branded box, which matched the palette design. I’ll be truthful, the packaging isn’t stand-out amazing. It’s cardboard and it’s silver. That’s all I can say about it. However, the eyeshadow formulas are fab. Buttery, easy to apply and very pigmented.

While Stargazing is very glittery, it is one of those palettes that ticks the versatile box. I’ve used the glitters almost every day - matching them with mattes from other palettes. I think they are on the glam side of glitters - not too chunky but nice and sparkly. A cross between Cowboy Dust and standard glitters. You can definitely do ‘elegant’ with them. Supernova is my go-to glitter and Halo is my favourite shimmer.

But, wait, there is a pale matte in this palette that is a complete surprise. It’s called Luna and, at first glance, looks off-white. Wait till you swatch it! This shade is actually the prettiest pinky-lilac. I’ve used it a lot for graduated looks.

The shimmers/mattes in the palette are mostly in shades that I would only wear for certain occasions - definitely not for every-day looks. However, they are shades I’ve honestly not got in any other palette. If you are into creative looks, this one's for you!

The colour story, in my opinion, is fairly unique and the promo look created to market this palette has a Back to the Future vibe. It sort of reminds me of a spacey-art deco trip; how I remember make-up from decades-old movies that featured synchronised swimmers. Weird, but actually quite inspiring.

I have to whisper this… I’ve used Stargazing 100 times more than my Gothic Beach palette. Oops!

About The Beauty Crop

The cruelty-free brand was founded by Ning Cheah. Her mission was to create clean cosmetics, having suffered from eczema all her life. The goal was to offer fun but also serious products that deliver nutrition as well as beauty.

Well, I think she has achieved what she set out to do. I am in love with my palette and this first Beauty Crop purchase won’t be my last.

It’s refreshing to find a new brand with high standards and affordable prices.

The Stargazing palette is available from Beauty Bay for under £13.

To learn more, visit The Beauty Crop’s website here.

You can read about my journey to makeup addiction here.

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