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Liquid blush - why this beauty blogger swears by it

As cream face frosting marches up the popularity charts, a quiet revolution is blurring the lines between traditional blush and a softer flush. Liquid blush is blowing its powder counterparts out of the water, delivering an effortless, totally diffused finish.

If you like a pop of colour on your cheeks but detest the hassle it takes to make traditional blusher look natural, the latest beauty trend is on your side.

Hot on the heels of a scrum for cream blusher, liquid is even more user friendly. It is easier to apply - often sold in a tube that includes a sponge applicator tip or wand. What’s more, it can be blended with the fingers in an instant. Better still, most liquid blushes are water-based making them suitable for even mature skin types. 

Liquid makeup from The Cheek of it range by PLouise

Liquid blush: a dewy dream?

I’ve had more than my share of blending blunders with blusher over the years. I’ve left the house looking like a clown on too many occasions to recall. And I’ve had to resort to rummaging around in handbags and coat pockets to find a tissue to try and tone down the mess. But, as anyone who has had a disaster with powder blusher knows, an initial harsh application is virtually impossible to remedy, especially on the go.

There is no turn of phrase I can use to amplify the fact that lighting is key when applying blush. First thing in the morning and at night, it is best applied in conditions that replicate natural light. In my experience, a good alternative to daylight is a light-up mirror with magnification. 

As well as eliminating a powdery finish, liquid blush ticks all the right boxes for me. It leaves my skin looking fresh and dewy - and, if I don’t get the intensity of the colour right the first time, I can build the shade. 

I’m pretty sure my initial foray into the world of liquid blusher was courtesy of Temu. Well, with prices cheaper than the modern-day Poundland, you can afford to try almost anything from China. I seem to remember then receiving a liquid blush in a Beauty Bay mystery box. Shortly after that, my head was turned by PLouise’s Go With The Flow cream blush palette. It was a total game changer for me. The formula is to die for, but having to faff about for a beauty blender is a drawback.

Then I discovered The Cheek Of It liquid blush, also by PLouise. This is a water-based makeup product that mimics the look of natural flushed cheeks, via a sheer, buildable application. It delivers a more subtle and youthful finish compared to almost all powder blushes. Think faultless elegance rather than an over-done firebrand.

Sponge applicator of liquid blush sold in a tube

Swatch of PLouise The Cheek of it liquid blush in the shade  So Sweetheart

I find it quite hydrating, making it an ideal choice for my mature skin. The formula blends seamlessly with the skin, even over foundation, creating a luminous, healthy-looking glow. One or two blobs of colour from the sponge and my fingers do the blending in just a matter of seconds. The result? A beautiful sheer wash of blush. 

I would liken the formula to a liquid cream. The consistency is not runny. Precise application is a doddle.

As well as offering that all-important flawless finish, The Cheek Of It has staying power. If you wear makeup for work, that is an important selling point. The finish lasts all day with practically no fading. Sold in a 25ml tube, the product retails at £15. At the time of writing, PLouise has a special offer - three for £18.

Is liquid blush for everyone?

I’ve heard some MUAs claim that liquid is trickier to blend than powder blush, especially for beginners. I don’t agree. The only time you are ever going to struggle with a liquid is when you apply it and wait before blending. Just don’t answer a call or get distracted between the two processes. Blend it immediately and you won’t have any problems. 

Some beauty experts believe liquid blush isn't the best choice for oily skin types. They say, the formula can mix with natural oils, leading to a greasy appearance and potentially causing the colour to fade faster. My advice to anyone with oily or combination skin is to ensure you set the blush. You won’t know how a liquid will perform on your face until you try it - and that performance could fluctuate from brand to brand. The Cheek Of It, in my opinion, is the best place to start.

Another unwarranted complaint is that liquid blush has more potential to make a mess. Modern packaging minimises the chance of mishaps. The same can’t be said for powder blush which has a tendency to crumble and go all over the place. In fact, it can be ruinous to not just cosmetic bags but clothing, bedding and plenty more.

Claims that finding the perfect shade of liquid blush can be more challenging compared to powder blush are also rubbish. The Cheek Of It, for example, is available in no less than 50 shades including some that are bronzers! There’s bound to be one for you.

PLouise liquid blush

Making the liquid blush call

Ultimately, the best blush formula comes down to personal preference and what works best for your skin type and desired look. Don't be afraid to experiment with both liquid and powder blushes to discover your perfect match. But I’m betting the liquid one will win hands down.

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