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PLouise x Mikayla To Have and To Hold palette review

With its winter wedding theme and ultra-cool light-up cover, here’s a collab palette that pushes the boundaries between ice cold blue, pretty purples and warm neutral pigments. The PLouise x Mikayla To Have and To Hold palette is part of a wider collection of cosmetics and accessories that are in no small way a nod to US influencer Mikayla Nogueira’s own wedding to long-time partner Cody Hawken.

The collection was unveiled in Stockport, UK, amid a fanfare of balloons (even in Mikayla’s hotel room), a huge fairytale-esque launch party and… a bit of a hiccup with US orders. Strangely, as an eyeshadow collector, I wasn’t immediately drawn to the palette. That could be because I haven’t always been a fan of blue eyeshadow. It’s one of those shade ranges that so many people just assume isn’t for them but, as you will discover, almost anyone can use blue.

PLouise x Mikayla To Have and To Hold eyeshadow palette

One of the early criticisms of the palette was its size. People complained that it was too big, suggesting shadows should be trending away from super-size collections to smaller palettes that are easier to store. Now that I’ve actually got my hands on one, I don’t think it’s huge at all. The complainers have clearly not walked the same eyeshadow journey as me. I’ve got much bigger XL palettes in my collection and, in all honesty, they are nowhere near as good as this one.

Keep reading to discover why I’m saying ‘I do’ to one of the most underrated products in PLouise’s collection…

PLouise x Mikayla To Have and To Hold palette

This is a 50-pan eyeshadow and pressed pigment palette that should be viewed in two halves - icy, elegant blues that transcend into pretty lilacs and purples before moving on to toasty neutrals with bronzes and golds. Although steeped in a winter theme, this feast of everything romantic is versatile enough to use throughout the year. 

Palette size (closed):

Length: 30cm

Width: 17.5cm

Depth: 2cm

Inside the 5-pan PLouise x Mikayla To Have and To Hold eyeshadow palette

As you would expect from PLouise, the packaging is exquisite. The palette features light-up icicles on the front cover as well as an embossed clear window framing silver silhouettes of a couple in a deep embrace. The winter wedding theme continues with delicate snowflakes and a rather charming footnote to the palette’s title - ‘In case you get cold’. I don’t think that’s a reference to cold feet, by the way.

There’s plenty of information about the palette concept and shadows on the back of both the palette and its box. Think of a forever love being frozen in time and you will get the gist, as far as the inspiration is concerned. 

Open the palette and you will find generous pan-sizes - the blue pigments, which are actually in the minority, one end and the warm neutrals the other. The shades start light from the outer sides with the deepest colours in the middle of the palette. Each pigment is embossed with a wedding theme finish, such as a ring, diamond, ‘Big Day’, and heart. It also has some that are particular to Mikayla, including her dogs. 

Before I go through the shades that make this palette worth its weight in gold, I need to say a few important things about the quality. All PLouise shadows are super blendable, and these are no exception. Where they go further is with staying power. I’ve created three looks, so far, with this palette and each one has lasted all day - with no fading, not even the shimmers. One of the looks lasted for 24 hours before I washed it off. So, for a wedding or other important event, you can count on these pigments not to let you down. I must also point out that, due to a cruel wind, this makeup even survived teary eyes! I’d definitely trust it for my big day.

I use the same tests for all eyeshadow reviews. I apply an hour before operating a commercial dishwasher for five hours. On another day, I test again - this time applying an hour before undertaking three hours of almost non-stop sweeping and mopping (I pause two-thirds of the way through for a sneaky puff on my vape). These survived both tests and my looks were intact for hours after - right up until the makeup was removed. 

A close-up view of the blue and purple shades in the PLouise x Mikayla To Have and To Jold palette

A close-up view of the darker shades in the PLouise x Mikayla eyeshadow palette

The warm neutral shades in the PLouise x Mikayla eyeshadow palette

I know a lot of people weren’t initially sure about the colour theme, but I totally get it. I’ve worn the blue shades on a night out and the warmer hues for work. There’s romance, a touch of neutrality if you want it and also pure drama. So, I think this palette offers a lot for its price tag. It’s a no-brainer for creatives but also something you can really depend on when quality matters. 

PLouise x Mikayla shades

What I love about the PLouise x Mikayla To Have and To Hold palette is its push towards blue. Of course, they’ve included some truly beautiful purples and warmer shades to counteract the cool tones, but still… Used in the right way, for the right face and right eye colour, anyone can get away with wearing blue. If you’re not sure about that, take a look at my feature about blue eyeshadow.

I have very pale skin and hazel eyes but, yes, I can wear blue. By the way, I’m not exactly in the full flush of youth either. See, where there’s a will there’s a way!

The shades in this palette remind me of satin and silk, as well as gold, Champagne, tiaras and ‘something blue’. 

Standout shades include Engaged On Ice, a crisp, deeply pigmented white-blue. Perfect for diffusing, highlighting or gradient looks, it’s dramatic but subtle. Newport, which reminds me of the moneyed people at their holiday homes in The Gilded Age, is the most stunning pale lilac. The Hawkens is a mid to light blue that reminds me of crystal clear water; perfect for a fun summer look. 

The shimmers in this palette are a fine balance between a bit of sparkle and a full foil. One or two of them could be mistaken for duochromes. All perform beyond expectations. In fact, they are stunning. Whether you want a bit of sparkle in the corner of the eye or a mid-lid flash of reflective light, To Have and To Hold has got it all. My favourites are silver-lilac Newlyweds, Winter Skin and the opulent Champagne Toast. They are luxuriously elegant.

Swatches of the shimmers in the PLouise x Mikayla To Gave and To Hold eyeshadow palette

The collection has been thoughtfully curated to include base, transition, highlight and blowout shades for each segment of the theme. As a fan of gradient styles, it’s absolutely perfect for me. 

Plouise x Mikayla To Have and To Hold palette is currently priced £40. I got mine in a PLouise mystery bundle, which set me back a mere £30. If you really want this palette, though, I wouldn’t suggest leaving it to chance.

For creatives, romantics and those who insist on quality, I recommend this palette as an ‘any occasion’ must-have. It’s quirky but serious at the same time. Importantly, it goes beyond delivering the expected to something that is not just gorgeous but versatile. For long-wearing eye pigments, this has got to be my Number One! 

  • US readers, please note: There is a US section on PLouise’s website that will save you shipping costs and speed up delivery times.


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