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Dive into dark desires with Beauty Bay's Reckless Romance palette

Beneath the veil of moonlight, where passion and mystery intertwine, blooms the alluring pigments of dark romance themed makeup. They are the whisper of secrets in smokey eyes, a crimson kiss smudged at the lip's edge, a story spun in shades of twilight and embers. And it’s that rebellious, mysterious streak that Beauty Bay has captured so wonderfully in its brand new eyeshadow palette, Reckless Romance.

A spellbinding spectrum of 20 richly pigmented shades, it is sure to ignite endless creative endeavours - as I have discovered.

Reckless Romance eyeshadow palette and packaging by Beauty Bay
Stunning packaging - Reckless Romance (bottom) and its matching box

Designed, on purpose, to bring out the rebel in anyone - the palette boasts a knock-out colour story that goes beyond romance. It screams ‘confidence’, no matter your personal style. With elements of elegance, rock chick and night owl, it epitomises the casual yet conversely oh-so crisp vibrancy of the extreme romantic theme.

Beauty Bay has stepped outside of its comfort zone over the past year or so to go beyond quality colour stories and formulas. While its bog standard palettes boast the best (in my opinion) eyeshadows produced by a UK cosmetic company, they are not especially stand-out in terms of design. I say that as a collector.

Enter a few exclusives, followed by Metamorphic and now Reckless Romance and the brand is in a different league. With quality and unique design elements, these palettes really ‘speak’ to those who are serious about makeup. They also have the universal appeal of being vegan and cruelty-free.

What makes Reckless Romance stand out?

Reckless Romance was launched earlier this month and, silly me, had no idea - until an email literally dropped in my lap three days ago. My instant purchase must have been one of the quickest conversions Beauty Bay’s marketing team has ever seen! And, thanks to the brand’s super-fast delivery, I already have the palette in my hands.

The theme completely woke me up from the nightmare of Peach Fuzz and Soft Glam. Here is something that’s right up my street; romantic yet dark. I want imperfection to reign on my face. A smudged kohl liner alluding to stories whispered in the dark. Maybe, a look with a single slither of metal shimmering like a fallen star on porcelain skin. True ‘dark romance’.

With this palette, my eyes become portals to forbidden desires, cloaked in shadows. Imagine dusky pinks and deep plums draped across the lids, blending into smokey wings that stretch towards midnight. Shimmering silvers peeking from corners to catch the flicker of candlelight as secrets are exchanged. Lashes, heavy and dark, like secrets brushed against moonlight, framing eyes that promise untold tales. Ooh!

Reckless Romance eyeshadow palette by Beauty Bay
The colour story is told over four rows of five pans of eyeshadow

This is what Beauty Bay’s Reckless Romance delivers, and at a very affordable price.

  • Packaging: This palette is sold in a box with a design that replicates the product. It features a dark purple heart pin-cushion, with black barbed wire detailing and an embossed stud trim. The backdrop is abstract satin. Inside the palette is a good-sized mirror and tasteful branding. The shade names are clearly displayed in metallic under each pan. The palette is bubble-wrapped inside the box.

  • Palette size:

  • Price: £16

About the packaging - The design of the palette is stunning. Deep purple with black and silver, the packaging is unique and display-worthy. You won't want to hide this one away!

About the pans - Think velvety mattes in smouldering plums, intoxicating berries and enigmatic charcoals, alongside shimmering metallics. While you are thinking about them, don't forget to linger on high quality. The formula is rich, blendable and long-wear. And, in spite of its durability on the lids, it washes off easily.

My favourite shades - I love all the matellaics in this palette and choosing just one or two has been hard. I'm going with Minidress, a glittering, classic silver, and Rockstar, a deep and dusky pink. When it comes to the mattes, it's hands-down Number 1 (a light cream) for the inner section of my lid, Soulmate, a dusky pink-grey, for the transition and Front Row with Paparazzi, both deep berry shades, for the blow-out wing.

Dark romance v fluffy, influencer looks

I will take dark romance any day of the week. I may not be a teenager, but ‘boring’ truly isn’t my thing. (You can tell I was a punk rocker, back in the day!)

This theme transcends mere colour. It's a touch of vulnerability, a hint of wildness left untamed and also the glint of moonlight on bare skin. Dare I suggest, it is even the intoxicating scent of a lover's touch and a story etched in every brushstroke? Another ooh!

Reckless Romance will enable me to embrace mystery all-year long. I am going to let my makeup bleed with unspoken desires and bypass the norm. My style will be a symphony of seduction, sung in shades of the night - with just a twinkle of dawn.

Moving on from all the ‘ooh’ stuff… For me, this palette is spot-on rock chick. If you want to embrace a moody, timeless style that exudes confidence and rebellion, it is your nirvana. It's a mix of edgy and chic, with a touch of darkness and a whole lot of attitude. Whether you're channelling your inner Joan Jett or Stevie Nicks, this is the palette to reach for.

I recommend Reckless Romance if:

  • Black is your best friend

  • You love graphic T-shirts

  • You want smokey eyes

  • Your look is date night, every night

Swatches of eyeshadow from the Reckless Romance palette
Finger swatches of eyeshadow from the Reckless Romance palette

Just as 2024 was shaping up to be all peach and nude-glowy, thank goodness for Beauty Bay! This theme came out of nowhere - and in the nick of time. I love the fact that this palette includes greys. Weren't they supposed to trend last year, but didn't quite get there? This could be their moment. I hope so.

If you want to veer off the path of plain and boring, Reckless Romance is your best bet.

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