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LaRoc Pro Lost in Paradise Palette Review

Updated: Jan 22

LaRoc Pro Lost in Paradise eyeshadow palette

There is an issue with a lot of eyeshadow palettes that isn't often highlighted in the mainstream media - they aren't suitable for all skin tones. The LaRoc Pro Lost in Paradise by Saskia palette is different. The colours are gorgeous and bold - and so pigmented they work well even on dark skin.

At first glance, this stunning collection may come across as a tad too bold but, trust me, there is a lot you can do with it. As well as the bright, tropical shades, you will find some more discreet nudes and, of course, a great choice of pigments for your cheeks.

I bought this palette partly because its design 'spoke' to me and partly because I didn't have anything in my collection by LaRoc. I'd sort of considered its products half a step up from unbranded - until I came across the Pro range.

I think LaRoc initially struggled to find the right price point for Pro. It's now found the 'sweet spot' - for both this palette and its equally beautiful The Bakery Box (on my 'to-buy' list). Hence, it is seeing more sales and attracting make-up addicts like me. I am a serious eyeshadow collector so, to appeal to me, it has to be good.

LaRoc eyeshadow palette

Lost in Paradise - First Impressions

The Lost in Paradise by Saskia Palette arrived in stand-out packaging - a box with a design that matched the product. A great touch that makes it extremely gift worthy.

I have to mention the weight of this palette. It's not light. In my view, a sign of quality. That's why, when talking about it on social media, I've described it as 'substantial'. It's big too, opening in the middle to reveal mirrors either side of the pigments. Both mirrors bear heart-lifting 'paradise' slogans, which add to the overall attractiveness of the palette and do not spoil the effectiveness of the mirrors. The slogans sum up the colour themes in the palette.

  • Measurements when closed: 28cm x 18.5cm x 1.5cm

  • Measurements when open: 58cm x 18.5cm x 1.5cm

  • Eyeshadows: 30

  • Cheek make-up: 3

  • Price I paid: £11.99

Colour themes: Think of coral reefs, the ocean, sand and exotic plants/animals. Red, yellow and orange; blues and greens; neutrals; black; pink and purple; gold. Cheeks: blusher x 2 and a golden highlighter

  • Mattes: 25

  • Shimmers: 5

  • Mirror slogans: 'Tropic like it's hot' and 'Palm trees and ocean breeze'

inside LaRoc Pro's Lost in Paradise palette

The Pigments

It never ceases to amaze me how many people still complain that great quality eyeshadows aren't pigmented enough. You won't find many people saying that about the shades in this palette, though. They apply just how they look.

When I first tried them, I went for a creative theme which was inspired by a woman with dark skin who mastered a flawless concoction of orange and yellow finished off with the most gorgeous, shimmering peacock blue/green. Since then, I've gravitated to the neutrals and gold for daywear. I've also used the reds and black to create a Halloween-themed corpse bride look. So, this palette is extremely versatile. It has a dawn to dusk feel, with enough variation for every-day use as well as artistic bursts of colour.

The secret with highly pigmented shades like this is to build them, only applying a small amount of product to the brush. This offers even more versatility, particularly if you prefer a hint of colour over out-and-out bold.

I rate the quality of the pigments in this palette, if you haven't already guessed! They are silky but also buttery - the perfect combination. Another thing I love is the number of mattes. Far too many palettes don't have enough of them, making base and transition shades really tricky if you are trying to follow a palette's colour theme.

My favourite pigments in the LaRoc Pro Lost in Paradise by Saskia palette are Aloha, Safari, Pink Sands and Palm. The palette has even inspired a trip down memory lane, encouraging me to wear yellow in the corners of my eyes - something I haven't done since the 1980s. With that era firmly back in vogue, along with blusher, I rank this palette in my top five for 2022.

eyeshadow shades

About LaRoc Pro

The brainchild of UK-based LaRoc Cosmetics, the Pro range supports the brand's mission to encourage makeup lovers to 'Release your inner artist'. As well as professional quality eyeshadow, the Hyde-based brand is also recognised for its false lashes, make-up brushes and hair tools.

If this is the first time you have heard of LaRoc Pro, it won't be the last.

Packaging for LaRoc Pro eyeshadow palette

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