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A berry exciting palette: exploring 9 pans of Berries eyeshadow by Beauty Bay

Eyeshadow sets the stage for the best creative makeup looks. But, with such a wide spectrum of shade choices, it can be hard to decide which theme the spotlight should fall on. Berry tones stretch the scale between light and dark, providing versatility that easily shifts between seasons. From the delicate hues of raspberries to the rich depth of mulberries, berry eyeshadows capture the essence of summer and autumn fruits and translate it into captivating eye looks. Beauty Bay broke the mould when it released its Berries collection of palettes.

Here’s an in-depth look at the 9-pan version. Whether you crave a subtle daytime shimmer or a dramatic, smokey evening look, berry eyeshadows offer versatility and a touch of playful clout.

The Berries eyeshadow palette by Beauty Bay

Berries eyeshadow - where the spectrum starts and ends

Before I launch into a review of Beauty Bay’s offering, let’s talk about Berry eyeshadow shades in general. For starters, they aren’t a single shade; imagine an orchestra made up of pinks, plums, purples, and even hints of red. Understanding the different subcategories within the berry family will help you to choose the perfect palette for your desired look.

Pink berries are perfect for spring and summer. Think soft, sweet shades like rose, baby pink and mauve. Ideal for everyday wear, they create a fresh and youthful look. Pair them with a shimmery champagne for a touch of elegance, or add definition with a deeper berry shade in the crease. Because of its versatility, pink berry shades can be used on skin of all ages. 

Red berries are great for drama. These evoke bolder emotions, with shades like cranberry, burgundy and deep magenta. Perfect for a club night or a dramatic smokey eye, they add depth and intensity. Use a lighter shade in the inner corner to balance out a look.

Plum berries offer a touch of mystery and can be used to create soft grunge or smokey looks. Wine shades are especially appealing because they are both sophisticated and sultry. Plums work beautifully for blown out lids or, when used sparingly, add a smattering of drama to the lower lash line. 

Not all berry pigments are strictly pink or red. Some palettes incorporate unexpected shades, like shimmering lilac or a touch of rusty brown, alongside classic berries, including a touch of intrigue and dimension to a look.

An eyeshadow look with berry colours
The berry theme can be elegant and sophisticated

Choosing your perfect berry shade

When selecting a berry eyeshadow, consider your skin tone and the occasion before reaching for a brush. Here are some general pointers, which will help you avoid shade mistakes.

For fair skin opt for lighter pink berries with cool undertones, such as rose or mauve. Avoid very deep shades, which can overwhelm your complexion. For a bolder look, try a sheer wash of a deep berry over a lighter base.

For medium toned skin, you have more flexibility with both warm and cool tones. Explore shades like cranberry, berry brown or a shimmery plum for a dazzling effect.

If you have dark skin, reach for deep berry tones like burgundy, wine and plum. They will flatter your skin tone beautifully. Don't shy away from bold pops of colour, as they will add vibrancy and dimension.

Sultry smokey eye created with berry coloured eyeshadow
A sutry look created with deeo berry shades and a lighter shimmer

Berries eyeshadow by Beauty Bay

For pigmentation and shade choice, Berries by Beauty Bay is bang on the money. Available in three pan sizes, I am going to focus on the 9-colour version. It delivers enough shades to offer versatility while not compromising on quality. As well as excelling on the sophistication front, it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to mattes. It includes must-have base and transition shades as well as a nod to Y2K with pops of vibrant pink.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Beauty Bay palette without exquisite shimmers. Berries is ‘home’ to some of the brand’s most iconic and pretty metallics. 

My shade preferences include muted baby pink Doll and stand-out silver/lilac shimmer Cloud. The latter is full of surprises. Take a closer look and it incorporates tiny flecks of green. Stunning.

For the full-blown deep pink, there’s Macaron and Lilo.

Looking for deeper, more sultry berry colours? Have a look at the palette’s Loyalty and Journal shades.

There are four shimmers in this palette and each brings something different to a look. 

As well as being effortless to blend, these shades are long-wearing and fashion classics.

At £9.50, the 9-pan version is a must-have. It is a perfect choice for any makeup addict and provides value for money as well as versatility. The colour the,e is also available in 16 and 42-pan versions.

Berry eyeshadow colours with eye makeup brushes
Simply stunning. The shades inside Beauty Bay's 9-colour Berries eyeshadow palette

Berry eyeshadow application techniques to try

The application technique for your berry eyeshadow should depend on the look you're aiming to achieve.

For a daytime look use a fluffy blending brush to apply a light wash of a pink all over your lid. Apply a slightly deeper shade in the crease for definition. Finish with a touch of shimmer on the centre of the lid or in the inner corner of your eye for a bright-eyed look.

Want to go for a smokey berry? Use a flat shader brush to apply a deep berry shade on your lid, blending it upwards towards your crease. Gradually diffuse the edges with a fluffy blending brush. Apply a lighter berry shade on the outer third of your lid and blend it seamlessly. Highlight your brow bone with a champagne shade and line your upper lash line with a black or brown eyeliner for added drama.

The monochrome berry is a fun and trendy alternative. Choose a single berry shade in a matte finish and apply it all over the lid and into the crease. Blend it seamlessly for a diffused effect. Line your upper and lower lash lines with a matching eyeshadow shade for an intense, monochromatic look.

Berry eyeshadows are versatile and can be used beyond your eyelids.

  • Blush: A light pink or mauve berry eyeshadow can double as a blush, adding a natural flush of colour to your cheeks.

  • Inner corner highlight: A touch of shimmering pink or lilac eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eye can instantly brighten your entire face.

  • Lower lash line: A subtle line of berry eyeshadow along your lower lash line adds depth and definition to your eyes. Experiment with different shades to create a variety of looks.

Eyeshadow shades inside Beauty Bay's 9-pan Berries palettes
Close up: Eyeshadow shades inside Beauty Bay's 9-pan Berries palettes

Top berries eyeshadow palettes 

The beauty market offers a bounty of berry eyeshadow palettes, catering to various budgets and preferences. 

I recommend the Beauty Bay offering because it comprises quality and choice while also being affordable. 

Alternatives include:

  • Urban Decay Naked Cherry: A cult-favourite with a mix of warm and cool-toned pinks, plums, and a touch of burgundy.

  • Too Faced Chocolate Cherry Bomb: Offers rich, chocolatey shades with pops of vibrant berry tones for a playful and sophisticated look.

  • Huda Beauty The New Nude: Features a mix of rosy pinks, mauves, and a deep berry for creating a variety of eye looks, from natural to dramatic.

  • Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette: Provides a range of soft, dusty pinks and more.

Whatever your preference, have fun creating youthful looks with shades inspired by the best of nature.

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