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Re-defining flawless: A look at Makeup Revolution's Skin Silk Serum Foundation

Updated: Feb 22

Makeup Revolution has made waves in the beauty industry with its affordable, high-quality products. One of its latest offerings, the Skin Silk Serum Foundation, promises to blur the lines between makeup and skincare. But does it live up to the hype?

Skin Silk Serum Foundation - claim to fame

Skin Silk Serum Foundation boasts a lightweight, serum-like formula enriched with hyaluronic acid and peptide complex. This duo is said to hydrate and plump the skin, delivering for a "your-skin-but-better" finish. Available in 20 shades, the foundation caters for a diverse range of skin tones and offers light to medium buildable coverage. Additionally, the foundation is cruelty-free, vegan and paraben-free, appealing to many ethical consumers.

Like many people, my concern when purchasing this product was just how much coverage it offers and whether or not the buildability is there. I’ve previously tried hybrid foundations and found them more akin to moisturising skin tints than foundation.

The product retails for £10.99, which is slightly higher than most budget brands. It comes in pricier than Collection Cosmetics’ Lasting Perfection foundation and the ultra longwearing HD foundation by Catrice Cosmetics. 

Close up of Skin Silk Serum packaging

What the hype is about

Makeup Revolution highlights several positive aspects of Skin Silk. Its lightweight texture, for one. It is said to blend seamlessly, creating a natural, dewy finish. Many users have applauded the buildable coverage, saying it allows them to customise their look for different occasions. The inclusion of skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid is also a win for those seeking a foundation that nourishes while providing coverage.

While generally well-received, Skin Silk isn't without its critics. Some users find the light coverage insufficient for concealing blemishes or acne. The dewy finish might not be ideal for oily skin types, requiring additional setting with powder. Additionally, the shade range, while decent, could be more inclusive for deeper skin tones.

Foundation swatch

My experience

I purchased the product in shade F3 from Superdrug, because it offers a Next Day Delivery option. I went for a reasonably light shade due to the fact that I contour my face with faux tan makeup, cream blush and two different shades of setting powder - natural and, for under the eyes, bridge of the nose and dimple in the chin, fine white. 

The foundation was delivered in a fuss-free, plain transparent wrap.

What I noticed immediately, and I know many other people have said the same, is the great packaging. The foundation is supplied in a faux ombre-design glass bottle with an excellent pump dispenser complete with expensive-looking plastic fittings and metallic branding. You get 23mls of product for your money, which is less than average for a foundation in that price range. Having said that, this is a product that combines pigmentation with potent skincare ingredients.

Light shade of a hybrid foundation with skincare ingredients

If you were to compare it to other hybrid foundations, it comes in exceptionally inexpensive. Clinique’s version, for example, will set you back in excess of £38. However, I can’t seem to find exactly what percentage of the ingredients make up the skincare portion of Makeup Revolution’s product. The brand has clearly carried out extensive consumer research before launching the foundation. Skin Silk’s product description includes some impressive statistics for testers’ experiences, including 89% reporting the foundation gave their skin a healthy glow. I’m actually amazed 100% didnt’ say this because it definitely leaves the skin with a dewy. luminous finish. 

In terms of makeup trends, this product is bang on the money. Glowy looks are red hot right now and this foundation hits the nail right on the head if that’s a finish you want to achieve.

I applied the foundation with my fingers after cleansing and priming my face. It felt as smooth as satin and delivered light coverage. I applied a second coat to build it to a medium-ish finish. The result? Glowy, fresh-looking skin. I dulled down the glow a bit with finishing powders after applying cheek products. The result? Not bad at all.

While the coverage was slightly less than what I am used to, it was even. There was no weight to it and it lasted most of the day. I would also point out that, with two coats, the foundation did a good job of covering areas of redness on my skin and I didn't have to use a separate concealer.

Before and after comparison of using Skin Silk Serum Foundation
Here's my before and after, which clearly demonstrates the product has decent coverage

I was impressed with the feel on my skin and the colour, which did reflect the swatch on the product page. Would I use this foundation for all occasions? Probably not. It’s a goer for every-day wear. Ideal for work, shopping, etc. For nights out, I’d go with something heavier. 

I’m a middle-aged woman and, while having a slight glow is a good thing, I don’t want my face to be blinging. Skin Silk Serum Foundation delivers a glow that I can easily tailor to my needs. 

In terms of the skincare benefits, this product is ideal for those who aren’t yet invested in complex routines or who can't afford to buy both a foundation and a serum. It’s a faff-free way to look after your skin while using makeup. For me, I look to products with SPF more than serums, for example. That’s because I am a heavy user of extensive skincare products and am a fan of layering serums. I also double cleanse. 

My verdict

Makeup Revolution's Skin Silk Serum Foundation offers a compelling option for those seeking a lightweight, hydrating foundation with buildable coverage. Its affordability and focus on skincare ingredients make it a tempting choice. However, those with oily skin or who require a full coverage product might need to look elsewhere. Ultimately, whether Skin Silk becomes a staple in your makeup bag depends on your individual needs and preferences.

If you're considering trying Skin Silk, here are some additional tips:

  • Find your perfect shade: Utilise online shade finders or visit a retailer, such as Superdrug, for in-person matching.

  • Start light: Build coverage gradually from the centre of the face to avoid a cakey appearance.

  • Set it and forget it: Use a setting powder to prevent the dewy finish from migrating throughout the day, especially if you have oily skin.

  • Pair it with hydrating skincare: Since the foundation is lightweight, layering it with a hydrating moisturiser beforehand can benefit dry skin.

Makeup Revolution's Skin Silk Serum Foundation offers a unique blend of makeup and skincare, catering to those seeking a natural, dewy look. While it might not be perfect for everyone, its affordability and positive qualities make it worth considering, especially for those with dry or normal skin types looking for light to medium coverage. Remember, trying it out and seeing how it works for your individual needs is always the best way to decide if it deserves a permanent spot in your makeup routine.


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