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Profusion Cosmetics Kaleidoscope eyeshadow palette review

Profusion Cosmetics Kaleidoscope eyeshadow palette

Consumers are currently in two minds about large eyeshadow palettes. Some are concerned that anything with more than 20 pans depicting the same colour story are not going to get enough use, while others worry about storage. However, Profusion Cosmetics Kaleidoscope eyeshadow palette definitely delivers on the shade front.

It is large, but not so big that storage will be an issue. In fact, it’s one of those good-looking beauty products that wouldn’t look out of place on display. Boasting 42 pans in two generous sizes, some of which can be used on the face as well as the eyes, it offers at least five colour stories and six glitter foils. Together with plenty of mattes and a shimmers, it will safely take you through all four seasons. So, if you buy one new eyeshadow palettes this year, this would be a savvy purchase. You can create literally hundreds of different looks with it.

It has nudes for the trending soft glam look. There are reds, pinks, oranges and purples to take you through spring and summer, plus beautiful marine blues and greens. In fact, the shade Fern, which is a light to medium green, would pair nicely with shimmer Spangle or glitter Sunburst to create the stunning green and gold look currently grabbing Amazon customers’ attention - thanks to a video tutorial posted by Technic for one of its train case sets. 

The palette also includes shades with a satin finish and the brand’s new jelly finish pigments. The larger pans can be used as bronzers and blush.

Packaging for Profusion Cosmetics Kaleidoscope eyeshadows

Profusion Cosmetics has kept the packaging for the Kaleidoscope eyeshadow palette simple but sleek. It has a clear cover embossed with rose gold branding. All the shades are on permanent view, making product selection easy. It has a classic clear plastic clasp to open and close, and full product information is clearly printed on the back of the palette. In fact, this is one of the brands going the extra mile to ensure information is accessible and effortless to digest.

Palette measurements:

Length across: 38cm

Width, from back to front: 19.5cm

Depth: 1.6cm


From £13.99 to £17.99, depending on offers.

UK stockist:


Kaleidoscope eyeshadow palette by Profusion Cosmetics

Performance of pigments in Profusion Cosmetics Kaleidoscope

Before I write a single word about performance, I need to mention the inclusion of transition shades. Hugely beneficial, this palette boasts at least five - something you struggle to find in many new releases.

Plenty of matte shades, in my opinion, also demonstrates the brand is on point when it comes to delivering the full package. 

Buttery with high levels of pigmentation, the pigments are easy to work with.

This morning, I used Spangle, a cream shimmer, in the inner corners of my eyes and blended it to the centre of the lid. I used Buttercup, a light sand nude, as the transition shade and a medium to dark brown called Alive on the outer corners of my eyes. I blended into the middle of the eye and created a look that lasted through four hours of heavy duty cleaning (sweeping and mopping), a walk in the rain and a bus journey. Six hours later, nothing has budged. I did use a makeup setting spray.

Now that's what I call high performance! The eyeshadows deliver on pigmentation, ease of use and staying power. 

I rate this palette above LaRoc Pro’s similar Artistry Book offerings. My opinion is based on quality and the excellent shade choices made by Profusion Cosmetics.

The brand points out that you can create ‘wet’ looks with this palette and that is something I will definitely try.

Close up view of some shades in Profusion Cosmetics Kaleidoscope eyeshadow palette with an inset showing the pigmentation


Profusion Cosmetics Kaleidoscope eyeshadow palette represents outstanding value for money. It has enough shades to see you through an entire year and is suitable for everyone - from beginners to creatives. 

The colour story has been deliberately chosen to appeal to those looking for versatile makeup that can be mixed and matched to go with any outfit, occasion or desired look. It has also been designed to offer creative inspiration.

If you want to invest in a new eyeshadow palette, this could honestly be the only one you need to purchase in 2024. It offers so much.

The palette shades are suitable for every-day looks, including makeup for work, nights out, parties, festivals and so much more.

About Profusion Cosmetics

Founded more than two decades ago, this is a US-based brand. It is cruelty free.

Its products are available in the UK from Amazon and most of them are Prime items, making them ready for next day delivery.

This is the second product I’ve bought by this brand in a month and, yet again, it didn’t disappoint.

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