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Top beauty trends decided by you! Take our survey

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

The Big Beauty Trends Survey banner

Beauty trends aren't always decided by brand creators. In fact, the biggest makeup and skincare fads are often started by individuals or push their way into the mainstream via sub-cultures after achieving wide appeal.

Take the club and rave scenes - they have influenced the whole 'euphoria' stable of products, from neon focused palettes to UV cosmetics and more. That is just one example. From social media creators and emerging MUAs to stars of the big screen, beauty crazes have to start somewhere!

Who is to say your personal style isn't going to take centre stage next year? If you doubt it, and don't like the direction your favourite brands have taken recently, make your preferences known.

Regime Skin Care has launched The Big Beauty Trends Survey to give you a chance to have your say on what products you want to see on magazine front covers, in stores and on your face.

Influence beauty trends today

You can start to shape the beauty world right now by sharing your preferences via the two-part survey below.

Why? Take a look at these compelling reasons:

  • Your voice really matters! By sharing your opinions, you can help beauty brands develop products and services that cater to a wider range of needs and preferences. We believe this is important to create a more inclusive and diverse beauty landscape for everyone.

  • Your participation will demonstrate that you care about your beauty routine and want to have a say in what products are available. It is a way to feel empowered and become more closely connected to the beauty community.

  • As well as telling brands what you want to see more of, your answers will help us deliver free beauty content that will be much more personalised to your needs.

Makeup beauty trends

In the first part of the survey, we ask you to answer some basic questions exclusively about your makeup preferences.

You don't have to answer every question, but you will have a larger impact on the big picture of current trends if you respond to as many as possible. As well as offering multiple choice answers, some questions provide the space for you to write your own response.

Why does The Big Beauty Trends Survey matter? Here's an example:

Large eyeshadow palettes have become a 'thing' over the past 24 months. However, you may personally prefer to buy small palettes because of storage, budget constraints or environmental reasons.

Let's go! Tell us how you wear makeup.

Skincare beauty trends

In this second part of The Big Beauty Trends Survey, we ask some questions about your skincare preferences.

Each question has multiple choice answers and should take just a few seconds to answer.

The beauty trends you want

Thank you for participating in The Big Beauty Trends Survey. While some of the questions may have seemed quite generic, they are important.

We will be sharing the results of our survey far and wide. They will help decision makers in the beauty industry to:

  • Better understand consumers' needs. Our survey will provide beauty brands with important and valuable data about their target audience. This data can be used to improve existing products, develop new ones and create more effective marketing campaigns.

  • Stay in tune with every type of consumer: By understanding beauty lovers' preferences and emerging trends, beauty brands can stay ahead of the curve and avoid costly mistakes - like creating the type of palette that people actually want and ensuring products are accessible.

  • Build closer relationships with customers: Surveys demonstrate that customers appreciate sectors that value feedback. This survey's results can help responsive brands build trust and loyalty.

Don't worry, you will remain anonymous and you won't receive any marketing contact as a result of your participation.

Responses will be collated on a weekly and monthly basis. To avoid repeat participation, we will sometimes limit the number of responses allowed per month.

Your enthusiasm for beauty trends is what keeps the cosmetics industry vibrant and fresh. Follow us to learn the results of our survey, or sign up to our newsletter below. All new subscribers will be entered into a draw to win a fabulous beauty gift.

About us: We are the UK's free beauty portal, offering no-nonse opinions, product reviews, publications and more.

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