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Profusion Cosmetics Best of Beauty Portfolio review

Profusion Cosmetics Best of Beauty Portfolio palette

Profusion Cosmetics is one of those makeup brands that sits quite comfortably in the ‘budget’ space but never gets much positive attention from influencers.

In fact, more than once, I’ve watched some of the UK’s leading beauty influencers actually diss the company and its products.

Because I always feel influencers disrespect brands they are not getting anything from - such as free products or paid promotions - I tell myself to ignore any disparaging remarks directed at specific suppliers.

But, here’s the thing… Subconsciously, I must be swayed by what they say. I believe this because I’ve always overlooked Profusion Cosmetics when searching for new products to buy.

I purchase eyeshadow palettes, for example, weekly. That’s because I’m not just an eyeshadow addict, I am a collector. What runs through my mind as I’m flicking onto the next page on Amazon? Poor quality. Boring palettes. Cheap rubbish. You get the drift. 

So, I surprised myself when I snapped up Profusion’s Best of Beauty Portfolio. It was a product I returned to multiple times before I actually decided to, finally, pop it into my cart. 

Best of Beauty Portfolio by Profusion Cosmetics

Makeup palette from Profusion Cosmetics Snow Sparkle collection

This eye and face palette is part of Profusion Cosmetics' Frosted Snow Sparkle Collection, which includes numerous makeup sets for the eyes, face and nails.

Beautifully presented, it boasts 38 eyeshadows, including six glitters/foils, blusher, bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow primer, an eyeliner, and two brushes. Phew!

I paid just £9.17 for it in a sale. The product normally retails for anything between £11.99 and £17.99, which is an excellent price for the number of products you get.

Quality-wise, there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of the makeup included in the palette. The eyeshadows applied nicely and blended well, with very little fallout. 

The face pigments are really wearable. The bronzer is actually fantastic - not too light and not too dark. I also like the highlighter in this collection.

What really surprised me was the performance of the eyeshadow primer. It is great. 

And having a black eyeliner pencil in the kit was a bonus. You can never have too many of those. This one is nice and soft, making it effortless to apply - even when creating dramatic looks that require precision application or needing to reach awkward areas around the eyes.

The eyeshadow brush is manufactured to a good quality and is gold with white bristles, while the face brush is probably only going to be used to apply dabs of highlighter due to its shape.

If I had to be picky, I’d say I would like to have seen more matte eyeshadows in the palette. Quite a few of the non-glitters are shimmers. However, I’ve created some lovely neutral and purple looks, including graduated ones - all set off with a touch of sparkle, of course. I’ve still got plenty more styles to create from the palette as it also includes some pinks, greens and even more shade choices.

Some of the eyeshadows and a brush from the Best of Beauty Portfolio

Palette packaging

The Best of Beauty collection is presented in a fabulous treasure chest-style palette, with drawers either side of the eyeshadow section.

As you would expect, the design on the palette reflects the snow and sparkle theme. The lid of the palette has an understated, classic look comprising lilac, white and gold, while the edging of the mirror on the other side is embossed with flakes of snow. A lovely touch.

In the drawer on the left-hand side, there is bronzer, blusher, highlighter and a makeup brush.

On the other side, a drawer is filled with eyeshadow primer, eyeliner and an eyeshadow brush.

The lid stays open thanks to lilac satin hinges and it has a magnetic close. 

My overall thoughts

This palette is substantial. It’s quite large, making it very giftable. For a family on a tight budget looking for makeup as a birthday or Christmas gift, this could easily be a main present. 

Not one of the products in this collection disappointed me. There are 46 in total, meaning I paid just under 20p per item. What a bargain!

Profusion Cosmetics, which I note has a number of new themed collections, should be on your radar if you are looking for inexpensive makeup products. The pigmentation is fine, the packaging is good and the price is, well, blooming fantastic. Importantly, the shades are versatile and can be used for any occasion and, despite the overall theme, at any time of the year.

Having had a great experience, I will never overlook a product from this brand again. And, most definitely, I will be doubly sure not to take a blind bit of notice of what influencers say about individual makeup companies in the future - be it good or bad.

One other thing I must say about Profusion is that it properly and clearly lists all ingredients on product pages on its website. That’s good to see.

Eye and face makeup in a palette by Profusion Cosmetics

About Profusion Cosmetics

This cruelty free brand hails from the United States. It was founded in Los Angeles more than two decades ago and expanded to meet demand from international markets in 2016.

If you are buying products in the UK, visit the brand’s website.

Alternatively, you can shop the range on Amazon.

I review makeup products all the time. You can read more reviews here.

About me: I'm a former journalist and newspaper editior. My number one passion in life is... makeup and skincare.

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