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LaRoc Pro - The Artistry Book Chapter 2 review

Updated: Jan 22

Wow! If the LaRoc Pro - The Artistry Book Chapter 2 palette looks big online, wait till you get your hands on one! It will literally blow your mind - not to mention dwarf practically everything else in your makeup collection.

LaRoc Pro - The Artistry Book Chapter 2 palette

I didn't have to force myself to try another palette from this brand after being seriously impressed by my previous purchase of its 'Lost In Paradise by Saskia' offering.

LaRoc's The Bakery Box, also from its Pro range, was my first choice - until I clapped my eyes on this mega palette.

Once again, I was in for an amazing surprise. In fact, I'm raving about this purchase.

Attracted by the range of pigments, the design of the palette and, of course, its size, it ticked every box for a serious eyeshadow addict.

First Impressions

This palette is huge, size-wise. I didn't have to open the packaging to confirm it, either. It was obvious.

Unlike the Lost In Paradise packaging, this palette arrived in a transparent sleeve with an inner cellophane wrap - so I could see straight away what I was getting.

It's got some weight to it, which I like, and is the sort of eyeshadow purchase I can't resist having on display.

This is a book-style palette, with a clear cover. It contains a truly comprehensive collection of pigments in no less than eight themes, which can be mixed and matched.

About the Palette

  • Measurements: 22cm x 29.6cm x 1.4cm

  • Eyeshadows: 48

  • Mattes: 31

  • Pressed glitters: 10

  • Foils: 7

  • Price: RRP £34.99. Currently available at between £11.99 and £19.99

The pan sizes are extra-large, so it offers real value for money. No itsy-bitsy pans here!

It is worth mentioning that the eyeshadows are cruelty-free, ticking yet another box.

Pink and purple eyeshadow shades

The Pigments

  • Consistency: Velvety smooth

  • Pigmentation: High

  • Buildable: Yes

With an easy-to-work-with formula, these eyeshadows blend effortlessly. And the foils make the palette suitable for the party season and special occasions.

It has that 'something special' feel to it that goes beyond its size. The design is clean and neat, making it stand out from bog standard 12 or 18-pan alternatives in printed cardboard packaging.

Eyeshadow pigments in the huge Artistry Boos 2 by LaRoc Pro

I recommend it if you are looking for a gift for a makeup lover. Trust me, they won't be disappointed.

The biggest criticism levied at The Artistry Book Chapter 2 is that it is just too big. I don't agree. Having said that, I am a fan of large palettes. Apart from generally offering a wider choice of shades, they make me feel I've got my money's worth. However, I would have liked to have seen an extra one or two pale nude shades.

So, no, it's not suitable for travel. It's a big palette to bring out the make-up artist in you!

As its name suggests, the palette follows on from LaRoc Pro's original The Artistry Book.

This second offering has shades that can be used throughout the year, with seasonal favourites including nudes. It will comfortably see you through an entire year of different makeup styles.

The foils are stunning with a high-shine effect - perfect for that finishing touch to a look.

Again, LaRoc Pro has not ignored the need for plenty of mattes. There are over 30 in this palette, vastly extending its versatility and making it attractive to everyone - not just creatives.

eyeshadow shades in large palette

Recommend LaRoc Pro - The Artistry Book Chapter 2?

Yes! It's big, it's bold and it's a must-have palette for any eyeshadow lover as well as collectors.

It offers huge choices, with quality not being compromised by quantity.

This is a gown-up's palette. If you are tired of collabs that feature cartoon characters and the same old palette formats, it makes a refreshing change.

I bought the palette in a Black Friday sale for £11.99 and, even at full price, it's a bargain.

LaRoc Pro The Artistry Book Chapter 2


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