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Ultra Cool Neon Makeup Looks For 2022

Updated: Feb 1

It's bright, it's bold and, let's face it, it's not for everyone. But, thanks to top fashion designers, neon makeup is where it is at this summer.

You may find the prospect of wearing anything quite so 'out there' a fashion statement too far. Versace is to thank - or blame - for this year's top catwalk look. Neon eyeshadow was featured in the fashion house's summer 2022 collection when it was unveiled in Milan. Others have been quick to follow suit.

It's now destined to be 'the look' for festivals and clubbing for the rest of the year.

While most fashion houses have focused on shimmering, bright colours, if you really want to be where it is at - florescent makeup is a 'must' this summer. You'll be bright by day and positively glowing at night!

This type of makeup is great for creators and those who like to try something different. Perhaps, though, for most of us, it's just that little bit too way out.

We've put together some ideas to inspire you to give it a try.

"I think it's the responsibility of a designer to try to break rules and barriers." - Gianni Versace

neon makeup ideas

Neon Lipstick

If you want to make a fashion statement but don't want to go the whole hog, neon lipstick is a simple but effective choice. Easy to apply and long-lasting, it can make you stand out without putting you through the hassle of doing a full face.

Moon Glow is the brand making waves in UV lipstick. A pack of five - pink, orange, yellow, green and blue - will set you back around £9.99. A single lipstick retails for between £3 and £4.99.

neon lipstick

Luminous Eyeshadow

Let your imagination run wild. Use luminous eyeshadow pigments to create looks on both your eyes and face. Bold designs on the eyelids can be followed by simple speckles or shapes on the face.

Dots and lines can be really effective. Trending looks include The Day of the Dead, so this style, if you can master it, will last all through summer and autumn.

You can give pigments on the face texture by sponging them on. Use a brush to create more intricate designs - and don't be afraid to use templates designed for traditional face painting. You can pick up a set of templates for under £10.

A good palette of luminous eyeshadow will cost from £11.99. For that price, you will typically get 24 vibrant colours.

Tip: when buying neon eyeshadow make sure the product description uses the phrase UV.

neon eyeshadow

Ultra Vibrant Neon Makeup Look

For extra drama, why not take that neon makeup down over your shoulders? Just a dusting is all you will need to make a statement.

The images on this page mostly depict styles that will take a bit of practise to achieve Why not arrange a girls' night in and give it a go? Great fun - and you will definitely end up with a glow!

neon makeup looks



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