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Temu skincare - the facts

Updated: Mar 17

Temu skincare products purchased by Regime Skin Care reviewer

Are Temu skincare products safe? Are they effective? Is it worth the week-long wait to try a product?

These are questions beauty lovers are asking themselves as the Chinese retail platform notches up thousands of new UK customers every day. So popular is the marketplace that rivals with a foothold in the UK are struggling to catch up. The soaraway success of Temu has left many on the back foot, with the newbie now so popular it is setting trends.

As a skincare addict with a heavy leaning towards anti-ageing products, I was bound to give these inexpensive products a go.

So far, I’ve tried in excess of 10 top-selling Temu skincare products. From budget staples to those with new-to-me ingredients, I’ve been layering serums, hydrating my skin till the cows come home and treating my face to luxurious overnight therapies.

And my experiences so far have led me to the following conclusions…

Is Temu skincare safe?

I haven’t suffered skin irritation, breakouts or any other nasty side effects. However, everyone’s skin is different. That is why I always carry out a patch test at least 24 hours before I apply a new product to my face.

By testing a Temu skincare product beforehand, I can apply it with a degree of confidence that it is not going to do me any harm.

Of course, I never test a product on my face. I usually apply it to the inner forearm.

I recommend everyone does the same - especially when ingredient lists are written in a foreign language or are non-existent, making it hard to identify properties that you know don’t agree with your skin.

Another reason why patch testing is so important for Temu skincare is that we cannot be 100% sure of manufacturing conditions when we are buying from previously unknown brands. That is a very important consideration - and why I take care not to get a product in my eyes or mouth.

Dragon's Blood brightening and firming gace cream from Temu

Are Temu skincare products effective?

The answer to this question can be subjective. It depends on your expectations as much as the quality of the product.

If you are expecting a single cream or serum to completely rid your face of wrinkles in 30 seconds, you are going to be disappointed.

When it comes to anti-ageing skincare, you need a truly effective product and a commitment to use it regularly and as directed. Of course, you also need to prepare your skin to ensure when a product is applied the conditions are exactly right for it to do its stuff.

Some of the skincare products I’ve purchased on Temu have wildly exceeded my expectations. I will list them below. I’ve been suitably impressed to re-order - in some cases on multiple occasions. Others have not been so good. Not terrible, just not effective.

What I love about Temu skincare products is that they are cheap enough to try on just a whim. If they don’t work, the outlay is no big deal. If they do work, then you are in real bargain territory.

If you look at current high street prices for good moisturising creams, for example, you will recognise the benefit of giving Temu a try. I took the plunge after realising my skincare budget wasn’t going that far with big name brands that are popular in the UK. For the price of a single, ‘traditional’ 50ml night cream, I can literally haul on Temu.

Bestselling Temu skincare products

Is it worth the wait for Temu skincare?

On average, my orders take around seven days to arrive from China. That’s not bad, considering older Chinese-based e-tailers can take 10 days or more. I know I can buy products online in the UK and receive them the next day. However, my bank balance takes a hit for my impatience every time. I can get more for less from Temu - and enjoy the thrill of trying lots of new things. There’s magic in that.

From the initial receipt of the package to the unboxing, it is a great buying experience.

All the skincare products I’ve purchased have arrived in sealed boxes. Some of them boast quite stunning packaging. That is another lure, as far as I’m concerned.

Temu skincare products that I will buy again

Our recommended Temu skincare products

I’m fussy when it comes to skincare. Not only does a product have to be safe, it has to ‘work’, The type of products I’m looking for firm and lift the skin while evening out the skin tone. I favour innovative ingredients, along with powerful peptides and hydrating properties. I’m not into highly fragranced products - and that’s why I’m not too keen on the plain retinol and vitamin c serums I’ve purchased on Temu. They were fragranced - with perfume!

Onto the good stuff…

Recommended Temu skincare products

TVLV Collagen Facial Cream - This product is said to include viable yeast collagen to lift and firm the skin as well as iron out fine lines. When I first opened a jar, I was a little alarmed by the consistency. It has a stretchy, elastic feel which made me wonder if it contained snail mucin. I wasn’t sure it was the type of product I would be comfortable using on my face.

However, the results after just one application quickly changed my mind. I used this product at night over my regular serum. I woke up to really rested, clear and visibly firmer skin. Not only is the cream effective, it lasts quite a while. I’ve just re-ordered a second jar and there’s plenty left in the first after a full month’s use.

Sadoer Tri-Colour Barrier Cream with SPF 50 - This is a colour-correcting primer with powerful moisturising properties. It leaves the skin looking more even toned and positively glowing. It is so good that I even use it on non make-up days. It gives me a really healthy, radiant look. I love it.

The product is sold in a pump action bottle. I’ve bought similar products previously - at four times the price - and they haven’t lasted very long. This primer lasts around four weeks with daily use. Bottle number three is being delivered today.

One thing I will say about this product is that the three colours are highly pigmented, which may put some people off from trying it. I love it.

Sakura Essence Cream - Made with natural ingredients, this Japanese-inspired product is one of the most hydrating moisturisers I’ve ever used. It is a well-known and trusted brand, widely available online from UK retailers. On Temu, you will get it for a fraction of the UK price.

This moisturiser is sold in a very small pot. There is a reason for that - the consistency is a cross between a cream and a lotion. A little goes a very, very long way. I’m still on my first jar with two others waiting to be opened.

The cream is very light, absorbs perfectly and deeply hydrates the skin. It can be used morning or night

All the products listed above cost less than £3 each!

Other products I like…

Every cleansing balm I’ve purchased on Temu has out-performed best-selling UK alternatives. They thoroughly remove make-up and impurities while leaving the skin hydrated and soft. The consistency may be slightly different to what you would expect, but the products are very effective.

There is also nothing wrong with the retinol eye rollers on Temu.

Products I am about to try…

  • Disposable Pro-Xylane Bifida Yeast Essence

  • Reverie Secret Moisturising Face Cream

  • Peptide Caviar Rejuvenating Eye Cream

If I find another ‘winner’ in those, I will be sure to let you know!

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* Regime Skin Care and Belinda Bennett have no connection to Temu.

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