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Temu makeup - the results are in

Updated: Jan 30

Temu makeup review
Temu makeup - we review it so you don't have to!

Tempted to buy Temu makeup? Not sure if it's safe or any good? We have test purchased a range of beauty products from the Chinese-owned website - and this is how we got on.

First up, Temu is an online platform. It sells just about everything - from eyeshadow palettes and kitchen gadgets to anti-wrinkle creams and socks, not to mention everything in between. Its prices are typically at least 50% cheaper than online sites in the UK. Delivery is free and faster than Shein, usually taking a week or less.

If you've seen images of people holding up big, orange packages, a quick note: most of Temu's packaging is now just plain grey.

Right, here we go!

Temu makeup haul

To ensure we sampled a wide range of products, we purchased the following:

  • Beauty Glazed anti-ageing foundation

  • La meila eyeshadow palettes, considered dupes for high-end US brand Natasha Denonoa

  • Muge Leen eye and face palette

  • AnyLady Giraffe nude eyeshadow palette

  • Yanquina Charm leopard 4D mascara and eyeliner set

  • TUZ Beauty Pearl honey setting powder

  • Zoo-son Caviar Repair eye cream

Before using any of the products listed above, we carried out patch tests and waited 24 hours before applying to the face. None of the products caused a reaction. We recommend patch testing before using any new beauty product. This is especially important when it comes to products sold without full ingredient lists or ingredients that are not listed in English.

Below, you will find reviews of all the products we purchased.

Beauty Glazed foundation - £1.79 (currently selling for under £1)*

Beauty Glazed foundation, part of the Temu makeup range
For size, we have photographed the Beauty Glazed foundation, purchased from the Temu makeup range, next to a faux succulent. As you can see, it is very small.

This product is described as an 'anti-ageing, full coverage, high definition liquid foundation'. It is available in six shades, which is limited, but we were able to find one that was a good match for our tester.

Beauty Glazed is a recognised global makeup brand, with its products being readily available on platforms such as Amazon and eBay.

However, what we received from Temu was a sample size. A very small bottle.

The foundation applied well and delivered medium coverage. It is buildable to full coverage, but with not much product in the bottle... With setting products, it stayed in place for around six hours.

Verdict: this product is a good purchase for travel, because of its size. At £1.79, however, it didn't deliver the value we were expecting from Temu.

La meila eyeshadow palettes - £1.49*

La meila eight shade eyeshadow palette
One of our faves - La meila eyeshadow palettes.

If you type 'Natasha Denona eyeshadow palette' into Temu's search bar, this is one of the first products you will see.

Priced between £1.49 and £1.99, these eight-shade palettes are among the best we purchased - and we will be buying more, if they don't sell out.

We purchased the product in two shades themes - Orange Sky and Blackberries and Laurel.

The slim finger palettes came with a double-ended applicator tool and a mirror.

We found the colour stories to be very good, with enough mix and match shades to create plenty of different looks.

Transition shades applied evenly and easily, with the darker and shimmer shades performing just as well. Blending was effortless.

This eyeshadow is long-lasting. It stayed in place all day.

One of the few criticisms levied at this range of palettes is that the shades contain too much glitter. We did find that even the transition shade had a hint of glitter, but it was still matte. So, if you love a hint of sparkle, this is a fab palette collection.

We loved this product. It delivers on quality, packaging and price. Perfect as a stocking filler, treat or for serious makeup lovers.

Muge Leen eye and face palette - currently £2.99*

Muge Leen fae and eye palette purchased from Temu
The outer packaging of Muge Leen's eye and face palette.

We paid slightly more for this palette, but it was worth it! Although the mirror was broken in transit, the makeup was protected by a secure plastic seal. We simply taped over the mirror.

Beautifully presented, this palette combines a collection of very fine powder eyeshadows with matte and high-shimmer products for the face. A bronzer, two-tone blushes and highlighters were all included.

This was a great buy. The palette is perfect for a range of looks - from plain nude to the 'in' smokey eye. The face shimmers also make this palette a good pick for the festive season.

Inside the Muge Leen eye and face palette, sold on Temu
Inside the Muge Leen eye and face palette, sold on Temu.

If you are looking for an all-rounder, this palette from Temu is a good bet. It delivers on quality, presentation and price. We didn't buy it for the mirror, so it was no loss to us that it arrived broken. However, it may be a consideration for you.

Muge Leen's palette is fully recyclable.

AnyLady Giraffe earth toned 12 shade eyeshadow palette - currently £3.99*

AnyLady Giraffe eyeshadow palette
Giftworthy - the AnyLady Giraffe eyeshadow palette.

We paid slightly less for this palette. It came recommended to us by a previous purchaser. The packaging is good and arrived with a double-ended applicator. As a nude palette, this product delivers a good range of shades. Its performance was average to good. Because of its presentation, this palette is giftworthy. Yanquina Charm leopard 4D mascara and eyeliner set - £2.47*

Yanquina Charm leopard 4D mascara and eyeliner set
Good performer - Yanquina Charm leopard 4D mascara and eyeliner set.

We purchased this product twice - the first time to try and the second time as a gift. Because, as a rule, there isn't much difference between mascara formulas, we found this was a really good buy. Both products performed well and were full-size. The packaging is fantastic. Great for every-day use or as a gift. With big brand mascara's now selling for £10-plus in the UK, Temu is a destination website for makeup lovers trying to save on essentials. This mascara and eyeliner duo is a prime example of why it is so popular. TUZ Beauty Pearl honey setting powder - £2.24*

TUZ Beauty Pearl honey setting powder
We rate it! TUZ Beauty Pearl honey setting powder.

This product was a real surprise. Firstly, the packaging is great. The powder arrived in a sealed box. Inside, we found a beautiful cut design jar with a double plastic lid. Open the lid of the pot and you will find a cute powder puff, complete with satin handle. Lift up that section and you will get to the setting powder. The very finely milled product is under a protective gauze, which you don't have to remove. We simply swirled a brush across the top and it picked up enough product to perfectly set makeup in place. We really like this Temu makeup product and rate it 5 out of 5 for both presentation and performance. Of course, it also delivers on price. If you were looking to purchase a similar product in the UK, you would pay at least £6 - and the powder probably wouldn't be as good. What you get with TUZ Beauty Pearl honey setting powder is a product that you are not going to waste. The carefully designed pot ensures that. A fabulous buy.

Zoo-son Caviar Repair moisturising eye cream - £2.69*

Zoo-son Caviar Repair moisturising eye cream
Pretty packaging and hydrating - Zoo-son Caviar Repair moisturising eye cream.

Hands up, we purchased this product for the exquisite packaging. The pot screams 'high end' - even if it cost less than a cup of coffee. The glass and gold design is stylish enough for any dressing table. It is small. You don't get much product in the pot. We think we know why... This cream does intensely moisturise the eye area. We applied it at night, and the skin was still hydrated 12 hours later. It is super rich but also light and is quickly absorbed. You don't need much product so, although the pot is small, it should last a while. Our tester has incorporated this product into her morning and evening routine.

Temu makeup - our verdict

There was nothing wrong with any of the Temu makeup forumulas we purchased. It was all useable and, in most cases, great quality. Like any online marketplace, you are going to find products you like and products that you wouldn't buy again. For us, the standout purchases were the mascara, setting powder and La meila eyeshadow palettes. We have also purchased colour correcting concealer, contour palettes and makeup brushes - all with reasonable results. Many top brands look to China for manufacturing, so it is a market well placed to understand UK expectations on quality and trends. Add to that, China-based brands breaking into the premium makeup market. Look at Catkin and especially Florasis! Temu's popularity is such that it is becoming a trendsetter in its own right. Just watch those popular products seeping onto Amazon. We've spotted them! Want to try Temu makeup yourself? Browse the range here. * All prices are subject to change, based on supply and demand. We have no connection to Temu and our reviews are based on our experience.

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