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This Temu makeup primer has gone viral

Temu makeup primer

Flawless, properly applied makeup not only looks good, it lasts all day. Achieving the perfect base for concealer and foundation should be your priority after cleansing and toning. If you are looking for a moisturising product that can be used with either liquid or powder foundation, this viral Temu makeup primer is trending for all the right reasons.

Light and deeply hydrating, it is a bargain too. It will set you back less than half the price of a budget primer that may not perform as well.

Used correctly, it will stop layers of products from separating and ensure that you put your best face forward - all day, every day.

For cosmetics that stay put, we recommend the best-selling Temu makeup primer Reverie Secret.

Sold in an attractive 50g tub, it is a ‘pre-repair’ cream that instantly smoothes the skin.

It delivers a layer of silkiness - with just the right amount of tackiness for makeup products to properly adhere to the face. 

This primer, which is very lightly fragranced, currently retails for under £3. It has the consistency of a gel cream and a little goes a long way.

Reverie Secret, a makeup primer sold on Temu

Why you need a good makeup primer

Applying cosmetics directly to the face with no prior preparation is problematic. Natural oils in the skin, dry patches and sweat can impact how long a look will last and whether or not foundation will separate.

Areas where you have large pores can look unsightly, if you fail to put down a good base.

Reverie Secret evens out the surface of the skin and allows coverage products to stay in place for longer. It also helps to conceal pores and improve the skin tone.

Top tips when using a Temu makeup primer

Always apply sunscreen before a primer. This is especially important if you intend to use a foundation with no SPF.

To further prevent product separation, stick to using either liquid or powder products. Don’t mix them on the face. For example, if you use a liquid foundation, also use a liquid or cream blusher and toner.

Finish a look with a light dusting of setting powder and at least one burst of setting spray.

If you want to avoid a powdery finish, apply setting spray at least twice - allowing each application to fully dry before applying another. 

Viral Temu makeup primer Reverie Secret

Before using this product

Always carry out a patch test before using a new product on your face. Regime Skin Care recommends you wait at least 24 hours before deciding if a product is suitable for your skin.

If you suffer any reaction, discontinue use and discard. 

Once opened, this product has a shelf life of 12 months. 

For more information about Temu skincare products, including product safety, visit our special feature here.



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