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Regime Beauty Club launch

Updated: Jan 11

Regime Skin Care, which publishes the UK's free skincare and makeup magazine, REGIME, has launched an online beauty club.

Free to join, the club is an exclusive space for anyone interested in cosmetics. It is where you can discuss products, ask and answer questions and make friends.

Three women and Regime Beauty Club logo

The club currently has four discussion categories:

  • General Makeup

  • General Skincare

  • Beauty Questions and Answers

  • Eyeshadow Addicts

As well as being able to publish posts and comments, members can follow one another, earn badges and get the heads up on what's hot and what's not.

Regime Beauty Club will officially launch in January 2023 but is operational now.

With easy sign-up and login, the club is open to everyone. It also has built-in security measures to keep everyone safe.

Why A Beauty Club?

Belinda Bennett, the founder of Regime Skin Care, a non-profit making hub for beauty publications and content, says she hopes the club will encourage people to talk about products and to share their experiences.

"The ability to ask questions in a supportive environment is quite a valuable tool - especially if you are a fan of makeup or are fastidious about skincare," she said.

"I wanted to create a space where everyone is welcome. The aim is to give community members power as consumers to share their views on products, offer tips and make new friends.

"It is also about supporting each other and empowering people to feel not just beautiful but confident too."

One of the drivers for the club was Belinda's fascination with eyeshadow. She collects palettes but doesn't know anyone else with the same interest in the UK.

She said: "People look at me like I'm mad when I tell them what my great passion is - eyeshadows. But I know I can't be the only eyeshadow palette collector in the UK. It's a 'thing' in the US and I want to bring like-minded people together in a space that is already dedicated to beauty. I don't think general forum platforms are the best place for makeup and skincare conversations.

"What I like about the digital space we have created is that members can share images as well as text."

How It Works

Regime Beauty Club forum shown on a mobile phone

One you sign up to become a member, you can post product reviews, share tips and ask questions. You can also share images of your recent beauty purchases or the looks you have created.

You can also follow other members and grow your connections with people interested in beauty.

This is an inclusive club, and every member will be made to feel welcome.

Regime Beauty Club is suitable for people with all levels of makeup and skincare knowledge - from beginners to advanced.

Regime Beauty Club advert

Sign Up

It's easy to join Regime Beauty Club - you will be a member in just a few seconds.

Click the button below to join today.

Regime Beauty Club logo


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