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How cica skincare products calm irritation

Updated: Jan 11

Cica skincare products, including a toner, can help to calm irritated, dry skin.

If you haven't tried a product containing this soothing ingredient, it could be that you have never heard of its benefits.

cica skincare

They are worth exploring because redness, especially on the face, can be embarrassing and make using cosmetic products difficult.

Many people who suffer from skin irritation end up applying more make-up to camouflage the issue, often making the problem worse.

It is better to tackle any redness with a suitable skincare regimen than simply over-load the face with concealer and foundation. A build-up of these products, if not properly removed, will block pores and cause even more skin concerns.

About cica skincare

Cica is an ingredient derived from an Asian herb called Centella Asiatica.

A type of pennywort, it has been historically revered for its healing properties and is also known as Gotu kola.

Centella Asiatica leaves

What makes this tropical plant so useful in skincare products are its powerful saponins, including Asiatic and madasiatic acids.

Manufacturers lean towards Cica extract as a calming ingredient because it is made up of vitamin B and vitamin C, as well as fatty acids, flavonoids and amino acids.

It reduces inflammation and has antibacterial properties. Cica is also considered to have anti-ageing benefits.

Where does cica grow?

Used in cooking as well as skincare products, Cica only grows in tropical climates.

It is widely produced in Asia and Africa but is also grown in Australia and small island countries in the Western Pacific.

Considered a creeping plant, it requires high air temperatures but bog-like ground conditions.

When in bloom, it produces tiny flowers that are either white or pink.

In Burma, Centella Asiatica is traditionally used in salads. In Sri Lanka, it is a popular accompaniment to rice dishes.

Cica face toner

If you have ever tried a cica face toner, you will have noticed two distinct things about the product:

  1. Its green colour

  2. The smell

A scent of freshly mown grass can be a bit off-putting but, if you regularly use a toner containing cica, you will get used to it.

Products containing cica are often marketed to those with sensitive skin. As well as being sold as a topical tonic, it is also found in balms and serums.

It's not just beneficial for the face. Creams containing cica are considered a good treatment for dry skin on the body and feet. You will find it in heel balms, for instance.

What is especially appealing is that these products often have a relatively low price tag.

Brands currently using cica as an active ingredient include Revolution, La Roche, L'Oreal Paris, Neutrogena and Aveeno.

A key feature of Korean skincare, Centella Asiatica is revered for its hydration properties and is often found in moisturising sheet masks.

How Centella Asiatica hydrates skin

Compounds found in cica typically increase blood circulation.

woman using aa serum containing Centella Asiatica to hydrate the skin

By upping circulation to the skin, Centella Asiatica increases moisture levels. It does this by allowing the outer layers to retain more water - essential for cell regeneration.

The benefits of moisture retention include less inflammation and a reduction in irritated skin.

Many women use a cica toner and serum before applying a night cream. A good moisturiser will lock in the benefits found in products containing Centella Asiatica extract for optimum results.

Cica skincare marketing

While the word 'cica' is an accepted mainstay of skincare marketing, Centella Asiatica extract is also commonly referred to as Tiger Grass.

This isn't surprising when you consider the scent - it does have a distinct 'grassy' smell.

So, if you are hunting for products that contain this ingredient, look out for Tiger Grass as well as cica.

How cica skincare performs

We asked a reader of our magazine, REGIME, to try a cica toner for a month. The reader, who is 43 and from Norfolk, suffers from redness around her nose. She incorporated the product into her existing skincare routine.

We sent her a 200ml bottle of Cica Tonic by Revolution Skincare London.

These are her responses to our follow-up questions...

What was your first impression of the product?

"When I first opened the bottle, I was immediately struck by the fragrance. It was quite strong and reminded me of wet grass. It was quite off-putting. The tonic also has a slight green tinge."

When did you mostly use the toner?

"I used it every night straight after cleansing. I occasionally used it in the mornings too."

How did you apply it?

"I soaked a cotton wool ball and applied liberally all over my face."

What did the tonic feel like when applied to the skin?

"I didn't experience any tingling or stinging sensations. It just felt very cooling and soothing."

Did your skin feel calmer after use?

"Yes, it did. It was noticeable after about a week."

Has the tonic improved your skin tone?

"The redness has almost gone."

Will you continue to use the product?


What would you say to anyone considering trying this or a similar toner product?

"Don't be put off by the smell. Cica has worked for me when I didn't think it would."

The reader, who has no identified medical conditions, developed skin redness after using an electronic facial cleansing device. She believes she irritated her skin by applying too much pressure and using the hand-held product for longer than the recommended timescale. She has now stopped using the device and, with the help of cica products, has greatly improved the appearance of her skin.

About cica tonic

Revolution Skincare London sells its Cica Tonic individually or as part of its Totally Tonics collection.

Revolution Skincare Totally Toniics

Cica skincare for calming irritated skin

It is always worth reviewing your skincare routine if you develop areas of dryness or redness.

Not everyone is suited to all products, and it sometimes takes a bit of trial and error to get a regimen just right.

While cica is known for its calming properties, you should always seek medical advice if a skin concern does not clear up.

We recommend you carry out a patch test before using a new product. Wait for 48 hours and ensure there has been no reaction before applying to the face.

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Nov 06, 2022

Yeah!!! I also love cica. I already tried Laneige Cica sleeping mask. And it was awesome! I just bought Innisfree Cica Ampoule. Will try it soon.

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