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5 Hot Makeup Looks Trending Right Now

Updated: Jan 11

If you are never sure what makeup looks are in fashion and don't want to lag behind trends, you can trust us to keep you in the loop.

hot makeup looks

There is nothing worse than feeling behind the times - especially when it comes to seasonal styles and shades.

Our radar is always on high alert for what's new or back in fashion.

A bit like clothing items, some cosmetics can fall out of favour with trendsetters and take years to get back to where they left off. Two of the hot looks trending now were last truly in vogue 40 years ago!

Whether you want to give your current look a refresh or try something entirely new, keep scrolling and check out the hot makeup looks you really should know about.

1 Glitter Lip Gloss

Yes, it does exist! This is the type of makeup product you may see a model wearing in a magazine and fool yourself into thinking the look has been digitally created. It hasn't.

Fab for nights out, you can buy glitter lip gloss in individual shades or value packs.

The Devil's Dream Diamond Sparkle set is getting the thumbs up from consumers this season. Sold as a 12-pack, it includes some futuristic shades as well as drop-dead gorgeous pinks and reds. It retails at around £15, making it a fab gift idea or versatile gloss collection.

glitter lip gloss

2 Smokey Eyes

With black eyeliner truly back in vogue, it is no surprise that smokey eye makeup has made a comeback too.

Creating this oh-so-sultry look has never been easier - thanks to online tutorials and sets that include everything you need to create this iconic look.

Makeup Revolution has made it super effortless with this kit. It includes a versatile eyeshadow palette, eyeliner and mascara - all for around £10.

smokey eyes makeup set

3 Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is back on-trend, full stop. Three-shade eye makeup looks are easy to create and can be tailored to seasonal shade fads.

If your palettes are more than a year old, it's time to replace them. We think The Artistry Book 2 by LaRoc Pro ticks all the right boxes for a bargain buy.

It's versatile and bound to be long-lasting - it's huge.

The great thing is, you can pick up this must-have palette for as little as £11.99 - if you are quick.

LaRoc Pro The Artistry Book 2

4 Makeup Sets

For a fully co-ordinated look, new-style makeup kits will keep your look bang up to date.

We love Revolution Beauty's Pretty In Pink collection. Inside this box, you will find everything you need to create a pink-peachy look that is so hot right now.

The set includes a blush palette, setting powder, waterproof mascara, lip cream, primer, jelly highlighter and a bushy brow pen. What's not to love?

We rate this set because it puts blusher at the centre of its theme - and blusher is ultra-hot this season.

Snap up this kit from £14.99 to £19.99.

Revolution makeup set

5 Nude and Rose Eye Looks

A nude base with a dab of shimmer in the centre of the lid is where eye makeup is currently at.

This look is super easy to achieve. If you are not a fan of the smokey eye, this is a great alternative.

Check out Lamora's brand-new Purple Heart palette for some instant inspiration.

It retails at under £10, making it affordable as well as on-trend.

Lamora eyeshadow palette

Makeup Looks You Can't Ignore

Whatever your individual style, it's always worth injecting a bit of what's trending into your look.

Sometimes, a simple shade swap will do the trick. The addition of an entirely new product can make a huge difference.

Tip: Nude shades, especially warm browns and bronze shimmers, are going to be really big this winter.

Want to be where fashion is at?

Go on, give our hot makeup looks a try!

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