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Ditch the diet, indulge your eyes: I Heart Revolution Chocolate eyeshadow palette fest

Updated: Mar 17

A selection of Chocolate eyeshadow palettes by I Heart Revolution

Let's hear it for the I Heart Revolution Chocolate eyeshadow palette range – a delectable array of palettes and shades that are as tempting to the eyes as a bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk is to the mouth! With countless variations under its belt, this budget-friendly brand has won the hearts (and eyelids) of makeup enthusiasts worldwide. As a collector, I’ve got my favourites - so let’s dive into this delicious world of cocoa-inspired cosmetics.

First things first, the packaging… I Heart Revolution takes the chocolate theme to the nth degree. Each palette boasts a chunky, solid exterior resembling a delectable treat, complete with embossed bite-sized choc chunk patterns. From the rich, serious chocolate bar palettes to the playful mini chocolates, each one is tantamount to unwrapping a sweet surprise - with a scent to match.

The real magic, of course, lies within. Each palette bursts with a carefully curated selection of shades, inspired by all things chocolatey. Warm browns, creamy caramels, rich berries, and even the occasional pop of pistachio green – there's a shade (or eighteen) to satisfy every craving. Whether you're drawn to the smokey sophistication of the Salted Caramel palette or the sunshine-kissed hues of the Peach Praline, there's a perfect chocolate pairing for your desired look.

I Heart Revolution doesn't just stop at pretty shades. Their Chocolate palettes offer a variety of finishes to tantalise your textural desires. Velvety mattes blend seamlessly for smouldering eyes, while shimmering pearls and metallics add a touch of twinkle. Some palettes even throw in daring pressed glitters for an extra dose of glam.

A peep inside the Chocolate Macaroons palette
A peep inside the Chocolate Macaroons palette

The affordable Chocolate eyeshadow palette range

The best part about this range? I Heart Revolution's Chocolate palettes are incredibly affordable. Most fall under the £10 mark, making them a chocoholic's dream come true. You can experiment with different shades and finishes without breaking the bank, building a delectable eyeshadow collection that rivals Willy Wonka's himself. (No reference to Makeup Revolution’s new Wonka collection.)

Of course, the Chocolate adventure doesn't stop at eyeshadow. I Heart Revolution expanded its cocoa-infused empire to include lipsticks, highlighters and even bronzers, all packaged in the same irresistible style. You can create a full face chocolate look that's sure to turn heads (and maybe provoke a few batted eyelids!).

But swatches speak louder than words, and I Heart Revolution Chocolate eyeshadow range delivers on some, but not all, fronts. The shadows are generally well-pigmented, blend beautifully and last throughout the day (with a good primer and makeup setting spray, of course). While makeup influencers have mixed thoughts on this range, it delivers on aesthetics, pigmentation (if you are prepared to build some of the shades) and price. And, don’t forget, all the 18-pan palettes include a wide-view, edge to edge mirror. 

The casing of I Heart Revolution's Chocolate Turkish Delight palette
Stunning: the casing of I Heart Revolution's Chocolate Turkish Delight palette

Where my Chocolate eyeshadow palette obsession began

Well, it all started with a sale - one of the best ways a brand can ‘hook’ a makeup addict like me! It was the tinned vault that first caught my eye; half price, if I remember correctly. The burgundy and pink branding, the volume of palettes inside and, of course, the ridiculously low price were just too good to ignore.

If only I’d known then… That single purchase, directly from Makeup Revolution’s website, spawned an unbridled passion for eyeshadows that, in turn, led me to start collecting palettes. Those first purchases were all from I Heart Revolution’s Chocolate stable of products. They included the Chocolate Cherry bauble gift set. It was huge.

That was around four years ago and my collection now spans a vast array of formulas and brands - everything from Jeffree Star trunk exclusives to P.Louise chests. My Chocolate eyeshadow palettes, cheap and cheerful in comparison, are sometimes forgotten in my haste to keep up with the latest new releases and trends. But I still value them - and, even now, they continue to surprise and inspire me. They may seem gimmicky compared to my current, more serious acquisitions, but there is something to be said about makeup products that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

So, which ones do I reach for most often?

Toffee Hazelnut eyeshadow palette by I Heart Revolution
Not this one! The Toffee Hazelnut palette in the Chocolate collection

My favourite Chocolate eyeshadow palettes

It’s easy to get sucked into the mindset that Chocolate-themed eyeshadows all boast neutral shades. With this range, that is simply not the case. It extends to fillings and toppings - so the possibilities are endless. There’s muted, toasty elegance along with pops of mind-blowing, vibrant colour. The variety is quite staggering.

My standout ‘best of the best’ Chocolate eyeshadow palette has to be… Sprinkles! I struggled to get this one, because it had sold out almost everywhere. While the theme may not initially appeal to everyone, it is so versatile, it is definitely worth having. 

Sprinkles eyeshadow palette by I Heart Revolution
Sprinkles - my favourite palette in I Heart Revolution's Chocolate range

Inside the Sprinkles eyeshadow palette

The colour story: Think of cake sprinkles and you will get it. Every shade replicates a colour found in the classic cake topping. Imagine slithers of bright yellow, dark and light blues, greens, various pinks and, of course, red. Ranging from pastel to stark, almost primary colours, this palette has had a lot of use! 

Eyeshadow formula: The few mattes in this 18-pan palette are your standard sheer powder with medium to high pigmentation. The remaining shimmers are softer and deliver medium pigmentation with build up. Less effort is required for the deeper shades. 

My favourite shades: Chocolate Lime (a light moss green), Jelly Bean (a vibrant sky blue), Sugar Violets (a light purple) and Shrimps (a dainty pink shimmer).

When I use this palette: This palette is mostly used in the day. I often pair the Chocolate Lime with a gold foil and light beige transition shade. I have also used the shades as eyeliner on both the top lid and below the water line on the lower lid. 

Turkish Delight is the next best thing to Sprinkles. Lots of brands have rolled out this theme, but I think Revolution has pulled off the best interpretation, albeit with limited mattes. Let me know your thoughts on this. 

Colour story: The 18-pan shade theme leans heavily on the rose side of romance. It features pops of soft pink candy right the way through to rich berries with pops of yellow, mint and orange in the mix. This palette is mainly made up of shimmers and glitter foils. 

Eyeshadow formula: The mattes are sheer and require some building for a strong look. Meanwhile the shimmers deliver an average pigment pay off. The foils, however, are buttery and provide good coverage if pressed into the skin rather than brushed. I’ve mixed and matched the glitters in this palette with mattes from other palettes on countless occasions. There is a small amount of fall out with all of the shadows, but tapping the brush before application significantly reduces the issue.

My favourite shades: Exquisite (a Champagne gold glitter), Candy (a baby pink matte), Roses (a deeper pink matte) and Rosewater (a delicate light pink shimmer). Two other shades of note are Lemon (a yellow gold foil) and Delight (a deep Turkish pink glitter).

When I use this palette: I mostly use this palette for nights out, although I have used the mattes for every-day wear. 

Lemon Drizzle is next up. It’s great to see this palette still available and still selling well. It is a good choice for anyone looking for a ‘true’ chocolate theme.

Inside the Lemon Drizzle eyeshadow palette
Inside the Lemon Drizzle eyeshadow palette

The colour story: Think of rich caramel and cocoa shades, mixed with pale to deep lemon colours, a hint of orange and a few random pigments thrown into the mix. The palette comprises a generous 10 mattes and eight metallic shimmers.

Eyeshadow formula: Light, smooth powdered mattes, soft medium-weight shimmers. 

My favourite shades: Nothing But Crumbs (a gorgeous light brown shimmer), Afternoon Tea (a stunning milk chocolate matte), Sugar (a light fair skin matte) and Butter (a pale lemon matte). I’ve used the mattes from this palette with eyeshadows from a huge array of other palettes.

When I use this palette: For every-day looks, Lemon Drizzle is spot on. It’s also useful for day-to-night transformations. 

My fourth and final favourite is the Smores Chocolate palette. 

The colour story: Rich, dark and luxurious. It has 18 pressed pigments, with a really good mix of mattes and shimmers. Think of milk and dark chocolates mixed with marshmallows, roasted coffee and sparkling snow. 

Eyeshadow formula: Rich pigmentation on most of the matte shades, medium colour pay off with the shimmers. All are buildable for an intense look. 

My favourite shades: Marshmallow (a true go-to light matte in a cream-beige), Roasted (a deep chocolate brown matte), More Smores (a light to medium brown shimmer) and Sweet Tooth (a sparkling white shimmer). 

When I use this palette: For every-day, going out and special occasions looks.

My Chocolate eyeshadow collection also includes: Nudes, Toffee Hazelnut, Marble Rose Gold, Cherry Mini, Strawberry Cheesecake, Salted Caramel, Fruit and Nut, Crème Brulee, Violette, Orange Mini, Elixir, Cherry, Macaroons, Cotton Candy, Truffle, Rose Fizz, and Galactic. 

Chocolate eyeshadow palettes - swatches
As you can see from these sample swatches from several of the Chocolate eyeshadow palettes - some have poor pigmentation while others are good

Mini Chocolate palettes for the cheeks

One of the things I didn’t initially appreciate in the I Heart Revolution Chocolate range was the face palettes. The minis I’ve got, aside from eyeshadows, include the blush and bronzer duos. While I didn’t immediately use them, I do now! With matte and shimmery finishes, they can be layered - ideal for the glowy looks that are trending right now. 

I don’t know about anyone else, but I like the feel of the Chocolate palettes in my hands. They give me the same kind of satisfaction that I get from holding a large mobile phone. They are substantial, with a bit of weight behind them - something you just can’t get with compressed cardboard palettes. They are so well made. Having said that, plastic is definitely a declining feature in cosmetics because of the gradual and necessary switch to more environmentally friendly packaging. I think this makes the Chocolate range more collectable. 

I Heart Revolution Chocolate makeup collection overview

Whether you're a seasoned makeup artist or a curious newbie, I Heart Revolution's Chocolate eyeshadow palette range offers something for everyone. It may seem a bit old hat, but it is still relevant. With its playful theme, delectable shades and budget-friendly prices, it's a chocoholic's dream come true (and even if you're not a chocolate fan, the budget price and variety are sure to win you over). So, grab your favourite palette, unleash your inner chocolatier and create some eye-looks that are as sweet as they are stunning.

Just remember, with great eyeshadow comes great creativity. Use your Chocolate palettes wisely, blend with a light touch and resist the urge to take a bite (no matter how tempting it may be!). Happy chocolate-y eyeshadow adventures!

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