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Best Temu eyeshadow palette dupes

Temu eyeshadow palette dupes

Temu makeup dupes have turned the cost of living crisis on its head for literally thousands of beauty enthusiasts. The clamour to get on the retailer’s booming platform has seen the price-conscious snap up everything from heart-shaped cream blusher compacts to concealers in teddy bear keyrings. But where consumers are really scoring is with Temu eyeshadow palette dupes.

Unless you happen to be a billionaire, who doesn’t love a good dupe? If you can find a replica of a great eyeshadow colour story in a product that is a smidgen of the price of a top-end brand, why not? After all, colour themes trend by season. More than one manufacturer is going to be turning them out, right? And, unless a cheap product replicates a palette right down to the packaging and branding, the law is quite clear - a dupe is a dupe and not a counterfeit. Phew!

Most of the eyeshadow palettes on this platform display the branding of the actual manufacturer. And, while themes may be similar to luxury brands, palette sizes often differ.

The shades in duped eyeshadow palettes can closely resemble those of expensive products, but the formulas are unlikely to be the same. And they don’t pretend to be. They may not be vegan, for example. In addition, they can sometimes include ingredients such as talc and other properties that some people may be wary of using on the skin. But, when you are on a budget a bit of talc is probably not your biggest worry.

Tingphe Glam eyeshadow palette in rose
Tingphe's Glam eyeshadow palette in rose, shown with packaging

Eyeshadow dupes by Tingphe

Tingphe has literally set the budget makeup world on fire with its interpretation of a Glam palette. After happily using Lameila shadows for months with no issue, I was more than keen to give this brand a try. In fact, I purchased two of its palettes - one in nude and one in rose.

They took around 10 days to arrive and cost £3.84 and £3.68 respectively. Both arrived in branded boxes and were further sealed with a transparent film. Each boasts a large, edge-to-edge mirror in the lid.

Importantly, an ingredient list, which doesn’t include talc, is included along with product expiry and safe use information.

Palette size:

Length: 13cm

Width: 9cm

Depth: 2cm

There are 15 pans in each palette. The nude palette comprises a mixture of five mattes and ten shimmers. The rose palette has nine mattes and six shimmers.

Let’s get onto testing eyeshadow dupes by Tingphe®.

A close-up look at the shades in Tingphe's rose Glam palette, sold on Temu
A close-up look at the shades in Tingphe's rose Glam palette, sold on Temu

The best Temu eyeshadow palette dupes?

These have got to be a contender! Boasting a soft, velvety formula, I found the eyeshadows super easy to apply. The pigmentation was good for a budget brand and the shades blended nicely.

Note: there are no shade names in these palettes.

I used the nude Glam palette this morning. As always, I apply my makeup early in the day. Today, that was at 6am - before I headed off to do three hours of sweeping and mopping. Since then, I’ve been on a bus ride, cleaned the house, eaten lunch and sorted through my recycling. The eyeshadow has been on my lids for eight hours and it hasn’t budged.

A close-up look at the shades in Tingphe's nude Glam palette, sold on Temu
A close-up look at the shades in Tingphe's nude Glam palette, which I used in this review

For the transition shade, I used the second pan on the right in the top row. For the outer corners, I used the pan first from left in the middle row. Finally, I chose the Champagne-coloured pan in the centre of the bottom row for a bit of shimmer in the middle of the lids.

I like the look I was able to create with this palette. It was easy and elegant.

These palettes are ideal if you want to try a soft glam look, which is set to be a beauty trend this year.

I rate the palettes the best I have purchased so far on Temu. As well as delivering on pigmentation, the palettes are nicely designed and affordable. What’s more, the shadows felt comfortable on my skin.

Temu eyeshadow palette
What a dupe! Tingphe's nude Glam palette, shown with packaging

Temu dupe eyeshadow swatches
Some swatches from the nude palette

Final verdict on eyeshadow dupes from Temu

Tingphe is a registered trademark. While its palettes have been described as dupes for a range from one of America’s top MUAs, they are not the same. These palettes are much smaller, for a start. Yes, the colour stories are very similar but that is where the comparison should end. I have seen the odd person complain that they aren’t exactly the same, but they can’t be. If they were, they would be counterfeits and these are not.

I am happy with my purchases. The eyeshadows blend well, are long-wearing and come in nice packaging. I don’t care that the palettes are smaller than luxury brands'. And, bottom line, no exclusive makeup company has missed out - I wouldn’t pay £70 for a simple palette. This one suited me just fine.

And plenty of other people, it seems, feel the same. I’ve just checked the products on Temu and… they are selling out!

Disclosure: Before using any new makeup product, always conduct a patch test and wait at least 24 hours before applying it to the skin. Discontinue using a product if you suffer any irritation. This information is not a substitute for qualified medical advice.

I have no connection to Temu or Tingphe®, and the products featured were purchased by me, with my own money. All images by Regime Skin Care.

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