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ZMILE Classic Vegan Makeup Set - Review

Updated: Jan 11

Vegan makeup is popular and offered by a growing number of brands. ZMILE Cosmetics is one of many keen to please a burgeoning number of consumers who just don't want animal derivatives in the products they put on their faces.

ZMILE Classic Vegan Makeup Set

As well as appealing on an ethical level, it ticks another box with its Cruelty-Free pledge - meaning not one of its products is tested on animals. Initially popular with those who choose not to eat animal-derived foods, 'vegan' is now a universally accepted and liked aspect of modern beauty.

What sets the German brand apart from most of its UK-based competitors is that it delivers multi-purpose cosmetics in palettes that include pull-out and sliding drawers. It packs an awful lot into relatively small packaging.

Its classic set is available in both vegan and non-vegan formats. For the purpose of this review, we test purchased* the former.

About the ZMILE Makeup Kit

Presented in a branded glossy case with a silver trim running around the middle, this product is good-looking. In fact, it's too attractive to be hidden away. I've got mine on my dressing table where it looks amazing.

Measurements (when closed): 11.5cm x 19.5cm x 4.4cm


  • 24 eyeshadows

  • 5 blushers

  • 5 tinted lip balm pots

  • 4 lip glosses

  • 4 sponge applicators,

  • 4 makeup brushes

  • 1 bronzer

  • 1 highlighter

  • 1 eyeliner pencil

  • 1 built-in mirror

  • 1 hair comb

Note: The product description says the kit also includes a mascara and a further pencil but these were not in our box. Important omissions.

Price: £21.99


  • This vegan makeup kit is small but filled with tons of makeup

  • Excellent choice of eye and face pigments

  • Decent quality eyeliner

  • Plenty of lip products

  • Good-looking case

  • Proper, good-sized mirror on the inside of the lid

  • Case can be re-purposed when all the makeup has been used

vegan makeup palette against a swirly graphic design backdrop


  • Items missing

  • The product is described as ideal for travel but it is heavy. I'd describe the weight as substantial for the size of the case - certainly not something I'd be wanting to lug around with everything else you'd need for time away from the home. The mirror is real and the pots containing lip balm are made from glass.

  • The case is hard to open

  • Sponge applicators are dated. This kit would benefit from more brushes

Overall Impression of Classic Vegan Makeup Set

I'm not going to part with this purchase for the sake of two missing items.

While the case is very difficult to open, it is adorable. It's sleek, smart and clever. Two eyeshadow palettes slide out to reveal makeup underneath and three drawers can be pulled out to provide access to even more cosmetics. ZMILE has managed to deliver an almost complete makeup set in a slim bundle that is smaller than the standard, traditional jewellery box.

The eyeshadows are not the most pigmented I've ever used but they are nicely buildable. More mattes would have made the kit extra versatile. As with the face powders, the shades are up-to-date and suitable for all occasions and seasons. I would say, the makeup is ideal for those with light to medium skin tones.

This set is so beautiful to look at that I hesitated before testing the products. I am hoping that, with use, the case will become easier to open.

vegan makeup


ZMILE is an off-shoot of cosmetics company BriConti GmbH, which has a three-decade history in the beauty business. Based near Hamburg, ZMILE was launched to bring all-in-one makeup sets to the market.

** We purchase all the products we review.


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