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Y2K makeup Baby Flip Phone eyeshadow palette review

Updated: Feb 21

The 2000s, christened the ‘noughties’, were a decade of technological boom, cultural shifts and global anxieties. Flip phones morphed into iPhones, dial-up groans became broadband whirs and social media, a fledgling bird, spread its wings. Now fashion has embraced the aesthetics of the era, so enter the Y2K makeup trend.

While low-rise jeans and butterfly clips haven’t quite gone full circle, chunky highlights, techno inspired eyeshadow pigments and blinging lips are literally top of the pops again.

Y2K Baby Flip Phone eyeshadow palette

The last time we saw soft futuristic shades with a sparkling nod to something not altogether removed from Neapolitan ice cream, the world was grappling with the aftermath of 9/11 and facing the spectre of terrorism. Yet, hope bloomed with Obama's election, the rise of social activism and the burgeoning environmental movement.

Could it be that the gloom of a world in much deeper turmoil has called for makeup that reminds us of less dangerous times? Something bright and cheerful; retro to the core? Quite possibly. 

Of course, makeup trends have to go somewhere. Brands would be as in decline as pop princesses and emo anthems without a constant stream of new releases. This trend could be more indie rock and Lord of the Rings than Harry Potter, transporting us beyond Middle-earth to our own alternative reality. I like the thought of that.

Hence, I put my theory to the test, purchasing a Y2K palette from Makeup Revolution. 

Y2K makeup: back to the noughties

There is something 1990s, rather than 2000s, about Makeup Revolution’s Y2K offer. To me, it is a run-on from the resurgence in blush and lip gloss trends. And it's not the only brand running with this theme. However, its offer is certainly the most exciting - and affordable. 

In all fairness, we are only in the second month of 2024 and, already, brands are knocking out real surprises. They have deviated from influencer-predicted trends, and I appreciate that. I’m sure we will still see the heavily forecast peach fuzz theme coming through for the summer but, for now, I’m lapping up the unexpected twists and turns that new releases are chucking in my direction. Keep them coming!

There are quite a lot of products in Revolution's Y2K range, including three intriguing eyeshadow palettes. I went for the most quirky, of course - a nine-pan, blingy concoction in hard shell packaging that replicates the iconic flip phone which was such a big deal back in the day. The brand has made a ‘thing’ about the ‘noughties calling’, and I can see why. It certainly ‘called’ me - and I answered! 

The casing for the Y2K Baby Flip Phone eyeshadow palette

I ordered this product from Superdrug because it has a Next Day Delivery option at checkout. 

As I was placing the order, I reminded myself of a time when my texting fingers flew on a flip phone, spurred on by acronyms and emojis. It all seemed so new and avant-garde. Now, it is a distant memory but one I am happy to be reminded of. 

Review - Y2K Baby Flip Phone eyeshadow palette

Eyeshadow is my makeup obsession. I’ve managed to amass well in excess of 100 palettes. What I’m looking for in new purchases can be summed up in one word: unique. I want unique shades and unique packaging. There is a certain amount of replication with shadow pigments that transcends brands, and that is something I’m keen to avoid. The Y2K Baby Flip Phone palette delivers the new without also giving me that duplication. I can mix and match these shades with eyeshadow from a plethora of other palettes I already own. 

The Y2K makeup product arrived in a transparent sleeve with sticky labels at either end. The palette casing is in metallic rose gold and traditional gold. The mirror shine finish guarantees to show finger marks! Inside, it has a more authentic flip phone look. The screen is a mirror and the keypad comprises the eyeshadow pans. It even includes answer call and end call emojis, which is a great touch. There are other phone features on the mirror side too, so pretty fantastic aesthetically.

First up, this palette is very small. It measures 9cm in length and 6cm in width. While it is an ideal handbag size, the pans are also tiny. Having said that, this product isn’t going to set you back much. It is currently retailing for £7.99. Not bad for themed makeup.

The inside of YK2 Baby Flip Phone eyeshadow palette by Makeup Revolution

There are no shade names, but the palette comprises four mattes and five shimmers/marbled shimmers. The mattes are made up of two shades of pink, an off-white and a beige/grey. The five shimmers include a beautiful lilac and a marbled silver/blue that has the look of a duochrome. The remaining shimmers stick with the pink and gold theme.

Let’s talk about pigmentation, because Makeup Revolution is on a sticky wicket with a few of the mattes. The off-white and beige/grey are literally barely-there fine powders. They look better if applied with the fingers. Use a brush and you’ll be applying all day. Those two shades did not do a lot for me and, in my opinion, let the palette down. The pinks, on the other hand, are more pigmented which is good news because pink has universal appeal. It even looks good on mature skin.

The shimmers are fine. I’m not going to say they are the best I’ve ever used, because they aren’t. However, the lilac is very pretty and the marbled silver is great. Am I going to reach for this palette on a regular basis? Probably not, but it does add something to my collection. I would use these eyeshadows for day-wear, purely because the pigmentation isn’t there for dramatic night looks. I can see myself using them for a trip to the beach or even for a spot of shopping. It’s not hard to imagine myself whipping the palette out of a clutch bag and touching up on the go - just for the fun of it. 

Overall, Y2K Baby Flip Phone eyeshadow palette is fabulous - if you are looking for something unique and not stand-out pigmented.

Belinda wearing eyeshadows from the YK2 Baby Flip Phone eyeshadow palette
This is what my look turned out like. I'm 58 and, as you can see, the shades are suitable for all ages

So, what about the Y2K trend?

Just like the noughties were a decade of contradictions, anxieties and triumphs, Y2K is a combination of all three. It’s futuristic yet retro and possibly clings to the edge of extreme in pastel shades, but… The final look is the triumph and, in makeup terms, that is all that matters. So crank up the ringtone and flip your style. Go all nostalgic and characterise your latest look with a trip back to when technology took root.


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