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Super Facialist cleansing oil review

Updated: Jan 11

A bottle of Super Facialist cleansing oil pictured on a silver table next to a mini succulent

Cleansing oil is an increasing feature of the modern skincare routine - though its roots can be traced back to ancient times. The 21st Century equivalent to olive oil and ash is considered a luxurious-feeling hybrid product that delivers targeted skin treatments while removing makeup. As a fan of facial oils in general, I decided to give the Super Facialist cleansing oil a try.

The brand made headway in 2023, with a highly rated portfolio of product ranges - each developed to treat specific skin concerns. In fact, Super Facialist has skincare products for people of all ages, from teenagers to old fogies like me and everyone in between. Think of anti-blemish, brightening and anti-ageing. The product range is very broad.

I purchased the Vitamin C + Brighten Skin Renew Cleansing Oil with the intention of incorporating it into my already established double cleansing routine.

Super Facialist Vitamin C + Brighten Skin Renew Cleansing Oil

This product retails for up to £14 and is part of Super Facialist's Vitamin C range. I purchased a 200ml bottle from Amazon while it was on offer for £8.

Marketing: The brand says the product dissolves makeup and daily grime while moisturising and tackling skin dullness. Ingredients include time honoured olive oil, along with sunflower, grape and raspberry seed oils, plus oil derived from the peel of sweet oranges. 

As well as cleansing the skin, it is said to brighten and smooth.

This cleansing oil, which is raved about by literally thousands of users, is vegan, does not contain alcohol and has a pleasant, citrus scent. 

I liked the ‘renew’ aspect of the product title. It suggests the cleansing oil reveals fresh, radiant skin. And the ingredient list screams ‘nourishing’.

Using the Super Facialist cleansing oil 

Because this is an oil based product, I used it first in my double cleansing routine.

It is very lightweight, meaning it’s runny. The first time I reached for it, I ended up with drops on my bedroom carpet - so, if you intend to try this product, go steady!

The oil has a refreshing, pleasant aroma and is easy to massage into the skin. There was an initial, faint tingle the moment the product came into contact with my skin. 

I worked it into every fine line and dimple for around two minutes, paying particular attention to the areas with the heaviest makeup.

After that, I ran my hands under warm water and further massaged my face.

The oil quickly turned into a milky liquid and washed off easily.

I followed up with a light gel cleanser.

A hand covered in Super Facialist cleansing oil

The result

While my face felt refreshed and had a positive glow, it wasn’t 100 per cent clean.

There were still traces of makeup on my cotton wool pad after toning.

Over the past two weeks, this hasn’t changed. The oil and subsequent cleansing gel haven’t delivered the results I can achieve with a cleansing balm and then the gel. 

However, my skin is definitely brighter and feels soft.


I think the Super Facialist cleansing oil delivers more in terms of a treatment than a cleanser. For me, I can’t trust it to remove all my makeup.

Yes, it has brightened my skin. Does my face feel softer? Yes. Is it hydrated? Yes.

But it is not deep-down clean - something I consider essential in order to maximise the benefits of the serums and creams I finish my skincare routine with.

While I will definitely use all the oil in the bottle, it is probably not a product I will purchase again.

There is a caveat to that last statement… If I notice my skin going backwards in terms of brightness, I may buy it again to solely use as a treatment. 

About Super Facialist

A UK based skincare brand, it was founded in 2012 by industry experts.

It combined science, natural ingredients and lovely aromas to make targeted skincare accessible and effective. 

The branding has similar vibes to Prai, in my opinion.

Solution orientated, Super Facialist’s mission is to encourage everyone to be their own skincare expert. 

For more brand information, click here.

About me: I am a former journalist and newspaper editor with a passion for all things makeup and skincare.

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