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Double cleansing is trending - here’s why

Woman shows why double cleansing is trending

If you have mature skin, wear makeup or use targeted skincare products, double cleansing is important.

As well as leaving your face squeaky clean, it will put you at the half-way point when it comes to prepping your skin for other products.

This two-stage cleansing process is advocated by luxury brands, including Charlotte Tilbury

Why? Because cleaning your face just once doesn’t remove all traces of dirt, pollution and other debris.

Why double cleansing matters

Many people rely on a toner to ‘mop up’ any left-over traces of makeup and grime. However, toning products are not designed to cleanse - so they can’t be relied upon to leave your skin in an optimised condition to receive serums, moisturisers and primers.

If you apply a serum, for example, after just washing your face once, its performance will be hampered. Think of blocked pores, trace amounts of cosmetics and particles of dirt. Instead of penetrating the upper layers of skin, it will simply sit on the surface and deliver virtually no benefits.

As well as wasting time, effort and money on skincare, failing to properly cleanse your face could lead to breakouts or other skin problems. And it won’t do fine lines or wrinkles much good either.

How many times have you watched an influencer apply makeup from scratch while covered in spots? ‘Mad about cosmetics but not so hot on hygiene’ springs to mind!

Removing makeup, especially products like foundation, bronzer and eye cosmetics, isn’t as easy as a quick wash and a wipe over with micellar water. 

If you have ever spotted pigment on a cotton wool pad while toning, it is a warning sign that you need to adopt a double cleansing routine.

Woman removing eye makeup before double cleansing her face

What is double cleansing?

Double cleansing doesn’t mean repeating the same cleansing step twice.

To effectively rid your skin of impurities, you need to adopt a two-stage approach. And that means using two separate cleansing products.

For most people, this could mean using a cleansing balm or other oil-based product followed by a light gel wash. 

Note: Those with established skin complaints, such as eczema, should seek medical advice before embarking on a new cleansing routine - it is likely that this regimen will not be recommended.

If you wear eye makeup, you may want to remove that before double cleansing. Use a micellar water or similar. Some double cleansing tutorials mention micellar water as an effective first step, but I would not advocate that. For a full, deep-down clean, it is probably not going to cut it - unless you are prepared to use a lot of cotton wool or eco pads.

It is important to use products with gentle but effective ingredients and to massage them into the skin before rinsing and patting the face dry.

You should always double cleanse at night and as often as possible in the mornings.

Evening routine

Double cleanse and tone before applying a serum and night cream.

Morning routine

Double cleanse and tone before applying sunscreen, moisturiser and a primer. You can incorporate a serum, if you want to, before applying a moisturising cream.

Skincare products that can be used for a double cleansing regimen

The benefits of double cleansing

As well as relieving congested skin and promoting hygiene, double cleansing helps skincare products to work harder.

They can penetrate more layers of skin, boost radiance and do more to slow down the ageing process. 

Get your routine right and you can kiss goodbye to dull, tired looking skin and get the glow you’ve always wanted. In a nutshell, you will achieve healthy skin.

What’s more, if you wear makeup, it will sit better on the skin and deliver a flawless finish.

First made popular by Korean skincare rituals, double cleansing is now an integral part of most high-performance routines. 

I have been double cleansing for more than three years and will never go back to a simple wash.

The results have been incredible. 

Important reminder: Further boost your double cleansing routine by exfoliating twice a week. For mature skin, add a peeling product once a month. 

If you want to learn more about how to boost the performance of a serum, check out this special feature.


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