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Thank you, Emma Hardie - I feel AMAZING!

Updated: Jan 22

Moringa - an ingredient used in Emma Hardie skincare

Whenever I’m feeling knackered, stuck in a rut, bored or just plain fed up, I treat myself to the best possible tonic - a new skincare product. The textures, the fragrances and the sensation of something completely different on my skin has an effect akin to smelling salts wafted under the nose of a Victorian lady in the midst of a fainting fit. The sense of ‘discovery’ literally wakes me up.

It’s summer, it’s hot and, yep, I’ve been pretty bothered lately, so what better way to pick myself back up than with an entire collection - or two? Yes, two.

Ever since QVC Beauty stopped being compulsive viewing in my living room, I’ve been hankering for the one product I truly craved but never bought - Emma Hardie’s Moringa Cleansing Balm. Aside from coming with what I consider to be the best professional muslin cloth out there, the reviews for this product were - and still are - stunning.

But, the one time I almost gave in to temptation, a viewer's comment put me off.

With a straight face (possibly thinking there could be a new market for this cleanser), a presenter read out a review that stated the product was marvellous because it gave the viewer's dog a shiny coat!

It begged the question: ‘Why would you put something that costs nigh-on fifty quid a jar on your pet?’ Possibly because it wasn’t that great on the skin? That was my train of thought when I hung up on the order.

But still… There has always been something about that product which draws me to it.

Enter a few ‘off days’. That ‘feeling old and irrelevant’ curse reared its ugly head, of all times, during my holiday. It sucked.

I tried accessorising my look to lift the spirits, but to no avail. I guess 57 is not the sweet spot for colour co-ordinated handbags and trainers! Hence, a skincare purchase was my only remaining option.

As luck would have it, several Emma Hardie discovery collections were on offer on Amazon. Most of them included the longed-for moringa cleansing balm. And with over 40 per cent off, it was a no brainer.

Emma Hardie skincare products
Some of the products in my Emma Hardie haul

Emma Hardie The Midas Edit

I plumped for The Midas Edit, because everything in it is for the face. As expected, the cleansing balm is wonderful. It melts away every trace of make-up, leaving the skin not just clean but soft and glowing. And, of course, being a spa-inspired brand, the smell is simply fab. This product came in a 30ml pot, which I thought was generous - considering the entire collection set me back just over £21.

The dual action muslin cloth, included in the bundle, is two-ply with one side for cleansing and the other for polishing the skin. It is embellished with posh-looking branding, making it a must for keeping on display in the bathroom.

Also in the box was a 30ml tube of The Midas Touch Revitalising Cream. This product promises to smooth the skin and leave it looking radiant. I agree with a reviewer who said, unlike many other brands, Emma Hardie’s products actually work. This cream is no exception. I love it. It’s great over a serum at night and brilliant under make-up during the day.

Aside from a cosmetics bag with the thinnest, most elegant gold zip I have ever come across, there are two other skin treats in this kit - a 30ml bottle of Plump and Glow Hydrating Facial Mist and a 15ml tube of the Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask.

Both of these skin saviours easily outperform similar premium products.

Did I mention the packaging? Well, that’s rather marvellous too.

Emma Hardie Amazing Travel Kit

I was so blown away by the collection that I decided to purchase another. This time, I went for Emma Hardie’s Amazing Travel Kit which also includes a 30ml tub of the moringa cleansing balm. Other products in the utterly stunning box include a 5ml bottle of Brilliance Facial Oil, a 20ml tube of Moisture Boost Vit + C Cream, a 50ml bottle of Moringa Luxury Bath and Shower Oil and a 50ml tube of Moringa Luxury Body Butter. For just over £18 (on offer), this set represents fabulous value for money.

The two kits combined will provide a complete skincare system for a good month. I’m already enjoying the benefits after just a week.

What I like about these products is the uniform fragrance - everything matches. It’s a fresh botanical smell that is both relaxing and revitalising. I love the fact that the products also perform.

Emma Hardie’s YouTube channel has some great tutorials to help you get the most out of each product. I’ve watched quite a few and learned new things, as well as a bit more about products I am using.

Premium skincare ranges take self care to the next level. I always think you can tell when someone has used an effective top brand treatment. Their skin screams ‘expensive’. But, as I have found with these discovery sets, you can enjoy all the benefits of luxury products without spending too much.

A health milestone and a career crossroads

At the beginning of September, I will mark the third anniversary of my final date with a chemotherapy chair. I am in a totally different space now, compared to 2020. I am fitter, quite a bit slimmer and pretty much back to where I was before breast cancer.

I am at a crossroads. When I am not on this website or one of my social media channels, I am either editing copy for a business magazine, promoting a major B2B business show in Brighton or working a very physical job in the hospitality sector.

For months, I’ve been favouring the latter. It gets me out, pays reasonably well and is situated in one of the most picturesque settings you could ever imagine. On the other hand… It puts me in the middle of beautiful young things; people I find hard to relate to. It makes me feel ancient which, in turn, also makes me nervous. So much so, I talk like I’m running out of road - far too much and far too fast. I probably need to move on before the stress of being a totally irrelevant weirdo impacts my health. But move on to what?

While I’m pondering that question, I will continue to use - and cherish - my wonderful Emma Hardie products. They make me feel truly amazing.

Belinda Bennett, the author of this review
Here I am - feeling fabulous!

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