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Elegant makeup looks to experiment with

Updated: Jan 11

What is an elegant makeup look?

Elegant makeup can be defined by an individual's personal preferences or perceptions. But, as a rule, there are theories to follow - if you really want to look classy.

For example if you are mad keen on bright red lips, keep eye make-up to a minimum and vice versa.

While some of the examples above appear to break 'rules', if you take a closer look you will notice subtle clues to what makes 'bold' work. Bold eyeshadow and bold lipstick can be elegant, so long as you restrict what's on the eyes to mono or neutral shades and use one of the tones under the eyes instead of eyeliner.

Highlighter is used a lot in the images we have chosen, but carefully. Light dustings here and there to illuminate different features. It's worth playing around with highlighter when you've got a few spare moments because it's one of those products that can look either great or garish. There's no in between.

Blush is really in vogue right now. Why not use your lipstick on the cheeks to create a balanced colour theme?

If you love the more sultry looks but have a pale complexion, you can avoid heavy foundation errors by giving your skin a boost with tanning drops. Don't forget to work the product down under the chin and neck to avoid any obvious lines. Pair with bronzer, blush and highlighter.

Not sure your makeup is elegant enough? Why not add an accessory or two? A layered chain and/or hat can make all the difference.

Experiment all you can, because there is nothing worse than getting this look wrong right before an important occasion.

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