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Cheap Waitrose bubble bath ‘better than luxury brands’

A woman relaxing in a Waitrose bubble bath

Waitrose doesn’t just sell ‘food to make you feel good’. One of its budget personal care products is guaranteed to wake up the senses and offer a true taste of luxury - for next to nothing. What is it that is causing a sensation in bathrooms up and down the UK? A £1.25 pink grapefruit bubble bath.

Part of the Essential Waitrose and Partners range, the bathing product is being rated as better than some produced by the world’s leading spa brands. Happy customers are snapping up two or three bottles at a time, determined never to run out. I know because I am one of them!

This isn’t your everyday ‘own brand’ offering. It is a standout exception.

Sold in a generous 750ml bottle, the product has a fresh, zingy fragrance that lingers and produces plenty of bubbles.

Vegan and cruelty free, the bubble bath is gentle on the skin but deeply cleansing.

The thing that really sets it apart though is the fragrance. It is amazing.

Waitrose bubble bath versus luxury product

Waitrose pink grapefruit bubble bath

How many times have you treated yourself to a luxury bubble bath only to be left disappointed?

It is not just a lack of bubbles that makes my blood boil. It is the lack of a proper smell.

When I buy a luxury bathing product, I expect it to deliver more than less expensive bubble baths. More bubbles and definitely more of a scent. Especially a lingering scent.

But, all too often, that is not what I get.

There are two times of the year when I like to invest in indulgent bathing products - during the summer and in the run-up to Christmas. In fact, the December pamper pack has become a bit of a tradition in our family. I always buy not just myself a spa set but also my daughter. It is a way of getting into the festive spirit as the Big Day approaches.

This year, we overlooked the gingerbread and mulled wine scents for a luxury brand’s signature collection. What a mistake! 

The collection comprised bathing products, a hand cream and a body lotion. I am not lying when I say the bubble bath and shower gel had no discernable fragrance whatsoever. While the creams did have a faint smell, it resembled... sweat. Actually, sweet sweat. Quite disgusting. And that’s a luxury brand’s ‘signature scent’!

I am convinced that some 'luxury' brands only manage to sell products because of their equisite, posh-looking packaging.

Meanwhile, the humble pink grapefruit Waitrose bubble bath delivers on what matters. I recall my gaze falling on it as I lay in the bath and thinking… That’s a million times better than what I’m soaking myself in right now and it costs 20 times less!

Of course, the Waitrose offering is also super-sized when compared to many of the more expensive alternatives.

Why Waitrose pink grapefruit bubble bath is fab

A natural sponge being used with body wash

I use this product as both a bubble bath and shower gel. It wakes me up in the mornings and leaves me feeling clean and fresh. Ready to face the day. On an evening, it is perfect for winding down and prepares me for a good night’s sleep.

The fragrance is exactly what you would expect when you think of pink grapefruit. It is spot on. And it doesn’t disappear within seconds. No sweat smell with this one! 

I love savouring the scent. It is refreshing yet relaxing - exactly what I am looking for in a spa product. 

I recommend it because, in my opinion, it outperforms quite a few luxury products and is budget friendly.

One word of warning. The product is not suitable for anyone undergoing radiotherapy or who has recently undergone radiotherapy because one of the ingredients is Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

This bubble bath gets a full five stars from me. It delivers luxury on the cheap. There is no pretentious packaging, just a truly indulgent bathing experience that you will want to repeat and repeat. 

  • Pricing correct at the time of publishing.


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