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Are Skincare Spa Sets Worth the Money?

Updated: Jan 22

Often beautifully presented and with huge gift appeal, skincare spa sets deliver the promise of a perfect pampering.

Eye candy for those present hunting, they are popular but vary in price from very affordable to expensive.

spa set products

Are they worth the cost and do they really lift the soul while soothing the body?

What is a Spa Set?

The word 'spa' is traditionally associated with natural bathing springs containing minerals. Historically used for their medicinal benefits, they are somewhat few and far between these days - especially in the UK! The same goes for the similar thermal spa, renowned for its popularity during Roman times.

That is probably why products, as well as leisure facilities, have adopted the word; to fill that gap. We've all heard of exclusive spa hotels, and many skincare spa bundles are marketed to offer a cheaper but nonetheless sensual experience that people can enjoy in the convenience of their own homes.

A spa hotel? It's like a normal hotel, only in reception there's a picture of a pebble — Rhod Gilbert

The promise is a luxurious bathing experience with mood-enhancing fragrances. Think of relaxation, with the whole body being soothed and pampered by aromatherapy-inspired products that smell and feel amazing. Bliss in a box!

Well, that's what brands want you to think. They gear their sales pitches to appeal to the stressed out, the mildly depressed, insomniacs seeking relaxation and those looking for a simple, uplifting and nourishing skincare gift. The inference is that bathing products can make you feel better, so it is no surprise that they are a top choice when it comes to 'get well' presents.

But is anything in life that simple? One capful of scented bubble bath and, ta-dah, every trouble is instantly melted away?

A typical spa set includes a bubble bath, body wash, body lotion, bath salts and soap. Some come with sponges, essential oils, body butter, body scrub and hand cream.

They are sold in a wide variety of packaging, from boxes and tubs to breathtaking jewellery cases and advent calendars.

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Spa Sets and Science

Scientific studies* have shown that traditional, medicinal mineral spas can improve both physical and mental well-being.

There is some evidence that taking a plain old warm bath (not hot) can improve heart health and relieve some respiratory problems. A bath can also relax the muscles, ease aches and pains, and reduce stress.

When products containing essential oils are added, anxiety levels are often reduced too.

However, some bubble baths in spa sets can contain irritants. These ingredients deplete the skin of natural oils. This can be problematic for those with sensitive skin.

Dermatologists point out that SLES found in cleansing properties can be drying. If you suffer from allergies, fragrances can be a problem too. These are things you need to bear in mind when buying spa products as a gift. Note: products should not contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate if you are buying for someone who is undergoing or has recently undergone radiotherapy.

So, to really immerse yourself in a safe at-home spa experience, aim to avoid products that contain SLES, manmade fragrances and synthetic dyes, as well as parabens and phthalates.

All-natural products that are dermatologically tested are best if you want soothed, clean skin and a truly relaxing 'me' moment.

For an authentic spa experience, a fragrance should be lingering but not completely overpowering.

spa at home

How Much Do Sets Cost?

A typical branded spa set can cost anything between £5.99 and £60.

Influenced by demand, the price of an item can go up or down on an almost daily basis.

The cost will also reflect the number of products in a bundle and their size. We recommend you check the volume of individual items before making an online purchase because some product images can make sets look much larger than they actually are. This is especially true for bundles packaged in tubs and baskets.

There is no doubt that some spa sets offer excellent value for money - especially when they are on offer. But there are just as many that don't.

Premium spa brands, such as Rituals, use gift bundles as a way to introduce consumers to their products. By offering a range of bath-time treats, customers can discover new products that they will want to buy again - either individually or in the same set.

Skincare and Spa Sets

A spa set can be a lovely treat - or surprise, if received as a gift - but it pays to buy carefully and when the price is just right. We loved the coconut set in a tote bag by BFF Love, but there is no way we would pay over £40 for it. We bought it while it was on offer and under £15.

If you want to cleanse and nourish your skin while enjoying a home spa experience, keep an eye out for deals and don't be tempted to purchase products that contain known irritants.

Here's to some relaxing - and affordable - spa moments.

*Japanese government workers' study and research carried out at Florida State University and George Mason University.

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