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Pride Month: Bold But Simple Makeup Ideas

Updated: Jan 30

men kissing
Photo: FG Trade, Getty Images

The LGBT community makes a positive contribution to society throughout the UK. For Pride Month, I want to celebrate the community's diversity and wave a flag for the influence it has across multiple sectors in business too.

Taking place globally throughout June to coincide with the 1969 Stonewall Riots, this is a time to celebrate, raise awareness of LGBT issues and to peacefully lobby politicians for further change.

Street events, including parties and parades, are among the many festivities planned - hence, I want to focus on bright, colourful - and simple - makeup.

Annual Pride Days are taking place throughout the summer. The events confirmed to be happening in June 2022 include:

  • Oxford - June 4

  • Blackpool - June 11

  • Canterbury - June 11

  • Portsmouth - June 11

  • St Ives - June 11

  • Sunderland - June 11

  • Exmouth - June 18

  • Silloth - June 18

  • Suffolk - June 18

  • Truro - June 18

  • York - June 18

  • Bude - June 25

  • Essex - June 25

  • Edinburgh - June 25

  • Glasgow - June 25

For London events, click here

Raising The Rainbow Flag

Pride Week parade
Photo: Ibrar Hussain

Originally designed by artist Gilbert Baker in the 1970s, the LGBT Rainbow Flag is now synonymous with sexual diversity. Although it has been re-designed by many people over the years, the concept of the colours continues to be a beacon of gay pride. Increasingly, it is being used by the wider public to show their support for gay rights.

Throughout June, individuals, organisations and businesses will be flying the flag - literally. For our part, we will be focussing on bright and rainbow-themed makeup. I will also endeavour to promote small LGBT-owned businesses through our social media channels and you may find a few being displayed at the bottom of this page.

To give you some inspiration for Pride Month party or parade makeup, I take a look at examples from around the world and talk you through the 'how-to' stuff.

Let's get the party started!

rainbow flag
Photo: Canva Pro

Pride Month Makeup Ideas

First up, it is important to stress: nobody is obliged to wear makeup during a Pride Week event. If you aren't a fan, I've got some alternatives for you. As well as cosmetics and body paint ideas, here are some simple, fun accessories that will switch up your look in an instant. These 'props' are a good idea if you are travelling a long way to an event and are stretched for time or lack a convenient place to get ready.


rainbow flag
Photo: D-Keine, Getty Images

Obvious, but really simple, take a rainbow flag with you. Drape it around your shoulders, use it as a scarf or share it with someone else. What a great way to meet new people!

Pride Parade
Phtoto: Mixmike, Getty Images

Wacky glasses are brilliant - even simple ones with coloured frames. In the image above, the heart-shaped specs are just perfect. And a couple demonstrate their love with two pieces of a broken heart that they are holding together.

rainbow wig
Photo: Alessandro Biascioli

What's not to love about a wig? You can go any colour that takes your fancy - even rainbow, like the one above. Short, long, curly, it's up to you. Neon bobs have been popular in the past. Now neon and pastel colours are in vogue in longer lengths, both straight and wavy.

masquerade mask
Photo: Disobey Art, Getty Images

Oh, the mystery. Masks are are fab way to dress up. There's no mess, no faff - just an instant transformation. Handheld and string masquerade-type masks are glamorous, glitzy and bound to elevate any look. You can add a further touch of allure by wearing lipstick.

Other really easy-to-use accessories to consider include: stickers, moustaches on sticks, a rainbow umbrella (well, you know what the British weather's like), rainbow ties and socks, plus Pride-themed hair bows/headbands and jewellery.

Simple Makeup

Even bold makeup styles can be a breeze to achieve. The styles I've chosen below require zero talent. Anybody can recreate these looks.

pride makeup
Photo: Bianca Marie Arreola

This beautiful eye look has been created with glitter and matte green makeup. The lighter shade contains the glitter and has been swept from the corner of the eye, across the lid and just above the natural crease line. A darker green eyeshadow (matte) and has been used on the corners of the outer eyes and swept up to create a stunning blunt-rounded wing. The look has been finished off with mascara and stick-on, heart-shaped body jewellery.

bold makeup
Photo: Pixelshot

Stand-out bold. This look is effortless to put together. You can use makeup crayons or a variety of cosmetics to replicate it. And, of course, you don't have to use the colours shown above. Let your imagination run wild. You can use a crayon, lipstick, face paint or a highly pigmented eyeshadow to 'colour in' the eyebrows. Use a pencil or fine brush for the outline and then fill in. On the eyes, the model is wearing a mono midnight blue shadow with false eyelashes and mascara. She sports a yellow lipstick. Neon lipsticks are on-trend - they are available in a wide range of vibrant colours and UV ones will glow in the dark!

pride makeup
Photo: Canva Pro

I chose this look for its use of glitter. The model is sporting a three-colour, graduated eyeshadow look with highlighter, body jewellery, shimmering lipstick and... gorgeous, sparkly eyebrows. To achieve this look apply a yellow or light gold shadow to the corner of the eye and just above, then continue with a red or orange eyeshadow. Finish with purple or black. Use a highlighter under the brow. And for those stunning eyebrows? Use a makeup brush to apply Vaseline to your brows (you may want to use a lip liner first to define the shape). Then, carefully press glitter into it. Only apply a small amount at a time. Use a clean, dry brush to gently sweep stray particles off the face. Finish the eyes with false lashes, black eyeliner and mascara. Lastly, pop on shimmering lipstick.

Dramatic Pride Week Makeup

There's nothing like a bit of drama when it comes to makeup. If you are looking to make a statement, here's some inspiration.

pride makeup
Photo: Stefano Oppo

Forget the false nails and dangly earrings for a minute. This theatrical look requires a dark brow pencil, black eyeliner, false lashes, mascara and white highlighter. Use the pencil to shape and fill in the brows, creating a pronounced arch. Next, use black shadow on the lower lids, taking it only very slightly above the natural crease line. Avoid the corners of the inner eye. Then use the white highlighter under the brow and down to the corner of the eye. Line the top and bottom lids with eyeliner (smudge the bottom liner or apply black shadow just below the lid), apply the false eyelashes and then use mascara.

rainbow eyeshadow
Photo: Margaryta Basarab and Getty Images

I love this rainbow eyeshadow look. It has been created with neon shimmer and matte pigments and winged on the outer corners. To keep a straight line at the sides of the face, apply tape while working on the lid area. Start with the darkest shimmer shade and take it over three-quarters of the lower lid (length-ways), avoiding the inner corners. Blend in a second shade across the the entire length and keep going with different colours until you reach the brow. Remove the tape. Lightly take the colours out and below the eye to create a more dramatic look. Use slightly lighter matte shades or just a small amount of product to create a shadow effect. To accentuate the wing and create a cut crease, blend the darkest colour into a side-ways V as shown above. Add a gold highlighter in the centre of the lid and under the brow. Finish with liner (top and bottom), false eyelashes and mascara. Bold is beautiful!

** This look is harder to achieve than the others featured. I recommend you play around with the theme in advance of an event - to ensure you get it exactly how you want it on the day. You will also need a good base, so I recommend you use an eyeshadow primer.

rainbow eyeshadow
Photo: Johan JK, Getty Images

This eyeshadow look uses shimmering pigments on the lid and then matte colours from the crease. It can be achieved with the same technique described immediately above. Just keep the colours in the eye area. Instead of sweeping the colours down onto the face, the creator of this look has used purple shadow below the eyeliner.

Face and Body Paints

Of course, makeup isn't the only way to make a statement during Pride Month. Here are some other ideas, using face paints and makeup crayons.

rainbow face paint
Photos: Jair Hernandez Villarreal + @pexels (left) and Canva Pro

These colourful looks have been created with face paints. The first (on the left) includes glitter and stick-on body jewellery. To create this look sponge on paint and add glitter while the face is still damp. Build the colour for a more intense finish. Use a clean sponge for each pigment or thoroughly wash between each shade. Use a brush to define where you want each colour to start and end. The second look uses the same technique but without glitter.

rainbow face paint
Photo: Via Canva Pro

Playful yet oh-so simple. You can create this rainbow statement look with either makeup crayons or face paint. Apply directly with crayons or use your fingertips for paint.

rainbow body art
Photo: Getty Images

A rainbow can be painted or drawn on any part of the body. Here, it is on a wrist. Follow instructions as above.

Pride Month
Photo: Immagini Di Pierluigi Palazzi

Words are powerful. Here, makeup crayons have been used to write a slogan. Get some help if you want it in a similar place!

Enjoy Pride Month!

Pride Month is all about celebrating - and not just other people's sexual diversity but your own too. Be proud of who YOU are and have a wonderful time.

There is only one more thing to say...

Pride Month
Photo: Immagini Di Pierluigi Palazzi

In loving memory of our dear friend Michael Oliver.


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