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Mix Things Up For The Best Foundation

Updated: Jan 11

Photo: Regime Skin Care

Beauty brands are synonymous with carping on about makeup being 'all about the base'. They push endless products at us - often without explaining how to get the most out of them nor imparting what application techniques work best. That is why finding the best foundation can be hit and miss.

Video tutorials peddled on social media platforms by naturally stunning influencers are all well and good but, truthfully, most of us would not get the same result - even with the same products. That is because we are all unique with individual nuances, from skin concerns to complexion shade.

There is a new trend, however, being propelled in the UK by home-grown lines, and it involves using a combination of products to perfect the face. Some of the kits that have appeared on the market this year look quite tempting; there is certainly a lot in them. But, then I think, it all looks such a faff. Complicated and time-consuming.

You don't have to buy a kit to get a better finish, though. Mixing foundation with other products - even ones you have already got - can deliver amazing results.

Photo: Paul Tamas

From Foundation Faux Pas To Perfection

My first foundation was a Pan Stik. That was 40 years ago. It was greasy - not a good look on adolescent skin - and had a knack for turning me the shade of a freshly washed carrot. Since then, I've tried them all - with varying degrees of success and plenty of abject failures.

I've looked whiter than a ghost, more marbled than Arabescato Breccia and flakier than a Danish pastry. And, of course, I've worn that full and obvious caked mask look too many times to count.

Things are getting better... Ingredients have improved universally over the years and the number of shades available is now enormous. Some formats come in more than 50 colours.

With SPF and premium skincare ingredients, wearing foundation can keep you looking younger for longer. The only drawbacks are getting it to look natural and taking it off.

I have experimented with foundation till the cows come home and can, finally, say (with confidence) that I know what works. From dewy to colour-correcting and beyond, I've nailed it. Phew - it only took four decades!

Currently, my best foundation haul includes Revolution Foundation Drops, Chanel, Phoera, and Max Factor's Radiant Lift. I usually apply with the fingers and then press into the skin with a beauty blender.

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Photo: Getty Images

Mixing Your Foundation

If mixing your foundation with another product sounds risky, it's not. But first, you have to properly prep your skin. If you are still applying it to freshly cleaned skin - stop!

The Base

This system works for me every time, without exception.

After cleansing:

  • Tone with either a Vitamin C, glycolic acid or caffeine astringent

  • Moisturise the skin with a product that is slightly sticky. Try Boots' Peach Glow jelly moisturiser - it's perfect and costs just £4.

  • Apply a primer. Use one that addresses any skin concerns you have, i.e. large pores, redness, blemishes.

Mixing Foundation

mixing foundation
Photo: Regime Skin Care

If you want glowing, radiant skin, mix your foundation on the back of a hand with a cream illuminator. I recommend Revolution's Beam Light Strobe Cream in Champagne. A pea-sized amount of each. Remember, you can build coverage by repeating the process. Set with a very light dusting of powder followed by fixing spray.

For a natural finish, you can turn any foundation into a BB cream - simply mix with a cream moisturiser. This works especially well if you have healthy skin. Set as above.

To minimise the appearance of redness, mix your foundation with a colour correcting fluid or cream. Set as above.

You can also mix foundation with a serum or sunscreen.

If you are going to add a concealer, bronzing product or blusher (don't forget you can use lipstick on your cheeks), set your makeup a second time with a hydrating spritz or fixing spray.

foundation mixed with moisturiser
Photo: Regime Skin Care

Will You Mix Things Up?

Because no skin is ever the same, getting your foundation just right does come down to trial and error. Until you have gone through the experimental phase, the perfect finish is likely to elude you.

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Jul 16, 2022

This was a really interesting read! I've never actually worn foundation before but it's something I'm considering and I never would have thought about mixing it with other products. Thank you so much for sharing x

-ReadAndReviewIt (

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