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Cheap skincare products worth trying

Updated: Jan 11

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With so many new skincare products flooding the market, it is fast becoming a task and a half to decide which ones are worth trying.

I have found that, often, the ones not hyped up to 'target fine lines and wrinkles' do just as good a job - or even better - than those that are.

A change, even with just one product in your regimen, can sometimes make a really noticeable difference.

That is why I rotate or layer serums, depending on how my skin looks and feels.

And, because I am utterly driven when it comes to skincare, I am not afraid to try something new - especially if it doesn't cost a lot.

Here are two cheap skincare products that I've recently purchased and can recommend.

Cheap skincare recommendations

Check out my top picks below.

Vitamin C Toner - Poundland

Poundland Vitamin C Toner

Like a lot of things in Poundland these days, this product will set you back more than a pound. It currently retails at £3 and is part of the chain's #6 skincare range.

Hot on the heels of No7, Poundland has released an entire Vitamin C collection. Unlike No7, you won't have to spend a fortune to give it a try. The Poundland version is a whole £7.95 cheaper.

What I like about this toner:

  • It smells amazing - exactly how you would expect a Vitamin C product to smell. It has a good citrus scent

  • You feel as though it is doing something when you use it

  • Leaves the skin with a slight tingling sensation

  • Delivers that all-important glow

This product is sold in a generous 200ml bottle. I use it at night after cleansing and find it boosts the radiance of my skin and provides a good base for a serum and moisturising cream.

What I am looking for in a toner is a product that will remove any final traces of makeup and other debris, reduce the size of pores and leave the skin feeling refreshed and smooth. This product performs on all fronts. In addition to Vitamin C, ingredients include glycolic acid and aloe vera.

As a side note, I also recommend the Poundland micellar water.

Boots Glow Moisturiser

Boots Glow Moisturiser

This gel product has received mixed reviews on Boots' website. However, I recommend it. Available in peach or pineapple, it costs just £4.50 for a 50ml jar. Currently, Boots has a 2 for 3 offer and I've taken advantage of that to stock up.

Note: The pineapple version doesn't smell of anything. The peach version smells of... peaches. The two versions also have slightly different consistencies. Neither are what you would normally associate with a moisturiser, mainly because of the gel base. The peach one, which I will refer to below, is a clear, set jelly formula. I am sure this puts a lot of consumers off but it is worth persisting.

What I like about this moisturiser:

  • A little goes a long way

  • It delivers that 'drenched in moisture' sensation

  • Smells good

  • It's sticky (there are great skincare benefits to this and I outline them below)

  • Works for hours (all night)

  • Multi-purpose (explained below)

Right, let's talk about stickiness. I've seen reviews for this product that complain about how sticky it is. Trust me, it's a good thing. I've used this moisturiser over a serum at night and feel confident it provides a moisture barrier. In fact, I wake up with plump and hydrated skin. That means it has locked in the treatment underneath and given it ample opportunity to do its stuff overnight.

Another perfect use for this moisturiser is as a primer. The tackiness is perfect - for both liquid and powder foundations, blushers, eyeshadows and more.

The product is vegan and ingredients include Niacinamide.

I've spent £60-plus on night creams before - and woken up with dry skin! Here is a product that keeps my skin hydrated right the way through to the morning.

This moisturiser is available from all large Boots stores and can be ordered at the counter from even the tiniest branch.

I initially bought it as a stop-gap because my usual gel moisturiser was temporarily out of stock. What a find!

Still to try - other products in Boots' Glow range.

Cheap skincare doesn't always mean poor-performing

Two women having a pamper evening

Occasionally swapping products allows us to customise skincare routines and save money. Not every lotion or potion in our arsenal has to have a premium price tag. These are just two decent finds. If you have made a great discovery, please share below.

Here's to more bargain skincare finds!

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