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Gorgeous green eyeshadow ideas

Updated: Jan 11

Green eyeshadow can be outrageously dramatic or effortlessly subtle, depending on your individual style. Perfect for summer, it is vibrant, classy and playful.

With the right shades and contrasting, anyone can wear this timeless hue - regardless of eye colour. It's all about finding the right match for you.

Age-old makeup 'rules' that stipulated green pigments are best-suited to those with dark brown eyes have been consigned to the history books. Even people with green eyes now wear green eyeshadow!

Thanks to the rise and rise of creators, eye makeup has taken on a new, even bolder role in fashion. Stuffy, old rule books have been, quite literally, torn up.

Complex looks now compete with simple and outdated 'lid-only' styles. This is at a time when an increasing number of makeup users are adept when it comes to creating everything from cut creases to wings. Throw in glitter, sequins and a ton of other 'add-ons' and the number of looks you can generate is literally limitless.

green eyeshadow
Bold green eyeshadow: This look uses a neon green over most of the eye area, right up to the brow line with only a hint of highlighter (corners of the eye). A darker emerald green has been blended to form a wing that starts just after the mid-way point of the lid. The makeup artist has completed the look by using the darker green eyeshadow as a liner.

Kaleidoscope of shade choices

The range of shades and pigmentation levels in green eyeshadow is diverse.

With more than 120 universally recognised variations, not to mention exclusive brand colours, green is bang on the money for experimentation and is guaranteed to brighten up the face. It literally feeds the imagination.

Types of green include deep emeralds and jades to paler aquas and those inspired by moss and sage.

If you are experimenting with this colour, consider buying an eyeshadow palette dedicated to greens. Revolution Beauty has some good options, including Makeup Revolution Colour Book CB05 and Makeup Obsession So Dope with Cannabis Sativa.

As well as shade variations, you can choose shimmer or matte pigments, each bringing something different to a look. Add to that psychedelic neons, glitters and liners and you will begin to understand the sheer breadth of choice available.

If you want to use green with another colour, greys or blues are a good creative choice, along with reds. Stick with grey if you are not sure.

Smouldering: This look is a variation of the one above. All matte, it replaces the neon with a mix of a lighter green and the deeper shade. It also has the addition of black eyeliner, used on both the lower lid and to create a cat eye.

Standout green eyeshadow looks (and how to copy them)

Check out these cool ideas. They are perfect, if you fancy experimenting and trying out new eyeshadow styles.

Festival eyes: This look has been created with sage and moss greens. Highlighter has been used under the brow and outside the corner of the eye. The darker shade is on the lower outer lid and has also been used to create a dramatic cut crease. To finish off, it has been paired with a blue eyeliner. Stunning.

eye jewellery
Sparkling: Stick on body jewellery in a variety of shades has been used to set off a simple green eyeshadow look. Individual beads have been placed along the upper lash line and to create a cut crease. They also form an exaggerated wing. Use a good magnification mirror to get this look exactly right.

summer eyeshadow
Summer vibes: This dramatic look uses green eyeshadow above the inner eyelid and below the lower one, sitting just above the cheekbone. It has been paired with matte red, a white shadow/highlighter and black eyeliner.

shimmering eyeshadow
Mermaid shimmer: This look uses two shades of shimmering green and a highlighter. The light shade of green is confined to a small part of the upper lid, blending with the darker shade and a highlighter. The makeup artist has further used the darker shade to create a wide wing that touches the end of the brow.

blue eues
Super simple: This is a great example of how green eyeshadow can be used with blue eyes. A light green matte has been used over the lid to just above the natural crease. It has been finished off with highlighter (under brow line and in the outer corner of the eye) and white eyeliner.

If green eyeshadow really takes your fancy, why not give it a go? Your stunning new look is likely to make other eyeshadow lovers... green with envy!

green eyeshadow palette


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