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Updated: May 19

This is regimeskincare.co.uk 'Mark 2'! If you have come across my social posts in the past, you may have previously visited the 'Mark 1' version. Crammed with skincare and makeup tips, not to mention some real bargains, in almost 100 unique posts, it disappeared from the worldwide web in a virtual puff of smoke with literally no warning. Bang! And it was gone. A bona fide sharp intake of breath moment, coupled with a sudden urge to clutch at one's chest. After a tirade of profanities, of course.

There's a lesson here and it has nothing to do with looking good but everything to do with using your brain. Never - I repeat, NEVER - be tempted to buy a website hosting service from a very small provider or, as in my case, a one-man band. If they go bust, decide on a career change, don't maintain their servers or, God forbid, die, you are stuffed. Literally.

Apart from the odd laughter line or three (oh, OK, possibly ten on a bad day), I must have looked like the woman pictured below after the shock had subsided. Wild and yet outwardly serene. Actually, probably not.

Regime Skin Care beauty blog

I felt utterly deflated. And there wasn't a single thing I could do about it. The provider's servers were switched off, my website was offline and, worst of all, I had no access to any of the content I had created. Finito... Or so I thought.

Starting Over... Beautifully, Of Course

It's been a long almost six months since I was last able to log into my old website. I'll let you into a little secret: I never started this venture to make money. I did it for fun - to keep myself occupied during cancer treatment. My great passion is skincare and makeup (I major on eyeshadows, in case you haven't heard), and this little project has given me a lot of pleasure. That's why I have continued to press on with it even though my treatment finished in June last year and I'm now back at work (editing a business magazine in Sussex and cleaning the pub where my other half works).

Regime Skin Care has connected me with people from all over the world. I've made friends, had laughs and even put the skills I learned in a former life (as a journalist) to good use for the benefit of others. I enjoy putting new beauty products through their paces and sharing my thoughts on how they perform.

So... I waited (not very patiently) until my domain name expired - and promptly bought it again. Whoop! (I originally purchased it via my now deceased hosting provider and, like Jackie Weaver, ultimately did not have the authority to move it after his untimely passing and the servers being switched off. I managed to track down the little-known domain company he sourced the site address from, but they were not satisfied I was the website's actual owner and demanded everything from a copy of my passport to birth certificate.) Obviously - now that I definitely do own this domain, thanks to Wix - I have had to design a new website. And I am faced with the huge task of having to populate it, because I permanently lost all the content I'd previously created - tens of thousands of self-penned words, not to mention hundreds of images.

Coming Up

Upcoming blogs will focus on getting the skin ready for summer, this year's top wedding looks, the benefits of using a primer even if you don't wear makeup and this year's trending eyeshadow and lipstick shades.

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It's great to be back!

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