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Welcome To A Space Dedicated To Skincare And Makeup

Updated: Jan 22

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Skincare and makeup are two pillars of the beauty universe, and the foundation of Regime Skin Care’s inspirational beauty blog. In a sea of content, we make our voice heard with succinct product reviews, beauty news and spotlight features that veer heavily towards exciting products. We don’t just love makeup and skincare here - we are full-time obsessives! 

Former journalist Belinda Bennett is our blog author. Each post she pens is designed to inform, explain and motivate. A makeup addict with a passion for skincare, Belinda takes readers on a virtual journey of trends, both past and present, and delivers a raw, close-up look at the latest product releases.

She knows that reviews aren't just about stars and bullet points. That is why the blog is a trusted confidante, dissecting ingredients, deciphering claims, and offering honest (sometimes brutally honest) assessments. From budget-friendly finds to luxury splurges, Regime can help you navigate an ever-evolving product landscape, saving you time, money and the occasional makeup mishap. Want to be sidelined from buying a dud foundation? Or, perhaps, perfect your makeup application techniques? Regime beauty blog is here to help!

Cleansing products for a good skincare routine

Beyond dissecting makeup and skincare product performance, Belinda paints a picture of the endless possibilities cosmetics present to us all. Our blog transforms makeup into self-expression, skincare into self-care rituals and every product review into a springboard for creativity. Think of stunning tutorials that cater to diverse features and skill levels, mood-boosting makeup looks for every occasion and DIY concoctions that unleash inner alchemists. It is a canvas for you to explore, experiment and discover unique beauty signatures.

Confidence Catalyst: Skincare and Makeup

Regime beauty blog doesn’t just focus on flawless faces; it's about the stories we tell. We weave motivational threads into content, sharing personal struggles and triumphs, celebrating diversity, and reminding everyone that beauty lies in individuality and self-acceptance. 

We are proud to call this a safe space for vulnerability. It is where you can find encouragement, support and the strength to embrace your own journey. Imagine the transformative power of reading about someone overcoming a struggle you face or rocking a bold look with newfound confidence.

makeup products

The Community Curator

Regime Skin Care beauty blog transcends the screen, fostering a vibrant community of like-minded beauty enthusiasts. It sparks conversations through in-depth comments, insightful polls and engaging social media interactions.

We want readers to become co-creators, sharing tips, experiences and celebrating each other's milestones. That is why we have a completely free Beauty Club, where members can swap tips and ask questions. Imagine the joy of a supportive community where everyone feels empowered to ask questions, learn from each other and grow together.

On the blog, we weave truth with words, transforming product reviews into captivating narratives. Regime paints vivid pictures of textures, scents and the transformative power of good skincare and makeup routines. Join our readers and get lost in the journey. Feel the tingle of a new serum, the satisfaction of a perfect winged liner and the confidence that comes from a well-loved lipstick. Regime provides an escape from every-day life, a portal to a world where every product review is a mini adventure!

Regime free beauty club graphic

From Serums To Blush!

We aren’t blushing over the fact that we write about even the most basic beauty products. They are the lifeblood of cosmetics and the products you are most likely to regularly reach for. After all, without the basics, where would beauty be?

That is not to say we don’t write features about weird, one off products - we do! In fact, Regime Skin Care is always looking for the next trend, the very latest in advanced skincare and the best makeup products. 

A fan of eyeshadow? Well, you will find few people on this planet with more passion for palettes than Belinda. She is a serious collector and knows a plain eyeshadow from a pressed pigment. 

Eyeshadow palettes

If you are a seeker, someone constantly on the lookout for what’s new or an emerging look, you are the right place.

Regime focuses on what matters - be it fashion, price or formulas. During the ongoing cost of living crisis, we are especially keen to zone in on quality budget finds. So, yes, we are here to save you money too.

Want to delve into our wonderful world of beauty? Jump straight on in!


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