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The Hybrid Make-Up and Skincare Product I Can't Live Without

Updated: Jan 11

Described as part make-up, part skincare, baking oil is something I had never come across until recently.

The name didn't mean anything to me. Not in terms of beauty. You've got to admit, it sounds like something you may pour into your chip fryer or use to coat cake tins.

Revolution Baking Oil

But, having used Revolution's breakthrough product, I can honestly say it is a cosmetic I can now not live without.

It's so good, I feel like I've been way behind the curve when it comes to discovering a new beauty must-have.

What is baking oil?

Baking oil is ultimately a blend of natural oils. It has been developed to smooth, nourish and give the skin a radiant glow. Manufactured to complement baking powder (a modern version of loose face powder), which sets foundation, evens the skin tone and reduces shine, it is the primer with multiple fringe benefits.

Revolution says it creates a 'silky smooth base' and 'locks in' a make-up look for all-day staying power. But I love it for its skincare properties.

The brand sells more than one version of this product, and I have fallen in love with the citrus one - which I initially acquired as a gift (from my other half) in Revolution's Centre Stage make-up bundle.

This vegan product contains hydrogenated olive oil as well as vitis vinifera oil and a host of other oils, including one derived from lemon peel. It smells amazing.

Launched in 2018, I can't quite believe that it's escaped my attention for so long.

Price: From £4.99 to £5.99 for18mls.

using facial oil

Using baking oil

The product is sold in a glass bottle with a pipette, much like a serum. The consistency - and effect, I have discovered - is akin to the stuff you find in high-end ceramide capsules. It can also be likened to facial oil, especially ones made with Argan.

For reasons I will explain further down in the post, I currently use it morning and night. When I first got it, I used it in the morning only as a primer.

I apply it to clean skin - around three to four drops. I've got mature skin, so a younger person may need less product.

After being massaged into the skin, this product will initially produce a sheen. This is quite normal and very similar to the sheen you would get after using Elizabeth Arden's Daily Youth Restoring Capsules. I usually wait a minute or two before applying foundation, but you don't have to. What I've found is that it renders make-up application effortless. Even with use of a setting powder, you can achieve a dewy finish that looks like natural skin.

face powder

Because there is no powdery finish, I've been able to move away from liquid and cream foundations to Max Factor's fabulous Facefinity powder foundation. So much easier. As well as being quicker to apply, it's less messy. I literally hate the feel of liquid foundation on my fingertips.

And here's the big deal... I've noticed that fine lines around my eyes look smoother. Their appearance now reminds me of the effect you can achieve with either a professional facial or very expensive skincare products.

That is why I now use it in the evening as well as the morning. I apply a layering technique and pair it with a hyaluronic acid serum before using a night cream. My skin feels hydrated and soft 24/7.

To be able to wear a lightweight powder foundation at 57 has, quite literally, blown me away.

Hybrid skincare all the way!

While 'baking' is a technique that delivers long-lasting make-up looks, baking oil does a lot more. As well as boasting flawless make-up, my face looks radiant.

If you are looking to achieve an effortless lit-from-within glow and improve the condition of your skin, this product will do it!

Revolution Baking Oil


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