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The bronzer makeup lovers are raving about

Updated: Jan 30

W7 Honolulu Bronzing Powder

There is a bronzer on the market that makeup lovers can't stop talking about - and for all the right reasons.

Not only is it less than a quarter of the price of market-leading alternatives, but it is also just as good. Trust me. Ut's a dupe - and a good one.

When you look at what it does for your face, you will find - like I did - that it delivers on all fronts.

Does it offer even coverage? Tick. Is it buildable? Tick. No orange tinge? Tick. Costs less than a fiver? Another tick!

So, what product am I talking about? The W7 Honolulu Bronzing Powder.

Vegan powder bronzer

bronzing powder

A bronzing product doesn't just give us a healthy glow. For the safety conscious, it eliminates the need to expose the face to too much sun. It's summer beauty in small box - and super-easy to use.

Unlike some bronzers, including most bronzing pearls, W7's offering doesn't leave a nasty shine on the face. It has a gorgeous matte finish. You really can achieve a tanning level that's just right for you. And, while it is easy to remove at the end of the day, it has steadfast staying power so that sun-kissed look lasts as long as you want it to.

This cruelty-free and vegan product has been likened to best-selling bronzers made by premium brands. You know the ones I'm referring to. And, having purchased it, I can tell you why.

Before I give an honest review, I would like to explain why I bought the bronzer.

I have always had very fair skin. Tanning simply doesn't happen - I go red. Bright red. Add to that a litany of self-tan disasters. So, for me, a bronzer is a quick and easy way to eliminate deathly pale skin.

Previous purchases have varied from almost OK to pretty darned awful. It's amazing how many bronzers don't bronze the skin at all. They are either tinted highlighters or overly pigmented with orange tones. Finding a powder I can apply over a foundation that doesn't leave me looking like a contender for a Halloween pumpkin competition has been a long and expensive quest.

W7 bronzer

Review - W7 Honolulu Bronzing Powder

I watch an awful lot of YouTube makeup tutorials. What always strikes me is how influencers manage to achieve tanned-looking, contoured skin without a powdery, uneven finish. To try and imitate their bronzed foreheads, cheeks and jawlines, I've gone through about 12 brands. The best-performing, in the past, have always been products around the £30 mark.

When you think about it, thirty quid is a lot of cash to fork out for a single makeup product. If you were savvy, you could replace all your cosmetics for less than that. So, I've been on the lookout for a budget bronzer that ticks all the right boxes but saves me money.

I first spotted the W7 Honolulu Bronzing Powder online a couple of months ago. Initially attracted by the packaging and free cute brush, the meager price put me off.

If I had taken the trouble to read the reviews, I could have saved myself a small fortune - I've bought three other bronzing products since then and not one of them delivered exactly what I was looking for.

For me, a good bronzer should provide a golden glow that replicates a tan and makes the skin look radiant.

Finally, I read what purchasers were saying about W7's offering and decided to take a punt.

It cost me £4.50 and was delivered the next day. The soft brush was neatly packed inside the box of bronzer, nestled in a removeable tray. Needless to say, I couldn't wait to try it.

One of my worries was that it would be difficult to apply evenly. The last thing I want is a blotchy face!

I needn't have worried. I gently swept the brush across the powder and applied the bronzer to the face. In an instant, I had a tan! Not only that, it was 'just right'. Sure, I could have applied more and gotten a deeper tan but, for the office, subtle is the order of the day.

Honestly, I am impressed. I chose to use this product all over my face, including my eyelids. It worked a treat. For contouring, I will only apply to the cheeks, forehead and jawline.

What a bargain! A bronzer that truly delivers.

My takeaways from this makeup experience

It is often easy to dismiss a product based on a low price. W7 is, much like Technic, a brand that sits on the fringes of the budget makeup space. You will find its products in cheap shops, non-beauty-specific retailers like Argos and, of course, online. But, scratch below the surface and you will find an exciting British brand with roots that date back two decades.

The Honolulu Bronzing Powder is a prime example of what cheaper makes are getting right. Keep producing high-quality products like this and it will only attract more customers and more great feedback.

This product was a fantastic find and I have no hesitation in recommending it.


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