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Peach fuzz makeup trend - is it for real?

Makeup products suitable for creating the peach fuzz look

In a world where a 30 second video can make or break a trend, it pays to know when to step back or rush right on in. Hot on the heels of the soft glam brigade, we’ve got prominent beauty influencers pushing a peach fuzz makeup look for 2024.

Apart from sounding like a hairy chin, this vague, fruity theme isn’t actually new.

It is a throwback to the glowy goddess look that attempted to dominate makeup launches before the outbreak of Covid-19. Revolution London was right up there with brands pushing the style.

Enter a handful of big influencers, and no doubt brands, to resurrect it. Check out the hashtag #peachfuzz.

So, what is it, who should try it and will it really be a ‘thing’ this year?

Peach fuzz - the look

This makeup style relies on a glowy, luminous finish. You can achieve it by applying a small amount of liquid bronzer all over the face. For better product control and a more natural look, bronzer can also be mixed with foundation and fixed with a dewy setting spray.

A peach blush and warm-toned, light to medium nude eyeshadow finish the look when paired with a few dabs of hightliger, lip gloss and fluffy lashes.

The overall look is not intended to be… orange. Think of sunkissed beach babe or straight up ‘demure pretty’. It mirrors the natural, healthy glow so enduringly prominent in skincare trends.

US-based influencer Mikayla Nogueira, who was in the UK last year to launch a collaboration with P.Louise, is among those promoting the look.

A woman with foundation and bronzer on her face

Who should try peach fuzz makeup?

Under-25s are most likely to experiment with this look. It is not a million miles away from the tanned trend that has been hanging around for several years. In fact, I noted the peach theme trending in this age group in Plymouth, UK, just before Christmas. So, it is definitely moving into the popularity stakes.

Liquid bronzer is certainly in vogue. It offers more precision than powdered bronzer and works well over a liquid base. As the trend shifts away from highly contoured looks, this could be a way to repurpose products you may have lying around.

On mature skin, peach fuzz is more of a problem. Yes, you want a hint of a glow but nothing that is going to be too shiny or emphasise imperfections, like fine lines and wrinkles.

Peach blusher, on the other hand, is subtle and a definite go-to for makeup lovers of all ages. It’s universally flattering, more natural than some of the deep pinks and straight-up purples that we saw at the end of last year and is suitable for day or night looks. So too is a peach tinted lip oil or gloss. 

Model wearing a peach toned lip gloss

Will the trend take off?

Apart from being yet another variation of the nude look, granted warm-toned, it’s pretty damned boring.

If you listen to influencers, nude is all we are going to be seeing this year.

It’s a glowy version of soft glam, as far as I’m concerned.

Yes, it will be a great look for the summer months - but what about right now and the rest of the year?

Keep an eye on 16 to 25-year-olds, because they will be the ones to take the lead if this look is going to have any kind of an impact in 2024.

I note we’ve yet to see any major makeup collection releases so far this year. It will be interesting to see which direction mainstream brands will take. My money is all on nudes but, at the same time, I am hoping for something just that little bit more exciting. That could come in the form of eyeshadow toppers, including more duo chromes and shade shifters, to make those muted pans pop or it could come from something completely unexpected. It’s hard to tell at this stage.

If you want to experiment with the peach fuzz look, there are existing products that support the theme. Check out palettes by Too Faced, Revolution and TintArk. Think peaches and cream, along with bronzer, and you can’t go wrong.

  • About me: I’m a former journalist and newspaper editor with a passion for all things makeup and skincare. I am a trend watcher, collect eyeshadow palettes and support creatives of all ages.


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