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Lip oil benefits for the uninitiated

Lip oil tubes on display in a store with a sign explaining the product has benefits

Lip toppers are trending, thanks to the evolution of lip oil. While the humble gloss has also undergone a bit of a renaissance, it doesn’t deliver on the skincare front. 

Fruit flavours and swirly, two-tone glosses put the former staple of 1980’s makeup looks back in the spotlight in 2021. They were still a must-have last summer. 

Enter autumn, then winter and there has been a noticeable shift towards the kinder, more nourishing lip oil. The switch, however, was expected. Lip oils have been in vogue since the early part of 2022, fuelled by a pandemic-induced obsession with skincare. Given that this is a product featured in a lot of K-beauty routines, its rise in popularity was almost a given.

Like tens of thousands of beauty lovers, I purchased my first lip oil in 2023. Since that initial buy, I’ve probably popped another three or four into online shopping carts. It’s not just the skin benefits I love; I’m switched on to the featherweight formulas and amazing shine. 

A woman applying lip oil with Regime Skin Care's logo

Lip oil benefits

A lot of people confuse the differences between lip gloss and lip oil. On the lips, they may not appear dissimilar but, trust me, they feel very different.

Lip gloss is thick and tacky. A bit like treacle. It has little to no hydration properties and, if you are prone to licking your lips (and who doesn't when there's a delicious flavour involved?) or spend a lot of time outdoors, it is not going to prevent you from developing dry or chapped skin. In fact, it could contribute to a skincare issue. Cheap plumping lip glosses are often very drying, not aided by the fact that they have to be applied regularly to maintain a look.

Lip oil, on the other hand, is lighter and has a smooth, silky texture. Ingredients can include vitamins as well as oils and even plumping properties. Hyaluronic acid and collagen are common additives. Just like lip glosses, lip oils come in a range of shades - from clear to ‘hint of tint’ formulas. It’s no wonder the curious are clamouring to give them a try.

If you use an oil, you can expect moisturised, nourished lips and long-lasting hydration. Formulas are no longer restricted to a slight sheen. High shine is now available in an oil - and it can be just as dazzling as a gloss. It will still need to be reapplied during the day, however.

While often used as a topper over matte lipstick, an oil is categorised as a skincare product. It will typically include oils from the likes of avocados, coconuts and jojoba plants. As well as keeping the lips moist and young-looking, an oil offers a degree of protection from environmental damage. 

Personally, I consider it more of a hybrid essential. Every makeup bag should have one. Having said that, I know lots of people who use lip oil as a night mask to simply condition their lips. I've even been known to go to bed with a freshly swiped layer across a closed mouth. So, theoretically, this is a product that could replace a balm. An oil can also be used as a lip primer to provide a protective base before lipstick is applied. Versatile, isn't it?

Can lip oil plump?

Yes, some lip oils can plump. Examples include Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir, which is purported to increase lip volume by up to 70 per cent in less than a month. Cheaper options include Revolution Pro Glossy Lip Plump, which is available in four shade choices and costs well under £10. 

The level of plumping will always be determined by an oil’s ingredients and the wearer’s individual reaction to them. Just like a plumping gloss, expect a little tingle when you first apply the product to your lips. 

Trending lip oils by price

My top lip oil picks are listed below, starting with the least expensive first.

  • Revolution Pro Glow Edit Lip Oil in Soleil Orange - £7

  • Beauty Bay Jelly Lip Oil - £7.50

  • P.Louise Stay Shining Crown Lip Oil - £13

  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics Coffee Drip Lip Oil - £19

  • Charlotte’s Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir - £28

  • Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil - £32

Always apply to clean, dry lips. Don’t use lip oil if you have sore or broken skin. If you are trying a product for the first time and have sensitive skin, carry out a patch test first and wait at least 24 hours. It may sound obvious, but avoid the eye area - this isn’t a product you want anywhere near that part of your face. Store your oil in a dry place, out of direct sunlight. 

My current favourite lip oil is by P.Louise. It feels amazing on the skin and comes in the most beautiful packaging. It’s far too pretty to risk keeping in a handbag so, for on-the-go applications, I use the Tasty Peach Lip Oil by I Heart Revolution. 

Have you caught the lip oil bug? Why not tell me about your favourite in the comment box below? With so many new products coming on the market, it can be hard to keep up.

Whether you are a fan or not, lip oil has distinct benefits. It promotes skin health while offering more than a little something to makeup ideas. Oh, and the natural ingredients aren't to be sniffed at either!

Got a product you want Regime Skin Care to review? Get in touch!

  • Prices quoted correct at the time of publishing.

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