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Office party makeup ideas

Updated: Jan 11

party makeup

The festive season is a time when colleagues come together to celebrate Christmas and mark the end of a year. If you dread the annual office party, the key to looking fabulous is being comfortable. That means being sensible but not out-and-out boring.

There is nothing worse than feeling out of place at an event or wishing you had made just that little bit more of an effort. Shoes that rub, a dress that is too short, too tight or too long and make-up that ensures you stand out for all the wrong reasons can ruin an entire night. So, it pays to put some real thought into your party planning.

Getting your make-up right on the night will help you relax and feel good about yourself.

Choosing the correct cosmetics for you is important, not just for your self-esteem but to make the right impression. The days of 'anything goes' at work dos are well and truly over. Yes, they should be enjoyable, but they should also be regarded as an extension of your workplace. If you are particularly ambitious, take note!

Whether it's a pint in the pub, a dinner dance, a sit-down meal or a lavish ball, Regime Skin Care has got you covered.

office party

First things first - what to wear to an office party?

Your outfit should reflect the type of event you are attending. While casual clothes maybe perfectly acceptable for a night out in a bar, partywear, a suit or even a gown will be required for a more formal occasion.

Always check your invite for any mention of a dress code. Be aware that a cocktail dress should be of a length that falls below the knee.

Once you know what you will be wearing, it will be easier to plan your overall look.

Some people choose clothes to match their make-up. A relatively new phenomenon, it is purportedly a thing for in-demand model Kaia Gerber who is said to 'tone down' her outfits to ensure her face gets all the attention. If that sounds like you, a plain black outfit is just the job.

To ensure you get everything right on the night, you may want to have a dummy run a week or so before the event - to be certain each element complements your overall look. For example, you shouldn't pair orange lipstick with a green outfit. Colour clashes should be on your radar for what won't work.

Preparing your skin

Make-up always looks better on great skin, so pay particular attention to your skincare routine in the run-up to your office party.

Aim for a fresh, lit from within glow - achieved without a powdered highlighter.

skincare routine

If you have naturally dull skin, try a Vitamin C serum morning and night or a glycolic toner.

Use a replenishing overnight cream and don't skip moisturiser during the day. Ensure it provides a good enough barrier to lock hydration in and contains an SPF of at least 30.

If you really struggle to get any sort of a glow, try using an illuminating cream as a primer. We recommend Makeup Revolution Glow Beam Light Strobe Cream, which is available in a choice of shades. Use a pea-size amount for a dewy finish that oozes a hint of a glow.

Office party makeup

Because feeling comfortable is everything, now is not the time to try a complicated or extrovert look. Avoid UV and neon cosmetics and go easy on the glitter.

The base

Apply foundation over a primer and concealer, and ensure it is properly blended. Don't forget to blend below the jawline to avoid a tide mark. Set with a finishing powder.

If you are using bronzer, apply it now and add a light touch of blusher. Gently blend. Set with fixing spray.


Make sure your brows are tidy. Use a pencil and styling soap to fill in and define the shape.

What you should aim to achieve is a subtly glam look with a touch of sparkle - it is a party, after all.

applying eye makeup

A super easy eyeshadow look that never fails to impress is graduated two-tone matte with a shimmer in the centre of the lid, worn with or without liner. As an example, use a light cream or beige across the lid and slightly above the natural crease. Then, from the outer corner of the lid, apply a mid-brown. Lightly blend (use circular motions with a fluffy brush) to the middle of the lid and finish with a dab of gold shimmer. If you want to lift hooded lids, carefully take the brown matte along the upper section of the crease with a thin brush and then blend upwards to avoid any sharp lines.

Instead of eyeliner, use the thin eyeshadow brush to sweep the brown matte along the lower lash line.

Note: Those with darker skin can wear brighter shades much more easily than those with fair skin.

Avoid wearing false eyelashes, if you want to feel comfortable. Instead, build up your lashes with a mascara primer. Read more about lash primers here. Then apply two or three coats of mascara. For the bottom lashes, use the product sparingly and add coats to build volume and length. Gently tap the wand against the lashes to prevent contact with the skin.

If you use eyeshadows that have a lot of fallout, you may want to do your eye make-up before you apply foundation.


Choose your lipstick to match what you will be wearing.

Avoid bright shades if you do not normally wear them.

A pink, peach or brown nude shade, initially applied with a brush for a clean outline, will work really well with a light topping of gloss. Blot lipstick after application.

If you never wear lipstick, simply pop on a clear gloss or use a tinted lip balm.


Limit the use of highlighter to the tip of your nose and tops of the upper lip. A powdered product on the cheekbones can ruin a look if over-done, so give it a miss to be on the safe side. An alternative is a pale blusher with a slight sheen.

Enjoy your office party

By planning ahead, you will be photo-ready for the office party and brimming with confidence. Best of all, you will feel comfortable in your own skin and definitely make the right impression!

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