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Eyebrow Shaping Without Tweezers

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

eyebrow shaping

Need help with eyebrow shaping and don't want to use tweezers?

You would think, being an eyeshadow addict, that I'd be rather particular about my eyebrows. Truth is, I only started to obsess over them last year.

It dawned on me that, despite being a tweezer-phobic, neatly shaped brows are an absolute must. They frame the face and not only make eyeshadow pop but much easier to apply too.

The shape of the brow can define your features and even lift your face.

So, how do you shape your eyebrows if you wince at the thought of plucking or threading and don't want to go to the expense of lamination?

There are lots of vloggers who make eyebrow shaping look dead easy and, now that I've given it a serious go, it is!

So, how do you shape your eyebrows using simple products?

1 - Outline and Fill in the Brows

You can do this with either a gel pen, pencil or powder. It is OK to leave the odd stray hair out of the shape - they will barely be noticeable when you have finished, especially if you will be using eyeshadow primer or concealer in your make-up routine.

It is easier to follow the natural curve of your brows but if you want to emphasise the arch or make your brows bushier, for example, you can use a stencil to get a clearly defined shape.

When using a pen or pencil, use strokes that follow the natural direction of the hairs. So, for the inner brows, you would use upward strokes and then gradually slant outwards as you move towards the middle.

The brows can slant downwards at the outer end but, if you have mature skin, try to keep them in a slightly upward direction to avoid ageing your face.

2 - Use a Spoolie Brush to Further Define the Shape

Reel in those stay hairs and get the direction just right.

Make sure your spoolie is clean so there is no product transfer onto your eyebrows.

3 - Flatten Brows with Styling Soap

A great alterative to lamination, styling soap gives brows a sleek finish. It's cheap too - under £4.

Easy to use, this product is not just inexpensive, it is also long-lasting.

Simply roll your spoolie in the soap and gently apply to the brows. You can use styling soap to further shape eyebrows, give them more volume and ensure the finish is smooth.

Always use a transparent product for best results and go for one made with natural ingredients to avoid irritation.

4 - Set in Place

Use a fixing spray as a finishing touch to ensure your brows look fab all day.

Brow Shaping Techniques to Avoid

Never be tempted to have tattooed eyebrows. Even if you have no eyebrows, tattoos are permanent - and trends change. It is safer and easier to create realistic looking brows with cosmetics, especially ones that offer two-tone colour to promote a natural-looking finish. Some brow pens, for example, come with a gel finisher which is applied with a mascara wand.

Eyebrow lamination, sometimes called an eyebrow lift, is popular, but not suitable for everyone. It is not recommended for those with weakened immune systems. A side effect can be skin irritation and, for some, this can pose an infection risk.

Eyebrow Shaping Inspiration

I was inspired to shape my brows by a make-up tutor from Look Good Feel Better. The charity provides a range of free courses for those undergoing or who have recently undergone cancer treatment.

The MUA offered excellent tips and plenty of encouragement. She was patient with her pupils, possibly because she really understood what we were all going through having lost her husband to cancer.

The video below gives you a great idea of how effective an eyebrow pencil can be. Tutorial and product comparisons.

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