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Declutter your life - effortless and cheap bedroom storage ideas

A haven for self-expression and artistry, your dressing table can quickly morph into a battlefield of untidy cosmetics. Lipsticks roll free, brushes sprawl like fallen soldiers and eyeshadow palettes teeter precariously on the brink. Fragrances, once so beautifully displayed, arranged like flowers in a vase, are now nowhere to be found. Taming the cosmetic chaos is just the start with these bedroom storage ideas that will transform your room into a serene and efficient space.

A woman decluttering a bedroom

If you want to declutter the delinquents but think it will be too much of a faff or cost a small fortune, discover plenty of inspiration to get you started. 

Forget what your bedroom looks like right now. Close your eyes and imagine waking up to a room bathed in warm sunlight, the air carrying the faint scent of lavender and your clothes neatly stored, ready for the day. Now imagine your cosmetics arranged in an orderly fashion that will make dolling yourself up to go out or winding down at the end of the day effortless. 

This isn't a dream; it's the power of a tidy bedroom, your personal haven of peace and productivity. But, let's be honest, maintaining that picture-perfect sanctuary can feel like an uphill battle. In this guide, explore inexpensive ways to minimise clutter and create order out of mayhem.

Bedroom storage area by area

Take a deep breath. Tackle untidy areas of your bedroom in sections. Start with the ones that are most visible, i.e. the dressing table, shelves, bedside cabinet and any clutter on top of wardrobes and chests of drawers.

Before utilising any bedroom storage solutions, it is important to thoroughly declutter. Dispose of expired mascaras, dried-out liners and unused lipsticks - they're stealing valuable space and are likely harbouring pesky bacteria. Be honest, do you really need five shades of red lipstick? Toss away with confidence.

Makeup cluttering a surface in a bedroom
Makeup can contribute to bedroom clutter

Check eyeshadow palettes and bin any that show signs of drying out or crumbling. Not only are they past their use-by date, they are a threat to soft furnishings and surfaces that easily stain. 

Think of organiser guru Marie Kondo. Be ruthless. Empty perfume bottles, outdated magazines and broken trinkets - they all contribute to clutter and weigh down your energy. Donate, sell or recycle any items that still have value, and feel the lightness it brings. Remember, decluttering isn't just about aesthetics; it's about creating space for what truly matters.

Cheap ways to store bedroom ‘clutter’

If you’ve become a hoarder of cosmetics, it’s time to act. Divide your products into three groups:

  • Skincare

  • Makeup

  • Beauty tools

If you have amassed a ton of skincare products, consider dedicating a drawer to the ones you only use occasionally. This can include overnight treatments, skin peels, exfoliants, etc. If you can’t trust yourself to arrange them neatly, invest in drawer trays. I bought these, with some to spare, for under £4. Shop around for the best deals or make your own with ready meal trays or cut-down cardboard boxes. 

Drawer organiser trays in a bedroom chest of drawers
The tray organisers I purchased for under £4. There are more further back in the drawer and I had some spare to use in a second drawer as well as on a shelf

For the products you use everyday, buy a skincare organiser and keep it either on your dressing table or bedside cabinet. This one is available from a wide range of online retailers, with prices starting from under £2 (Temu) - but be careful not to overfill like I have!

Cheap skincare organiser caddy
A cheap skincare storage solution - just arrange yours a bit tidier than mine!

Are you currently storing cleansing balms and gel cleansers in your bedroom? Move them to the bathroom where they belong. 

A simple tray will keep fragrances or haircare products stored neatly on a dressing table. The one pictured below cost under £2. 

Dressing table storage tray
This tray can hold a lot of bottles!

If you are really struggling for space, invest in no-nail shelving. They take minutes to put up and can really take the pressure off other surfaces that are overloaded with products. I purchased this shelf for 50p in a lightning deal! Be careful not to weigh shelves down with over-sized or heavy items. Consider them for things like serums or lipsticks.

Serums on a no-nail shelf
A simple and minimalistic idea for storing serums. Ensure a shelf is not exposed to direct sunlight to preserve serum ingredients. Position carefully

Decorative shelf storing lipsticks
This decorative shelf only required drawing pins and holds ten lipsticks. It cost around £3, was easy to install and ensures I don't have to hunt around for the lipsticks I use most often

When it comes to makeup and beauty tools, you have lots of options in your arsenal. Keep brushes in a dust-free environment. If you don’t want to buy a covered container, put them in a cosmetics bag. I use a pro makeup case to store brushes and every-day items like mascara, brow gel, liners, and face powders. It tucks neatly under my bed.

Store concealers and foundations in either a tray or simple cosmetics tidy. This one cost 89p. I keep cotton wool pads and ear buds in the drawer.

No mess foundation storage
No mess! This plastic caddy is ideal for foundations and concealers

Eyeshadow palettes are often a real bugbear, especially if you have a large collection. Free up space in a drawer or use a plastic storage container. If you want them on display, don’t overload shelves and arrange them by size. For very large collections, I recommend investing in a sturdy cube unit.

Tame the wardrobe monster

Declutter your wardrobe by recycling clothes you no longer wear. Sort items by season and vacuum pack anything you won’t be reaching for in the coming month. Place the vacuum packs in the bottom of the wardrobe with any footwear displayed on top.

Utilise vertical space with hanging organisers. If you still have too much clutter and you have a free bit of floor space, invest in a collapsible ottoman. 

Vacuum packed clothes
You can save up to 80 per cent of space if you vacuum pack unused clothes

Develop the habit of putting things away after use. Clothes go back in the closet, occasional skincare in a drawer and makeup brushes out of sight. Don’t forget that cup of coffee - make sure it finds its way to the sink. This "put-away fairy" mentality prevents clutter from accumulating and saves you time searching for misplaced items later.

Remember, your bedroom is a reflection of you. Add elements that bring you joy – fairy lights, scented candles, inspirational quotes, or a cosy reading nook. Surround yourself with things that inspire and uplift you, creating a space that fuels your well-being.

Maintaining a tidy space requires routine. Dedicate ten minutes a day to tidying up, focusing on one area at a time. Make it a fun activity, put on some upbeat music and celebrate your progress! 

After decluttering a section, light a scented candle and enjoy your calm space. Treat yourself to a relaxing bath or a new book to read in your organised haven. These little rewards reinforce the positive association with tidiness and motivate you to keep going.

Remember, a tidy bedroom isn't about perfection; it's about creating a space that supports your well-being.

Embrace the process, experiment with different techniques, and most importantly, enjoy the peace and clarity that comes with a serene sanctuary.


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