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Blusher Is Back! Makeup Reverts To 1980s

Updated: Jan 11

model wearing blusher

God, I love blusher. It doesn't just give my face a radiant, healthy glow, it contributes to my contouring efforts.

It delivers that natural flush often associated with youth.

If you are not a fan or prefer tanned contour products over anything remotely pink, you might want to consider if your look is going to be on-trend this winter. That's because, after a prolonged absence, blusher is back!

Make-up trends are re-winding - all the way back to the 1980s.

In vogue is the heavy blusher look, smokey eyes and even face gems. However, I predict, a more subtle blush is what most trend followers will lean towards.

The season's hottest colours are likely to include baby pink, all shades of orange and ice blue with lots of grey.

Along with black eyeliner - yes, it's finally making a comeback - are creative liners and crayons.

baked blusher

Blusher Types

While powdered blusher still has its place - I'm a fan - cream blushers are especially popular right now.

As well as being suited to mature skin, they deliver a dewy finish that a pressed pigment can't replicate.

If you are looking to create a look that oozes an inner glow, a liquid or creamy blush is what you need. Rimmel London has gone a step further and brought a jelly blusher to market.

A staple of cosmetic bags for so long, this is a make-up product that varies in price from a mere £3 all the way up to £30.

The cost of blusher makes it affordable - right at a time when almost everyone is looking to create new styles on a tight budget.

make-up look with blush

Why Use Blusher?

Used effectively, blusher can lift the face and give it definition. It is a product that instantly revitalises the skin, giving any make-up look a flattering finish.

Why use it? To feel good, of course! I wouldn't be without my Laura Geller baked blush.

As well as being associated with shyness or embarrassment, blusher can make a real - even fierce - statement.

As well as being a new-found mainstay of fashion trends, a touch of 'flush' helps to promote a natural, glowing complexion.

What's not to love?

woman applying blusher

How To Use Blusher

Blending is everything with this product. You want to avoid harsh lines and blobs of colour to steer clear of the Aunt Sally look.

Where most people go wrong with this make-up is where they start the application. It's easy to stick a brush in the centre of the cheeks and start whirling.

The best place for blusher is on top of the cheekbone. Start your application at the top and work your way down, with very light strokes, towards the middle of the cheeks. Then blend.

If you apply to much, use a tissue to gentle remove any residue and then blend again with your usual finishing powder.

Popular right now is a streak of blusher across the nose. You read that right. I've seen it applied to the bridge of the nose but, personally, think it is more effective just above the tip of a hooter. I recommend experimenting with blusher - even taking it up to the hairline and trying out different angles.

I use blusher every day. If you think it's not for you, it's time to think again.

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Oct 16, 2022

I don't remember ever owning a blusher. The pink makes me a little uncomfortable but I don't mind trying new make up looks. It's something to look into.

Jeannie M


Oct 16, 2022

I don't really know much about makeup and trying to use it more! I do have a blusher though and it has a bit of sparkle and love the way it looks on. Makes my face look more glowing.

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