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Why Doesn't Eyeshadow Suit Me?

Updated: Jan 11

why doesn't eyeshadow suit me?

Eyeshadow pops, drawing together every trace of make-up on your face to create an overall look - yeah, in the pages of magazines. In real life, blobs, smudges and glitter everywhere are pretty much the norm. So, if you've ever asked yourself 'Why doesn't eyeshadow suit me?' there is a simple answer...

Achieving perfectly blended hues with clever gradients that give your eyes more definition and sparkle takes practise. And yet more practise.

It's not that eyeshadow doesn't suit you. You have probably trapped yourself in a cycle of poor product and colour choices. Add that to lack of application know-how and it's not hard to understand why you may be wondering if eyeshadow is right for you.

The truth is anyone can wear eyeshadow. And with new and exciting pigments coming to market every day, not to mention ever-more exciting inspo, this is a make-up product you really need in your life. Not only can it make a huge difference to your appearance, it is fun to use.

Not convinced? Trust me... The fact that you haven't managed to create a look you are happy with YET doesn't mean you will never achieve eyeshadow perfection.

Understanding the basics can change your perception of what eye make-up can do. Even simple two or three shade looks can transform your face.

creative blue eyeshadow

Common Eyeshadow Mistakes

If you aren't quite sure why eyeshadow doesn't suit you, take a look at these common errors.

1. You are choosing shades that don't suit your eye colour. Nude colours suit everyone but that can't be said for all pigments. For example, golden hues are great with brown, hazel and green eyes, while silver is better suited to eyes that are blue or grey. Sometimes, it can be a case of experimenting. Most palettes come with a good selection of colour options - often with complementary shades for blending. Try different colour combinations to find your perfect match.

2. You don't have the correct tools to apply pigments properly. Effective, precise eyeshadow application requires more than one type of brush. For example, a fluffy brush should be used for blending, not applying eyeshadow. Get to know what type of brushes are used for what application. If you can't get along with brushes, a fingertip is perfect for two or three shades and blending is really easy.

3. You are too heavy-handed with your application. Solid blobs of eyeshadow rarely look good on anyone. To create depth and character, try applying eyeshadow with light touches, building colour gradually.

4. You don't bother with a base colour. This is one of the most common mistakes. Choosing a light base that will complement a darker shade you want to use is important. For daytime looks, bring to the crease or just very slightly above. You can then add a darker shade either on the outer lid or below the crease. Blend well. You can then add a small dab of highlighter or a light matte to the corner of the eye and/or under the arch of your brow. This really simple look can be extended below the eye with careful application under the waterline of the lower lid to just past the mid-way point.

5. You aren't using a primer. Prep is everything with make-up - even on the eyes. You don't have to use a primer made specifically for the eyes, although they are available and work well. As well as giving you a good base, a primer can minimise the appearance of creases and wrinkles.

6. You are using a type of product that you can't get along with. Eyeshadow comes in a range of formats - from pressed pigments and creams to loose powders. If you aren't quite ready to give up on eye make-up, try a different type. Don't forget that good quality eyeshadow is important. If you are using a product you bought off a market stall or had for years, chuck it away and invest in a decent palette. Take a look at deals from Revolution Pro and LaRoc Pro. You will be surprised what you can get for twenty quid or less. Pressed pigments usually have a shelf life of 12 months, once opened.

7. You are being too ambitious. If you are trying to achieve a complex look, take a step back. Weird and wonderful creative designs are nearly always only achieved by seasoned eyeshadow lovers or professional make-up artists. Build yourself up to achieve those stand-out, arty looks by mastering simpler designs first.

creative purple eyeshadow

goddess eyeshadow look

Love Eyeshadow - It WILL Suit You

Eyeshadow is in vogue. It's versatile, beautiful and capable of changing your entire look. Stick with it, practise and, one day soon, you will wonder why you ever thought eyeshadow didn't suit you.

Come back soon - we are in the process of putting together an eyeshadow tutorial.


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