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Simple summer skincare regimen for mature skin

Updated: Jan 30

I am a firm believer in not sticking to a single skincare regimen for the sake of it. It's probably a myth in my own head, but I think mature skin can get used to products if they are applied day-in, day-out, minimising their benefit. That is why I regularly review what I am putting on my face and make adjustments according to any concerns and the season.

Effective but gentle cleansing is the key to everything. It is the one part of my routine that never changes.

I remove makeup using micellar water before washing my face with a gentle, hydrating gel cleanser. A few times a week, I use one of those vibrating, wireless cleansing tools (no, not the one everyone raves about and costs over a hundred quid); it's my product-free way to exfoliate. Afterwards, I always tone my skin with a calming or clarifying tonic. As well as prepping the skin for my night-time routine, it removes any face wash residue.

Some people, I'm sure, will disagree, but I genuinely believe the routine itself - the ritual - is as beneficial to the skin as the products you use. So, I stick to the same, simple format. My skin likes it!

When it comes to choosing a cleansing product, I generally go for a face wash - even though lotions are often recommended for mature skin. I like the refreshing feel of water on my face. Whenever I've used a lotion, I have felt as though it has merely moved makeup around my face - not thoroughly removed it. And there's the absence of that amazing freshness you can only get with water. I am currently using a renewing gel wash with fruit extracts. It costs around £6 and lasts for ages because I only apply a very small amount.

'If it could only be like this always — always summer, always alone, the fruit always ripe.' — Evelyn Waugh

Simple Summer Skincare Regimen For Mature Skin

Evening summer skincare regimen

My summer routine always starts with the cleansing ritual I've mentioned above. After that, things are equally as simple. Three steps and I'm done. The whole thing takes less than five minutes - so I've got no reason to be tempted to miss a night!

  • I apply a natural Aloe Vera Gel under my eyes, on the bridge of my nose and on my upper lip.

  • Next up is a 12.5% Vitamin C serum with Ferulic Acid & Vitamins

  • Lastly, I apply a watermelon moisturising gel

That's it - done! The serum does have a slightly strange smell, I assume from the Ferulic Acid, but this quickly dissipates. I wake up with refreshed, smooth and clear skin.

In the past, I've spent in excess of £60 on a single 'smart' moisturiser, purportedly developed for mature skin. Let me tell you, not one was any better than moisturisers you can pick up for a mere tenner.

I generally use a gel moisturiser in the summer - mainly for the amazing sensation. But, of course, it also works.

summer skincare products

Morning summer skincare regimen

Nobody has got time to faff about with a complicated routine first thing in the morning. That's why I probably break a skincare rule - I don't wash my face. Never. Instead, I do this:

  • Tone with a caffeine tonic

  • Apply either an eye gel or cream - whichever is closest to hand

  • Moisturise with a light day cream containing an SPF of 30 or 50

  • Apply a moisturising primer with hyaluronic acid - I'm currently using Candy Haze by Revolution Skincare

Again, the whole process takes around five minutes. Now I'm ready to apply my make-up.

Skincare doesn't have to be complicated. The easier you keep your regimen, the more likely you are to stick to it. Personally, I find the routine addictive.

That's me, looking frightfully fair-skinned, below (right).

beauty blogger Belinda Bennett

I am 57 later this year. While I don't believe it is possible to completely stop or reverse the effects of ageing on the skin, I am convinced it is entirely possible to slow the process down and minimise the visible signs of ageing.

What's you summer skincare regimen?

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Great post! Adjusting your skincare routine to your skin’s needs and season is important. I also really like micellar water and have a vibrating cleansing tool, it makes your skin feel super clean and soft afterwards. Thanks for sharing!

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