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Do Skin Analysis Scanners Actually Work?

Updated: Jan 11

Skin analysis scanners are touted as an effective way to determine the skin's condition.

A relatively new bit of kit, they are widely used to help establish personalised skincare regimens. Increasingly, they are used on makeup counters to ensure consumers buy the correct shade of foundation for their complexion.

So, how do the scanners work and can they be relied upon to give accurate results?

diagram of skin layers

How Skin Scanning Technology Works

The most widely used skin scanning devices use UV camera technology to analyse the condition of your skin. This type of camera can penetrate the outer layers to reveal what's underneath.

Many aesthetic beauty clinics use this type of equipment before offering advanced treatments.

Some clinics use specialist lamps and then take a series of images before sending the pictures to a software program for analysis.

Handheld scanners are often used on beauty counters in large stores, in pharmacies and by dermatologists. They too can send images to computers for a full breakdown of information.

There are two types of scans - one analyses the skin for specific conditions and the other focuses on beauty treatments and makeup. They can use different technologies, including software.

As well as analysing how well the skin retains moisture and show sun damage, scanning technology can also establish sebum and keratin levels as well as take a close look at pores, blemishes and obvious signs of ageing such as fine lines. It can be especially beneficial for those who suffer from recurring skin conditions including eczema.

woman undergoing skin analysis

Skin Analysis Scanners Work

According to countless reviews, skin analysis scanners deliver accurate results. It's painless and safe to undergo a scan and the whole thing can take as little as 15 minutes.

We have surveyed reviews for a wide range of scanner types - all with scientifically proven status - and there is a compelling argument for their use.

As well as giving all of us a chance to personalise our skincare to maximise the benefits, there are huge money-saving reasons to give this technology a go.

You can be sure that you are buying cosmetics that are the right shade for your skin and won't be forking out for skincare products that aren't designed to treat your particular concerns.

It is worth noting that scanners used on makeup counters are sometimes offered as a complementary service while diagnostic scans can cost from around £65 upwards.

Hailed as 'game-changing', they certainly take skincare to the next level.

It will be interesting to see where technological advancements take skin diagnostics in the future.

what skin analysis images can show


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